The 2018 Puget Sound Regional: Sunday, August 26

Sunday Results and Masterpoint Leaders

Attendance Update: The final count was 1376½ tables, 17 more than in 2007, an increase of 1.3%.  We have added an extra "Table Counts" link in the links bar that displays my colourful attendance spreadsheet, which you can use to track table counts, or even use as a graphic schedule of what types of events are happening when.  Check it out!  25 tables ahead of last years event, about 2% higher, going into the final day!

New! Now that the tournament is over, a new but similar page with the updated Kirkwood Trophy Race Standings is here.

Here are the (unofficial) numbers at the end of Sunday play:

Overall Leaders thru Sunday

1David Grainger, Etobicoke ON105.16
1Eddie Wold, Houston TX105.16
1Greg Hinze, San Antonio TX105.16
4Roger Bates, Las Vegas NV98.51
5Mike Levine, Pinckney MI96.46
6Ray Miller, Seattle WA94.72
7Dave Westfall, Spokane WA86.84
8Jack Lee, Richmond BC72.31
9Mark Itabashi, Murrieta CA71.72
10Ken Scholes, Bellevue WA65.93
11Eric Pan, Burnaby BC65.05
12Brad Moss, Denver CO60.84
12Geoff Hampson, Las Vegas NV60.84
12Mike Passell, Plano TX60.84
12Nanette Noland, Baton Rouge LA60.84
16Louis-Amaury Beauchet, Sherwood OR60.36
17Phyllis Rakevich, Tumwater WA58.06
18July Ratley, Redding CA57.67
19Sidney Yang, Richmond BC56.07
20Michael Christensen, Seattle WA53.10
21John Moffat, Bellingham WA50.56
22Dave Grubbs, Seattle WA50.25
23Ronald Woodard, Olympia WA49.02
24Bryan Delfs, Seattle WA46.74
25Irva Neyhart, Corvallis OR46.65

Non-Life Master Leaders thru Sunday

1Paul Huntress, Auburn WA28.05
2Alex Hong, West Vancouver BC27.77
3Thomas Reis, Port Angeles WA19.01
4Ken Lockwood, Yakima WA17.22
5Peter Outcalt, West Chester OH17.19
6Razon Johnson, Kingston WA16.99
6Susan Waggoner, Mercer Island WA16.99
8Paul Sekulich, Olympia WA16.40
9Douglas Johnson, Gig Harbor WA15.86
10Candace Allen, Clinton WA15.68
11John Lai, Vancouver BC15.45
12Karen Madison, East Wenatchee WA14.19
13Shameine Ali, Vancouver BC13.93
14Terence Block, Bellevue WA13.75
15David Gustafson, Stillwater MN12.71

Everyone's points, and longer lists of leaders, are here.

Sunday Fast Open Pairs

Campbell and Bartunek follow McBruce Rule to victory

As you'll recall, the McBruce Rule says you win a two-session Open Pairs by scoring 60% or more in both sessions, unless someone else also follows the rule and beats you.  Seven session scores out of fifty were above 60%; event winners William Campbell and Ted Bartunek were the only pair to get two of them, and they won by two matchpoints!  Campbell and Bartunek also won Flight B; Flight C winners Bruce Yee and Robert Dyer won by more than a board, stretching their slim halftime lead with a near 54% second session.

ACBL Live direct link to results for this event.

MPts Score A B C  Sunday Fast Open Pairs (12½, 12½ tables)  
10.06 60.44% 1 1  William Campbell, Mercer Island WA; Ted Bartunek, Kent WA
7.55 60.06% 2  Frances Corney - Bryan Maksymetz, Vancouver BC
5.66 58.63% 3  Jennifer Beall - Ron Beall, Bellingham WA
4.24 58.47% 4  Dudley Brown, Grandview WA; Edith DeShaw, Seattle WA
3.52 58.31% 5  Steven Handley - Cynthia Handley, Edmonds WA
3.35 56.85% 6  Brad Sands, Seattle WA; James Scavone, Bellevue WA
3.35 56.23% 7  Gerry McCully - Rhonda Foster, Victoria BC
3.84 54.90% 2  Ian Kirk - Deanna Birch, Portland OR
2.99 52.73% 3 1  Bruce Yee - Robert Dyer, Paradise Valley AZ
2.26 51.31% 4  Nelson Davis, Seattle WA; Ben Bomber, Vancouver WA
2.24 50.14% 5 2  Karen Rise, Leavenworth WA; Karen Madison, East Wenatchee WA

Sunday Open Swiss Teams

Winners: Carmichael (A), Feng (X)

After a close loss in round one, Carmichael won seven straight, including a crucial final round 19VP win against Moffatt for the event win.  Strat X winners Feng met second place Yang in round two and lost, but reeled them in by taking 72VPs out of 100 in the final five matches.

