The 2018 Puget Sound Regional: Thursday, August 23

Thursday Results and Masterpoint Leaders

Attendance Update: 824½ tables thru Thursday, and we have added an extra "Table Counts" link in the links bar that displays my colourful attendance spreadsheet, which you can use to track table counts, or even use as a graphic schedule of what types of events are happening when.  Check it out!

Overall Leaders thru Thursday

No carryover events, so these are completely up-to-date.

1David Grainger, Etobicoke ON56.44
1Eddie Wold, Houston TX56.44
1Greg Hinze, San Antonio TX56.44
4Eric Pan, Burnaby BC55.59
4Jack Lee, Richmond BC55.59
6Phyllis Rakevich, Tumwater WA55.57
7July Ratley, Redding CA48.58
7Mark Itabashi, Murrieta CA48.58
9Roger Bates, Las Vegas NV48.24
10Dave Grubbs, Seattle WA47.87
11Ronald Woodard, Olympia WA47.70
12Larry Pocock, Vancouver BC44.90
12Yue Su, Vancouver BC44.90
14Stephen Hosch, Olympia WA43.93
15Louis-Amaury Beauchet, Sherwood OR43.81
16Brad Moss, Denver CO40.91
16Geoff Hampson, Las Vegas NV40.91
16Mike Passell, Plano TX40.91
16Nanette Noland, Baton Rouge LA40.91
20Ed Ulman, Portland OR40.86
20Stu Swan, Portland OR40.86
22Dawn Campbell, Portland OR40.41
22Gerry Marshall, Calgary AB40.41
22Jon Bartlett, Portland OR40.41
22Roger McNay, Beaverton OR40.41

Non-Life Master Leaders thru Thursday

1Michael LeVine, Atlanta GA39.54
2Ken Lockwood, Yakima WA17.22
3Peter Outcalt, West Chester OH16.43
4Candace Allen, Clinton WA15.68
5Razon Johnson, Kingston WA13.72
5Susan Waggoner, Mercer Island WA13.72
7Paul Huntress, Auburn WA13.56
8Paul Sekulich, Olympia WA12.87
9Dong Wei, Newcastle WA11.52
10Nancy Hertl, Edmonds WA11.32
11Sharon Riddle, Kirkland WA10.63
12Darlene Allen, Squamish BC9.81
13Philip Woo, Bellevue WA9.06
14Jonathan Weyn, Seattle WA8.80
15Yen Karro, Surrey BC8.69

Thursday Open Pairs

64% in the evening spells victory for Grubbs and Hosch!

From seventh at the break, event winners Dave Grubbs and Stephen Hosch finished three full boards ahead of the rest of the evening North-South field to win the event by a board and a half.  Strat B winners Loring Harkness III and John Tippet were only 1½ matchpoints out of the event lead at the break and a slightly above average evening session kept them comfortably ahead of the rest of Flight B by half a board, and sixth overall.  Under 1500 winners Yong Cao and Dong Wei had three C pairs ahead of them at the break, and a second session well above average was enough to keep them a board and a half in the clear, second in Flight B, and eighth overall.

ACBL Live direct link to results for this event.

