The 2018 Puget Sound Regional: Saturday, August 25

Saturday Masterpoint Leaders and Results

Attendance Update: 1235½ tables thru Saturday, and we have added an extra "Table Counts" link in the links bar that displays my colourful attendance spreadsheet, which you can use to track table counts, or even use as a graphic schedule of what types of events are happening when.  Check it out!  25 tables ahead of last years event, about 2% higher, going into the final day!

Puzzle Time!

In another brazen attempt to get you to scroll down and at least glance at the rest of the page, here is another recent puzzle from the YouTube channel and blog Mind Your Decisions, which we will include an answer to at some random point near the bottom of this page...  This is a homework problem originally solved by a young Abraham Lincoln:

If four men in five days eat seven pounds of bread, how much bread will be sufficient for sixteen men in fifteen days?

(Answer somewhere below.  Nope, not gonna tell you where or provide a link.  Scroll!  (Actually, think about it first, then scroll...)

A few things to think about as we get to the end of the tournament:

Schedule Of District 19-Run Events For The Next Calendar Year:

DatesEventHost CityLocation
until August 31 2018 North American Pairs Qualifying local clubs throughout District 19 District Finals: see below
October 29 - November 4 2018 Leavenworth Regional Leavenworth WA Leavenworth Festhalle
September 1 - Spring 2019 Grand National Teams Qualifying local clubs throughout District 19 District Final details TBA
September 23, 2018 (10:30am & 4:00pm) Flight C North American Pairs District Final Eastside Bridge Center, Redmond WA club qualification is required
October 13, 2018 (noon & 5:30pm) Flight A North American Pairs District Final Skagit PUD Aqua Room, Mount Vernon WA club qualification is required
October 14, 2018 (10:30am & 4:00pm) Flight B North American Pairs District Final Skagit PUD Aqua Room, Mount Vernon WA club qualification is required
late Spring 2019 Grand National Teams District Final details to be announced (the impending move of the Vancouver Bridge Centre this summer is complicating matters)
April 8 - 14, 2019 Victoria Regional Victoria BC Victoria Conference Centre (downtown)
June 10 - 16, 2019 Penticton Regional Penticton BC Penticton Trade & Convention Centre
June 17 - 23, 2019 Midnight Sun Regional Anchorage AK Anchorage Bridge Center
August 19 - 25, 2019 Puget Sound Regional Lynnwood WA (north of Seattle) Lynnwood Convention Center

Overall Leaders thru Saturday

(All events were completed on Saturday, nothing is left out except tomorrow's results.)

1David Grainger, Etobicoke ON105.16
1Eddie Wold, Houston TX105.16
1Greg Hinze, San Antonio TX105.16
4Roger Bates, Las Vegas NV98.51
5Mike Levine, Pinckney MI96.46
6Jack Lee, Richmond BC74.84
7Ray Miller, Seattle WA72.91
8Mark Itabashi, Murrieta CA69.96
9Dave Westfall, Spokane WA65.03
10Eric Pan, Burnaby BC63.29
11Brad Moss, Denver CO60.40
11Geoff Hampson, Las Vegas NV60.40
11Mike Passell, Plano TX60.40
11Nanette Noland, Baton Rouge LA60.40
15Louis-Amaury Beauchet, Sherwood OR59.04
16Phyllis Rakevich, Tumwater WA56.74
17July Ratley, Redding CA55.91
18Sidney Yang, Richmond BC53.87
19Dave Grubbs, Seattle WA48.49
20Ronald Woodard, Olympia WA47.70

Non-Life Master Leaders thru Friday

1Alex Hong, West Vancouver BC25.57
2Paul Huntress, Auburn WA23.82
3Ken Lockwood, Yakima WA17.22
4Razon Johnson, Kingston WA16.99
4Susan Waggoner, Mercer Island WA16.99
6Thomas Reis, Port Angeles WA16.63
7Peter Outcalt, West Chester OH16.43
8Douglas Johnson, Gig Harbor WA15.86
9Candace Allen, Clinton WA15.68
10Paul Sekulich, Olympia WA15.44
11John Lai, Vancouver BC14.73
12Shameine Ali, Vancouver BC13.93
13Terence Block, Bellevue WA13.75
14David Gustafson, Stillwater MN12.71
15Karen Madison, East Wenatchee WA11.95

Everyone's Masterpoints so far, broken down into red and gold, here.

