The 2018 Puget Sound Regional Photos Page

We Got Another One!  (Send Me Some More!)

Only two photos sent to me.  We'll have to see for future tournaments if we can arrange for a photo taker so we can get more pictures online.  For now I will simply repeat the photo advice I gave on the welcome page:

The Photos Page will depend on people sending me photos taken.  Now that everyone's cellphone has a camera, anyone can do this!  Here is a good guideline on how to get best results:

Wednesday Gold Rush 0-750 Pairs Winners:
Steve Kasner, Bellevue WA; Benjamin Kelley, Federal Way WA.
Saturday 0-2000 Bracketed Teams Bracket II winners:
Mark Boucher, Centennial CO; Steve Gillett, Tacoma WA; Douglas Johnson, Gig Harbor WA; Steve Kasner, Bellevue WA