MPts Score A B C  Thursday Open Pairs (26, 26 tables)  
31.96 60.76% 1  Dave Grubbs, Seattle WA; Stephen Hosch, Olympia WA
23.97 58.73% 2  Louis-Amaury Beauchet, Sherwood OR; Irva Neyhart, Corvallis OR
17.98 58.31% 3  Bjorgvin Kristinsson, Columbia Hgts MN; Daniel Hoekstra, Portland OR
13.48 58.00% 4  Mark Itabashi, Murrieta CA; July Ratley, Redding CA
10.65 56.46% 5  Lea Rogers, Spokane WA; G Gard Hays, Veradale WA
12.91 56.12% 6 1  Loring Harkness III, Kilauea HI; John Tippet, Fort Collins CO
7.99 55.92% 7  Julie Smith, Vancouver BC; Kevin Bolan, Snohomish WA
9.68 55.15% 8 2 1  Yong Cao, Redmond WA; Dong Wei, Newcastle WA
7.26 54.92% 9 3  Carol Schroeder, Redmond WA; Marion Nelson, Woodinville WA
5.81 54.77% 10  Jean Groome, Delta BC; Ina Andersen, Surrey BC
5.33 54.12% 11  Henry Lortz, Seattle WA; Emery Selymes, Maple Valley WA
5.45 53.65% 12 4  Bryan Delfs - David Wright, Seattle WA
4.57 53.50% 13  Marty McCune, Seattle WA; Paul Schwaighart, Normandy Park WA
4.43 52.27% 5 2  Ben Bomber, Vancouver WA; Benjamin Kelley, Federal Way WA
3.69 51.81% 6  Bill Rose, Seattle WA; Howard Kahlenberg, Philadelphia PA
3.23 51.19% 7  Gustav Axen, New Westminster BC; Shelley Burns, North Vancouver BC
3.32 49.85% 3  Thomas Kuehne, Bermerton WA; Betsy Brezel, Union WA
2.49 49.73% 4  Ben Drajpuch - Stephen Kalish, Redmond WA
2.21 49.69% 5  Alan Hendrickson, North Bend WA; Kent Harold, Redmond WA

Thursday Gold Rush Pairs

Three-strat, wire-to-wire victory for Weyn & Hertl!

69.72% in the afternoon session was two and a half boards ahead, allowing Jonathan Weyn and Nancy Hertl to cruise to a fairly easy event win!  Who says you need to be in the top strat to have any chance?

ACBL Live direct link to results for this event.

MPts Score 7 3 2  Thursday Gold Rush Pairs (22 ½, 23 tables)  
7.58 62.36% 1 1 1  Jonathan Weyn, Seattle WA; Nancy Hertl, Edmonds WA
5.69 59.65% 2  Roberta Macomber - Ken Lockwood, Yakima WA
4.26 59.02% 3 2 2  Steven Levy, Seattle WA; Terence Block, Bellevue WA
3.20 58.82% 4  Jon Schneidler, Snohomish WA; Bill Brueggemann, Redmond WA
2.53 58.13% 5  D John Cunningham, Lake Forest Pk WA; Bill Davis, Woodridge IL
2.44 57.29% 6 3 3  Rona Visser, Bellevue WA; Mary Blanchett, Issaquah WA
1.90 55.07% 7  Richard Sentner, Bow WA; Dan Betts, Seattle WA
2.15 54.38% 8 4 4  Lee Kueckelhan - Gordon Chin, Bainbridge Isle WA
1.45 54.17% 9/10 5 5  Colin Hooks, Shoreline WA; Elliot Kavesh, Bellevue WA
1.61 54.17% 9/10  Brian Sims, Cultus Lake BC; Colin Johnson, Abbotsford BC
1.26 54.03% 11 6  John Nader - Veronica Deskey, Bellingham WA
1.17 52.22% 12  Judith Johnston, Maple Valley WA; Lyn Tierney, Lakewood WA

Thursday Swiss Teams

Winners: LeVine (A), Berta (B), Huntress (C)

The top five teams all won six matches out of eight, so it's a good thing we had Victory Points to sort them all out...  Flight A winners LeVine and Flight B winners Berta were actually drawn together in the final round, which had the effect of making Flight B quite close, nearly grabbed by Flight C winners Huntress, who came just a few IMPs short.

ACBL Live direct link to results for this event.