Saturday Open Pairs

Not a good day to be leading at the break...

The winners in all three strats came from behind, in a few cases quite a ways back.  Event winners Kim Eng and Eric Sieg were third at the break but posted the best evening score (following the McBruce Rule) to win by almost two full boards.  B winners Paul Conroy and David Baer came from more than a board back at the break to win by about half a board.  Under 750 winners Clay Laughary and Pete Cowles went from more than two boards behind at the break to more than two board ahead by the end.

(Your Daily Bulletin editor fondly remembers many years ago finishing 6th in C after being asked to stand at the break by Director Phil Wood.  The reason I fondly remember this was that my impression was that we sunk to about 15th before recovering to grab the last overall spot.  Soon we will have software to track this and you'll see even more interesting write-ups...)

ACBL Live direct link to results for this event.

MPts Score A B C  Saturday Open Pairs (24, 24 tables)  
14.88 63.37% 1  Kim Eng, Issaquah WA; Eric Sieg, Seattle WA
11.16 60.06% 2  Amy Casanova - Dewitt (Hal) Montgomery III, Portland OR
8.37 59.34% 3  Andrew Sherrill, Bellevue WA; Yayoi French, Kirkland WA
6.28 57.05% 4  Bjarne Christoffersen, Coquitlam BC; Dennis Groden, Surrey BC
4.96 56.08% 5  Nick Tipton, Lynnwood WA; Robert Moore, San Diego CA
4.25 56.04% 6  David Setterholm, Issaquah WA; Leo Glaser, Lake Country BC
3.72 55.35% 7  Edith DeShaw - Amy DeShaw, Seattle WA
3.31 55.23% 8  Mark Itabashi, Murrieta CA; July Ratley, Redding CA
3.31 54.91% 9  Paul Schwaighart, Normandy Park WA; Sue Anderson, Seattle WA
2.71 54.83% 10  Connie Marfell, Milwaukee OR; Ed Freeman, Tacoma WA
6.26 53.78% 11 1  Paul Conroy, Aberdeen WA; David Baer, Seattle WA
2.29 53.42% 12  Trudy Hurdle - John Hurdle, Richmond BC
4.70 52.94% 2  Bill Rose, Seattle WA; Howard Kahlenberg, Philadelphia PA
3.45 52.13% 3/4 1  Clay Laughary, Renton WA; Pete Cowles, Lynnwood WA
4.96 52.13% 3/4  Edee Rumley - Diane Griffiths, Langley BC
2.09 51.09% 5  Paul Martin, Duvall WA; David Roselle, Kirkland WA
1.79 50.04% 6  Jerry Tierney, North Bend WA; Anne S Kao, Bellevue WA
2.59 48.15% 2  Bruce Scharf - Mary Hanson-Spofford, Seattle WA
1.94 47.95% 3  Jeremy Gulley, Redmond WA; Kathy Brown, Issaquah WA
1.46 47.26% 4  Bernard Mann, Seattle WA; Philip Page, Llano NM

Saturday Open Swiss Teams

Winners: Angus (A, X), Neidhardt (Y)

The Angus team was perfect, defeating the second place teams in round five and round three.  Neidhardt lost by only a single IMP to the winners and lost another after the break, but scored 33/40 in the final two rounds to tie for second place.

ACBL Live direct link to results for this event.

MPts VPs A X Y  Saturday Open Swiss Teams (25, 25 teams)  
23.10 86 1 1  Monica Angus - Alex Hong, West Vancouver BC; Jack Lee - Sidney Yang, Richmond BC; William Ge, Burnaby BC
15.16 81 2/3 2/3  Hua Yang - Yan Song, Plano TX; Diana Jing, Surrey BC; Nicholas Stock, North Vancouver BC
15.16 81 2/3 2/3 1  Glen Neidhardt, Lynnwood WA; Reidun Decker - John Swanson - Maxine Ogino, Seattle WA
9.75 77 4  Tom Carmichael, Mill Creek WA; Ann Terry, Kirkland WA; Bryan Delfs - Jc Chupack, Seattle WA
7.70 76 5 4  Eric Pan - Baixiang Liu - Yuandong Ren, Burnaby BC; Amy Gao, Richmond BC
6.60 75 6 5  Cristal Nell, Seattle WA; Brad Bart, Coquitlam BC; Chris Moore, Mountlake Ter WA; T Brian Zaugg, Burien WA
3.40 72 2  Barbara Higgins, Redmond WA; Farhad Nozari, Woodinville WA; Diana Thompson, Bellevue WA; John McCaslin, Kirkland WA
2.55 56 3  Guilherme De Souza - Carlos Souza - Jack Yuan, Bellevue WA; Yoko Reilly, Redmond WA

