2023 Victoria Sound Regional: Photos

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It's been more than two decades since I first did a Regional Daily Bulletin for the 2002 Puget Sound Regional, and over that time we have transitioned from being on-site, taking photos with a digital camera, to doing the Bulletins from home, and hoping that people who win will realize that we all now carry cameras built into our mobile phones, cameras that are better than the digital camera I used in 2002 -- and can send the file to me instantly so I can put it into the online Bulletin in living colour. 

Times change, and while being able to hold a paper booklet in your hand is something many of us fondly remember, almost all of us are now able to view the Bulletin online on our various devices! But the good news is that those devices allow winners photos to be a quick do-it-yourself job. Plus, the photos themselves appear on this page, and occasionally on the results pages as well, and in full, living colour!

Let's remember: Regionals have a lot of different events, and occasionally we get a photo of a pair or a team who thinks they have won an event when a late scoring change knocks them down to second overall, or even lower. Or someone thinks that their 55.7% section top in the afternoon session of Section L of a six-section open pairs, while not making the overalls, is an event win. I do try to include all of the photos I am sent, but I also check the final results to ensure that what you thought when you took the photo is actually what happened. And on busy days, this can take some time and be held over to tomorrow.

But if you have won and you cannot find a tournament volunteer or a friend to take your photo, another option is to take a photo of event winners yourself (or, if you're the winner, convince a friend to do so!) and send it directly to me:

Here's How To Take and Send Photos:

Victoria 2022 Photos!

We'll start with Victoria photos I have grabbed from the Internet and add winners and other photos sent to me, above this line, as they appear in my inbox....

Victoria's Empress Hotel
The Parliament Buildings
Government Buildings lit up!
Butchart Gardens
Victoria After Dark!
A totem pole inside the Convention Centre