ACBL Live direct link to results for this event.

MPts VPsA X  Sunday Open Swiss Teams (22 teams)  
29.08 101 1  Tom Carmichael, Mill Creek WA; Bryan Delfs, Seattle WA; Chris Moore, Mountlake Ter WA; Jeffrey Ford, Redmond WA
21.81 91 2  John Moffat, Bellingham WA; Dave Westfall, Spokane WA; Ray Miller, Seattle WA; Ken Scholes, Bellevue WA
16.36 87 3 1  Tao Feng - Long Xie - David Yu - Kai Zhou, Burnaby BC
12.27 84 4 2  Hua Yang - Yan Song, Plano TX; Diana Jing, Surrey BC; Nicholas Stock, North Vancouver BC
9.69 83 5  Stanford Christie, Kirkland WA; Eric Sieg - Michael Christensen, Seattle WA; Kim Eng, Issaquah WA
8.31 82 6  Ray Loftis - Polly Dunn - Patrick Dunn, Bellevue WA; Ken Christiansen, Bothell WA
3.90 70 3  Corrine Joinette, Edmonds WA; Reidun Decker - Suzanne Sax - John Swanson, Seattle WA

Sunday 0-2000 Swiss Teams

Winners: Rumley (B), Huntress(C)

The top two teams missed one another completely, with event winners Rumley taking 71VPs out of 80 in the first four matches, and secomnd place Duryea winning 74VPs out of 80 in their last four matches.  Sometimes that happens.  The crucial (but close) Huntress win over Batra in the final round left Paul Huntress atop the tournament Non-Life Master leaderboard by 0.28 points!

ACBL Live direct link to results for this event.

MPts VPs B C  Sunday 0-2000 Swiss Teams (21 teams)  
7.05 103 1  Edee Rumley - Diane Griffiths, Langley BC; Jack Johnson, Surrey BC; Edgar L'Heureux, White Rock BC
5.29 99 2  Dennis Duryea - Dianne Cox - Mary Miller, Redmond WA; Martha Jenkins, Kirkland WA
4.23 90 3 1  Paul Huntress, Auburn WA; Lynne Phillips, Sammamish WA; Leigh Castoldi, Renton WA; Paul Evanoff, Kent WA
3.17 88 4 2  Kamlesh Batra - Shiv Batra, Mercer Island WA; Marianne Timmins, Redmond WA; Elsie Nogle, Bellevue WA
2.35 84 5  Kenneth Hovda, Bothell WA; Hugh Hendrickson, Renton WA; Tim White - Renae Gunstone-White, Mercer Island WA
2.38 82 6 3  Bonnie Broders - Eileen Deutsch, Port Townsend WA; Tim Berta, Sequim WA; Thomas Reis, Port Angeles WA
1.78 80 4  Art Silvas - Lee Silvas, Renton WA; Steven Levy, Seattle WA; Allen Sussman, Mercer Island WA
1.41 75 5  Valerie Lycette, Issaquah WA; Christine McKenna, Edmonds WA; Elizabeth Saul, Bellevue WA; Leah Sieg, Seattle WA

Sunday Gold Rush Swiss Teams

Winners: Vazeux (7), Wyman (3), Tuck (2)

55 VP out of a possible 60 in the final three rounds vaulted Vazeux to the event win by 11 VP.  Under 300 winners Wyman were tied with under 200 winners Tuck going into the last round against different opponents.  Wyman broke the tie by getting just 1VP in their last match while Tuck got none; and somehow, the teams following them could not overtake!

ACBL Live direct link to results for this event.

MPts VPs 7 3 2  Sunday Gold Rush 0-750 Swiss Teams (15 teams)  
4.59 99 1  Rosemay Vazeux - Tony Marshall, Seattle WA; Dean Dubofsky - Trish Webb, Bellevue WA
3.44 88 2  Gary Griesmeyer, Tumwater WA; Carla Delducco - Stanley Delducco, Olympia WA; Charles Butros, Shelton WA
2.26 81 3/4  Tony Alberts - Loretta English - Richard Kennedy, Seattle WA; D John Cunningham, Lake Forest Pk WA
2.26 81 3/4  Lynda Lipe, Bellevue WA; Nobi Morris, Wenatchee WA; Keith Rosenthal - Carol Rosenthal, Sammamish WA
2.84 80 5 1  Carolyn Wyman, Beaux Arts WA; Kathy Brown, Issaquah WA; Jane McClure, Carnation WA; Linda Kitchen, North Bend WA
2.13 79 2 1  Laura Tuck - John York-Erwin, Seattle WA; Gary Jun Ye - Julia Yan Ye, Bothell WA
1.60 76 3  Kurt Lichtenberg - Kathy Lichtenberg - Rona Visser, Bellevue WA; Nancy Escott, Woodinville WA