Saturday 0-2000 Bracketed Teams

Winners: Huntress, Kasner

Both brackets came down to the final matches to decide winners!  Bracket One, with ten teams, played an eight-round "almost" round robin (missing one of the other nine teams), which came down to the final match between Huntress and Hudesman, Huntress winning to take the event by 8 VPs.  Bracket Two, with nine teams, played a complete round-robin by playing two sets of three-ways in each session, and this also came down to the final three-way, with Kasner defeating Batra to finish on top by 7 VPs.

ACBL Live direct links: Bracket IBracket II

MPts VPs Bracket Rank  Saturday 0-2000 Bracketed Swiss Teams (19 teams in 2 brackets)  
115 8.83 I 1  Paul Huntress, Auburn WA; Lynne Phillips, Sammamish WA; Leigh Castoldi, Renton WA; Paul Evanoff, Kent WA
107 6.62 2  Karen Hudesman - Donald Stark - Monty Gray - Thomas Brown, Seattle WA
103 4.97 3  Victor Bremson, Seattle WA; Kathy Gilman, Shoreline WA; Shameine Ali, Vancouver BC; Tom McKenna, Eugene OR
87 3.73 4  Ann Romeo - Mirjana Reams, Seattle WA; Kenneth Hovda, Bothell WA; James Dukelow Jr, Benton City WA
107 5.69 II 1  Steve Kasner, Bellevue WA; Mark Boucher, Centennial CO; Douglas Johnson, Gig Harbor WA; Steve Gillett, Tacoma WA
100 4.27 2  Kamlesh Batra - Shiv Batra - Grant Davis, Mercer Island WA; Steven Mark Lewis, Kirkland WA
95 3.20 3  Craig Mills - Lisa Brock, Kirkland WA; Shawn Ringwood, Seattle WA; Huang Zeng, Bothell WA
94 2.40 4  Mike Derrenberger - Lois Hammond, Port Ludlow WA; Razon Johnson, Kingston WA; Susan Waggoner, Mercer Island WA

Friday-Saturday Weekend Knockout Teams

Winners: Levine, Zheng, Parkinson

The non-Life Master masterpoint race got a lot closer once it was discovered that we had the wrong Mike Levine for the first few days....

The Hog-In-Training picked the Bracket One winner but not the other finalist, got Bracket Two completely wrong, and picked both finalists in Bracket Three but favoured the wrong team to win it all.  Not bad considering that his usual success rate is so bad that people would ask not to be picked before even entering a knockout...

ACBL Live direct links: Bracket IBracket IIBracket III

MPts Bracket Rank  Friday-Saturday Weekend Knockout Teams (41 teams in 3 brackets)  
48.72 I 1  Mike Levine, Pinckney MI; Eddie Wold, Houston TX; David Grainger, Etobicoke ON; Greg Hinze, San Antonio TX; Roger Bates, Las Vegas NV
34.10 2  Dave Westfall, Spokane WA; Ray Miller - Michael Christensen, Seattle WA; Stanford Christie, Kirkland WA
19.49 3/4  Nanette Noland, Baton Rouge LA; Mike Passell, Plano TX; Geoff Hampson, Las Vegas NV; Brad Moss, Denver CO
19.49 3/4  Julie Smith - Les Fouks - Susan Peters, Vancouver BC; Doug Hansford, Surrey BC
19.11 II 1  Min Zheng - Fan Zhang - Dell Berg, Redmond WA; Rex Tu, Bellevue WA
13.38 2  Terrance Chinn - James Thompson - Dave Walker, Seattle WA; Joseph Ulrich, Arlington WA
7.64 3/4  David Huang - Alex Chuang, Burnaby BC; Jack Qi, North Vancouver BC; George Tu - John Lai, Vancouver BC
7.64 3/4  Tim White - Renae Gunstone-White - John Weinberg - Sarah Weinberg, Mercer Island WA
14.33 III 1  Fred Parkinson - Lee Parkinson, Tacoma WA; Louis Akerman, Silverdale WA; Linda Akerman, Siverdale WA
10.03 2  Tim Berta, Sequim WA; Thomas Reis, Port Angeles WA; Bonnie Broders - Eileen Deutsch, Port Townsend WA
5.73 3/4  Craig Von Land - Miriam Goldberg, Seattle WA; Mark McWiggins, Issaquah WA; Darrel Davis, Covington WA
5.73 3/4  Ernst Staudt, Everett WA; Evan Stoll, Jr, Kingston WA; Tommy Bailey, Shoreline WA; Larry Pilger, Arlington WA