MPts VPs A B C  Thursday Open Swiss Teams (34, 34 teams)  
15.40 114 1  Mike Levine, Pinckney MI; Eddie Wold, Houston TX; David Grainger, Etobicoke ON; Greg Hinze, San Antonio TX; Roger Bates, Las Vegas NV
10.11 106 2/3  Jay Brandt - Gay Parrish, Bellingham WA; Trudy Hurdle - John Hurdle, Richmond BC
10.11 106 2/3  Stanley Roberts, Kirkland WA; Craig Zastera, Woodinville WA; David Hildebrand, Lake Forest Pk WA; Sun-O Ho, Redmond WA
6.50 102 4  Nanette Noland, Baton Rouge LA; Mike Passell, Plano TX; Geoff Hampson, Las Vegas NV; Brad Moss, Denver CO
4.77 100 5/6  Suzanne Boruta - Michael Boruta, Anacortes WA; Dennis Heller - Connie Heller, Clinton WA
4.77 100 5/6  Polly Dunn - Patrick Dunn, Bellevue WA; Kay Enfield, Santa Fe NM; Robert Morris, Houston TX
6.60 93 7 1  Tim Berta, Sequim WA; Bonnie Broders - Eileen Deutsch, Port Townsend WA; Thomas Reis, Port Angeles WA
3.25 92 8/9  Leo Glaser, Lake Country BC; Patti Hartley, Kenmore WA; Howard Epley, Kent WA; Barbara Nist, Seatac WA
3.25 92 8/9  Alain Schreiber - Ken Scholes, Bellevue WA; Dave Westfall, Spokane WA; Ray Miller, Seattle WA
4.95 91 2 1  Paul Huntress, Auburn WA; Lynne Phillips, Sammamish WA; Leigh Castoldi, Renton WA; Paul Evanoff, Kent WA
3.71 83 3 2  Rebecca Brown - Nora Demmert, Bellingham WA; Nobi Morris, Wenatchee WA; Peter Outcalt, West Chester OH
2.78 82 4  Melinda Westgate, Mercer Island WA; Valerie Lycette, Issaquah WA; Judy Davis, Beaverton OR; Ann Romeo, Seattle WA
2.20 81 5  Allen Custer, Edmonds WA; Roy Ginter, Seattle WA; Carl Abbott, Kamloops BC; Yat Sing Ma, Lynnwood WA
1.67 79 6/8  Shawna Cheney, Tacoma WA; Ruthann Quinn, Seattle WA; Susan Cothern, Woodinville WA; Judy Hess, Kirkland WA
1.67 79 6/8  Larry Baum - Elaine Lieberman, Seattle WA; Marianne Timmins, Redmond WA; Elsie Nogle, Bellevue WA
1.67 79 6/8  Cliff Marx, Everett WA; Dex Stuberg - Terrance Chinn, Seattle WA; Joseph Ulrich, Arlington WA

Wednesday-Thursday Mid-Week Knockout Teams

Winners: Marshall, Dukelow, Hudesman

When contacted with the news that he had picked the winners in two out of the three brackets, the Hideous Hog (In Training) said "I knew it was only a matter of going down to the games store and buying a new set of dice...."

ACBL Live direct links: Bracket IBracket IIBracket III

MPts Bracket Rank  Wednesday-Thursday Mid-Week Knockout Teams (36 teams in 3 brackets)  
38.16 I 1  Gerry Marshall, Calgary AB; Dawn Campbell - Jon Bartlett, Portland OR; Roger McNay, Beaverton OR
26.71 2  Leo Schwartz, Mill Creek WA; William O'Brien, Mountlake Ter WA; Ole Godefroy - Julie Godefroy, Bellevue WA
15.26 3/4  Dora Lee, Nanaimo BC; Nancy Cook, Sacramento CA; Ed Freeman, Tacoma WA; Paul Gelb, Palm Springs CA
15.26 3/4  Rhonda Foster - Gerry McCully, Victoria BC; Stu Swan - Ed Ulman, Portland OR
18.75 II 1  James Dukelow Jr, Benton City WA; Kenneth Hovda, Bothell WA; Tim White - Renae Gunstone-White, Mercer Island WA
13.13 2  John Swanson - Sue Anderson - Reidun Decker - Cynthia Glad, Seattle WA
7.50 3/4  Henrik Rud Pedersen, Rodovre 2610 Denmark; David Kroft, Thornhill ON; Rangie Sylvestre, Vancouver BC; Gary Matsumoto, Spokane WA
7.50 3/4  Edee Rumley - Diane Griffiths, Langley BC; Marlene Powell, Vancouver BC; Myra Johnston, North Vancouver BC
13.38 III 1  Karen Hudesman - Monty Gray - Thomas Brown, Seattle WA; Bradley Rind, Mercer Island WA
9.37 2  Larry Holdren - Myrtis Holdren - Susan Servais, Bellevue WA; Sharon Riddle, Kirkland WA
5.35 3/4  Michael Rickus, Newport OR; Tom McKenna, Eugene OR; Shameine Ali, Vancouver BC; David Gustafson, Stillwater MN
5.35 3/4  Ann Stephens - Terry Graham - Martha Potter - Dave Drischell, Seattle WA

Thursday Morning Side Game

Game 3 of 5 in Morning Side Game Series

Scroll down for series leaders and an explanation of how to get gold points in the Side Games.