Saturday Morning Side Game

Game 5 of 5 in Morning Side Game Series

Bruce Brownfield got into the Morning Series overalls with this fine game with Michael Boruta.  See below for the overall lists.

ACBL Live direct link to results for this event.

MPts Score A B C  Saturday Morning Side Game (9 tables)  
3.60 72.02% 1  Bruce Brownfield, Graham WA; Michael Boruta, Anacortes WA
3.03 63.39% 2 1  Terence Block, Bellevue WA; Daniel Nelson, Phoenix AZ
2.03 60.71% 3  Ron Beall - Jennifer Beall, Bellingham WA
1.52 59.08% 4  Connie Marfell, Milwaukee OR; Ed Freeman, Tacoma WA
2.27 58.63% 5 2  David Huang - Alex Chuang, Burnaby BC
1.70 55.06% 3  John Lai - George Tu, Vancouver BC
2.14 52.68% 4 1  Steve Kasner, Bellevue WA; Jerry Xu, Everett WA
1.61 51.79% 2  Sandy Dallam - Laura Bethel, Seattle WA
1.20 44.94% 3  Mary Silk - Mary Dunnam, Seattle WA

Saturday Afternoon Side Game

Game 6 of 6 in Afternoon Side Game Series

Thomas Stever got into the Afternoon Series overalls with this fine game with Terence Block.  See below for the overall lists.

ACBL Live direct link to results for this event.

MPts Score A B C  Saturday Afternoon Side Game (11 tables)  
3.98 63.43% 1 1 1  Thomas Stever - Terence Block, Bellevue WA
2.99 59.03% 2 2  Tony Joyce - Gilda Joyce, Medina WA
2.45 58.80% 3  Suzanne Sax, Seattle WA; Donald Christensen, Lynnwood WA
1.92 55.79% 4 3  Shirley Hayes - Frank Alexandro, Kirkland WA
1.26 54.86% 5  Paul Harding, New Westminster BC; Daniel Nelson, Phoenix AZ
1.44 54.17% 6 4  Dianne Cox - Mary Miller, Redmond WA
1.13 53.94% 5  Marla Patterson - David Fallen, Arlington WA
1.49 47.92% 2  John York-Erwin - Laura Tuck, Seattle WA

Saturday Evening Side Game

Game 6 of 6 in Evening Side Game Series

Tommy Bailey and Evan Stoll, Jr got into the Evening Series overalls with this fine game.  See below for the overall lists.ACBL Live direct link to results for this event.

MPts Score A B C  Saturday Evening Side Game (6 tables)  
3.03 64.17% 1 1  Tommy Bailey, Shoreline WA; Evan Stoll, Jr, Kingston WA
2.27 59.58% 2 2  John Weinberg - Sarah Weinberg, Mercer Island WA
1.59 56.25% 3/4 3/4  Dennis Duryea - Dianne Cox, Redmond WA
2.09 56.25% 3/4 3/4 1  David Huang, Burnaby BC; Jack Qi, North Vancouver BC
1.57 53.33% 2  John York-Erwin - Laura Tuck, Seattle WA

Side Game Series Overalls

Winners: Morning: Kay Enfield;
Afternoon: Dean Altschuler / Lynda Cole;
Evening: Becky Stevens / Michael Christensen

How Side Game Series Worked: There were side pair games in every session from Monday Afternoon thru to Saturday Evening at this tournament.  They were groupwed into three distinct series as follows:

Each series determined individual winners for gold point awards by summing each player's best two games (even if played with different partners) by percentage.  Two 63% games in the same series will get you a very good score of 126% for that series.  Adding a 65% game will improve your score to 128%!  The top individuals, usually six but depending on attendance in the series as a whole, won gold point awards!  These awards replace the ones you won in the games themselves, unless your session awards are greater (in which case you will get the gold point awards plus the difference in red points).

ACBL Live direct links to overall results for MorningAfternoonEvening Side Game Series

Sum Of Best Two MPts Rank  Morning Side Series Overalls (130 players)  
127.18% 9.10 1  Kay Enfield, Santa Fe NM
126.33% 9.29 2/3  Jack Lee, Richmond BC; Eric Pan, Burnaby BC
126.00% 3.98 4  Bruce Brownfield, Graham WA
125.59% 3.60 5  Michael Boruta, Anacortes WA
124.74% 5.53 6  Robert Morris, Houston TX
119.80% 3.61 7/8  Ron Beall - Jennifer Beall, Bellingham WA
Sum Of Best Two MPts Rank  Afternoon Side Series Overalls (200 players)  
123.51% 8.27 1/2  Dean Altschuler, Bellingham WA; Lynda Cole, Anacortes WA
121.60% 6.22 3  Thomas Stever, Bellevue WA
119.62% 5.77 4/5  Kumud Gokhale - Anant Gokhale, Edmonds WA
119.61% 6.83 6  Hubert Wallenfels, Seattle WA
118.86% 7.31 7  Ken Fox, Seattle WA
117.52% 5.98 8/9  Gilda Joyce - Tony Joyce, Medina WA
Sum Of Best Two MPts Rank  Evening Side Series Overalls (182 players)  
138.13% 8.58 1/2  Becky Stevens, Seattle WA - Michael Christensen, Seattle WA
120.61% 5.97 3/4  Clay Laughary, Renton WA; Pete Cowles, Lynnwood WA
119.23% 5.85 5/6  Tommy Bailey, Shoreline WA; Evan Stoll, Jr, Kingston WA
118.77% 5.68 7  Ben Bomber, Vancouver WA
117.22% 5.09 8/9  Karen Madison, East Wenatchee WA; Karen Rise, Leavenworth WA

Puzzle Answer: Abraham Lincoln's Homework

If four men in five days eat seven pounds of bread, how much bread will be sufficient for sixteen men in fifteen days?

(Credit: Mind Your Decisions, a blog and YouTube channel with interesting math and logic problems.)

Young Lincoln's solution: Feeding four men for five days is 20 man-days.  Feeding sixteen men for fifteen days is 240 man-days.  Therefore, it takes 240 / 20 = 12 times as much bread to feed the second group for their fifteen days.  So the answer is seven pounds times twelve, 84 pounds of bread.

Saturday Afternoon 199er Pairs

Two 199er wins in a row for Gretchen and Chuck Shively!

15 of their 24 boards were 8 matchpoints or more on an 11 top!

ACBL Live direct link to results for this event.

MPts Score D E F  Saturday Afternoon 199er Pairs (12 tables)  
2.73 66.29% 1 1 1  Gretchen Shively - Chuck Shively, Seattle WA
2.05 65.34% 2 2  Janice Waude - Robert Mierow, Seattle WA
1.54 62.31% 3 3  Colin Hooks, Shoreline WA; Elliot Kavesh, Bellevue WA
1.15 60.23% 4 4 2  Sandra Tone, Renton WA; Gail Williams, Seattle WA
0.86 60.04% 5 5  Nigel Williamson, Victoria BC; Betsy Woods, Coquitlam BC
0.65 57.77% 6  Robert Hauck - Richard Matthews, Shoreline WA
0.55 54.55% 6  Barbara Erickson - Bruce Baker-Harvey, Seattle WA
0.86 54.36% 3  Cherry Cunningham - Frank Cunningham, Bainbridge Isle WA
0.65 50.38% 4  Alta Stauffer - Kay Gaines, Bellingham WA

Want to check what's happening on Saturday?  Click on 'Saturday' below for a text description of each event, including last year's winners.  Click on 'Table Counts' below to see a spreadsheet with table counts so far and types of events to come.