ACBL Live direct link to results for this event.

MPts Score A B C  Thursday Morning Side Game (13½ tables)  
4.55 65.50% 1  Steven Pessin - Ginny Stark, Eugene OR
3.79 60.35% 2 1  Doug Sanders, Grandview WA; Ken Lockwood, Yakima WA
2.84 59.54% 3 2  Paula Strand, Kirkland WA; Peggy Moen, Seattle WA
2.45 57.88% 4 3 1  Peter Outcalt, West Chester OH; Paul Sekulich, Olympia WA
1.60 57.18% 5 4  Allan Karro - Yen Karro, Surrey BC
1.40 56.68% 6  Jack Lee, Richmond BC; Eric Pan, Burnaby BC
1.84 56.59% 5 2  Dong Wei, Newcastle WA; Yong Cao, Redmond WA
0.90 54.14% 6  Karen Rise, Leavenworth WA; Lynda Lipe, Bellevue WA
1.38 52.78% 3  Jim Miller, Scottsdale AZ; Laurence Braun, Redmond WA
1.03 48.12% 4  Thelma Kilburn - Arden Poitras, Surrey BC

Thursday Afternoon Side Game

Game 4 of 6 in Afternoon Side Game Series

Scroll down for series leaders and an explanation of how to get gold points in the Side Games.

ACBL Live direct link to results for this event.

MPts Score A B C  Thursday Afternoon Side Game (14 tables)  
4.55 62.18% 1  John Kamb - Wilma Kamb, Mount Vernon WA
2.99 58.97% 2/3  Lynda Cole, Anacortes WA; Dean Altschuler, Bellingham WA
3.98 58.97% 2/3 1 1  June Bruno - Roy Bruno, Redmond WA
1.96 58.17% 4  Robert Moore, San Diego CA; Judy Stilson, Everett WA
2.99 56.41% 5 2 2  Doug Sanders, Grandview WA; Curt Gilbert, Yakima WA
2.24 55.45% 6 3  Ian Kirk - Deanna Birch, Portland OR
1.68 54.65% 4  Michael Cohen, Seattle WA; John Maunder, Hope BC
1.26 53.21% 5  Elaine Vona - Mary Miller, Redmond WA
0.95 52.40% 6  Don McCluskey, Bremerton WA; Sharon Erwin, Lynnwood WA

Thursday Evening Side Game

Game 4 of 6 in Evening Side Game Series

Scroll down for series leaders and an explanation of how to get gold points in the Side Games.

ACBL Live direct link to results for this event.

MPts Score A B C  Thursday Evening Side Game (11 tables)  
3.98 70.14% 1  Michael Christensen - Becky Stevens, Seattle WA
3.60 63.89% 2 1 1  Karen Rise, Leavenworth WA; Karen Madison, East Wenatchee WA
2.70 59.95% 3 2 2  Yoko Reilly, Redmond WA; Jack Yuan, Bellevue WA
1.72 56.94% 4  Louise Lombard, Wenatchee WA; Donna Gerard, Mill Creek WA
2.03 53.70% 5 3  Allen Hamm - Janet Geoffroy, Seattle WA
1.52 53.47% 6 4 3  Jc Chupack - Edward Lechner, Seattle WA
1.14 52.31% 5  Gary Matsumoto, Spokane WA; Rangie Sylvestre, Vancouver BC
0.97 50.93% 4  Gail Williams, Seattle WA; Sandra Tone, Renton WA

Side Game Series Leaders

Afternoon and Evening Series after four of six sessions; Morning Series after three of five

How Side Game Series Work: There are side pair games in every session from Monday Afternoon thru to Saturday Evening at this tournament.  They are groupwed into three distinct series as follows:

Each series will determine individual winners for gold point awards by summing each player's best two games (even if played with different partners) by percentage.  Two 63% games in the same series will get you a very good score of 126% for that series.  Adding a 65% game will improve your score to 128%!  At the end of the series the top individuals, usually six but depends on attendance in the series as a whole, will win gold point awards!  These awards replace the ones you won in the games themselves, unless your session awards are greater (in which case you will get the gold point awards plus the difference in red points).  We'll list the leaders each day so you can track your progress.

Sum Of Best Two Rank  Morning Side Game Series Leaders (94 players so far)  
126.33% 1/2  Jack Lee, Richmond BC; Eric Pan, Burnaby BC
119.77% 3/4  Paula Strand, Kirkland WA; Margaret Moen, Seattle WA
119.30% 5/6  Yen Karro - Allan Karro, Surrey BC
119.21% 7/8  Diana Marquardt, Del Mar CA; Valentin Kovachev, Las Vegas NV
116.22% 9/10  Ken Lockwood, Yakima WA; Doug Sanders, Grandview WA
Sum Of Best Two Rank  Afternoon Side Game Series Leaders (154 players so far)  
123.51% 1/2  Dean Altschuler, Bellingham WA; Lynda Cole, Anacortes WA
116.34% 3/4  Judy Hyde, Los Angeles CA; Robert Todd, Tallahassee FL
113.69% 5/6  Kumud Gokhale - Anant Gokhale, Edmonds WA
113.55% 7  Darla Perman, Kent WA
111.38% 8/9  Deanna Birch - Ian Kirk, Portland OR
109.93% 10/11  Gilda Joyce - Tony Joyce, Medina WA
109.61% 12  Frank Alexandro, Kirkland WA
Sum Of Best Two Rank  Evening Side Game Series Leaders (155 players so far)  
138.13% 1/2  Becky Stevens - Michael Christensen, Seattle WA
120.61% 3/4  Clay Laughary, Renton WA; Pete Cowles, Lynnwood WA
114.70% 5  Gene Gousie, Seattle WA
113.92% 6  Grant Davis, Mercer Island WA
113.25% 7  G Gard Hays, Veradale WA
110.40% 8/9  Donna Gerard, Mill Creek WA; Louise Lombard, Wenatchee WA
109.13% 10/11  Karen Madison, East Wenatchee WA; Karen Rise, Leavenworth WA
107.70% 12/13  Yoko Reilly, Redmond WA; Jack Yuan, Bellevue WA
107.64% 14  Jc Chupack, Seattle WA
107.10% 15  Rangie Sylvestre, Vancouver BC

Thursday Afternoon 199er Pairs

1½ matchpoints between two top pairs!

Once again we had no evening 199er game.  Quite the clash in the afternoon though: two pairs, one in each direction way ahead of the rest.  Interestingly in the round between event winners Judith Cotner-Montoya and Bobbie Baronsky against second-place-and-only-1½-matchpoints-behind Michael O'Neal and Barbara O'Neal, they got average — 3½ matchpoints each — on all three boards!

ACBL Live direct link to results for this event.

MPts Score D E F  Thursday Afternoon 199er Pairs (11 tables)  
2.60 64.88% 1  Judith Cotner-Montoya - Bobbie Baronsky, Seattle WA
1.95 63.99% 2  Michael O'Neal - Barbara O'Neal, Issaquah WA
2.10 57.74% 3 1 1  Darrell Hamill, Issaquah WA; Jan Miller, Bellevue WA
1.58 56.55% 4 2  Susan Meredith, Edmonds WA; Yoko Tilley, Bellevue WA
1.18 54.46% 5 3 2  Gail Williams, Seattle WA; Sandra Tone, Renton WA
0.86 54.17% 6/8 4/5 3  Lloyd Brown - Wendy Brown, Mount Vernon WA
0.78 54.17% 6/8 4/5  Nancy Price - Kirsti Sheeran, Medina WA
0.48 54.17% 6/8  Charlotte Riviera, Bellevue WA; Joanne Kerr, Kirkland WA
0.65 51.49% 4  Marilyn Sylvestre, Sarasota FL; Allyson Welsh, Monroe WA

Want to check what's happening on Friday?  Click on 'Friday' below for a text description of each event, including last year's winners.  Click on 'Table Counts' below to see a spreadsheet with table counts so far and types of events to come.