2023 Victoria Regional, Day Seven: Sunday, April 23

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April 23 Historical Headlines (from Wikipedia)

Can you fill in the blanks and then put them into the correct chronological order? (Answers at the bottom of the page...)

Brain Warmup Department: Keen

For those of you who used to like the puzzles I printed in the old bulletins, here is a link to an online version: one of the puzzles that I used to feature in the old paper Bulletins, but it is easy to play on a computer as well. Not so easy on a tablet or phone, since most of the puzzles require right-clicks, not easily done in a tablet or phone environment.

Keen is a Sudoku variant with a little math involved. Like Sudoku, you must fit numbers into the grid (from 1 to the number of cells in a row or column) so that there are no repeats in a row or column. As well, you must ensure that the numbers placed into each block (those groups of cells bounded by heavy lines) match the number and the arithmetic operation at the top left of the block. Subtraction (−) and division (÷) are always two cell blocks and the numbers can be in any order. Addition (+) and Multiplication (×) can be three or four or more cells and some of the products can be surprisingly high! In larger blocks it is permissible to have a number duplicated as long as the duplicates are not in the same row or column.

Click on the puzzle you want to try at the right (or the caption below) to go to the page with all the instructions you'll need.

These puzzles come from Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection (see below) and there are links there to apps for most devices. You can make puzzles of any size and difficulty level!

Easy puzzle
(McBruce's time: 2min 47sec)

Medium puzzle
(McBruce's time: 5min 4sec)

Tricky puzzle
(McBruce's time: 14min 50sec)

Sunday (Day Seven) Event Schedule

Morning-Afternoon Events (10:00am, TBA)

Sunday Top Flight Swiss Teams: Team game, 4-6 players on a team, short matches scored in IMPs and converted to Victory Points.

Strat Limits (by team average) A: 5000+, B: 3000 - 5000, C: 0 - 3000.
Masterpoints: Gold points for overalls, red points for match awards.
Victoria 2019 winners (30 teams):
A: Eric Pan - William Ge, Burnaby BC; Jack Lee - David Hu, Richmond BC
X, Y: Robert Cheeseman - Robert Mackinnon - John Miller - Jonathan Gage, Victoria BC

Sunday 0-2500 Bracketed Round-Robin Teams: Two session team game, 4-6 players on a team, short matches scored in IMPs. All teams will play a round-robin or Swiss Teams within their bracket.

Bracketed, by team average into brackets of 6-9 teams.
Masterpoints: Gold points for overalls, red points for match awards.  Lower brackets may have part-gold, part-red for overalls, based on masterpoints.
Victoria 2019 winners (72 teams in a 0-2000 Swiss Teams):
B: Bruce Busby - Brian Busby, Campbell River BC; John Crutcher, Olympia WA; Slava Simice, Comox BC
C: Darlene Carolsfeld - Marcia Taylor - Maureen Steele, Nanaimo BC; Shirley Charters, Duncan BC
D: King Lee - Bakh Dhillon - David Buckman, Victoria BC; Deborah Stewart, Pincher Creek AB

Sunday Fast Open Pairs: Two session pairs game (single sessions are OK, second session begins at 1:00pm), matchpoint scoring.

Strat Limits (by pair average) A: 2000+, B: 750 - 2000, C: 0 - 7500.
Masterpoints: Gold points for overalls and some section tops, other awards are red points. Note that you can win points in the first session that are replaced by a higher overall award after the second: you get the greater of your overall award or the sum of the session awards; not both combined.
Victoria 2019 winners (14, 12½ tables):
A: Kim Eng, Issaquah WA; Jeffrey Ford, Redmond WA
B: Naushad Dada - Paulette McWilliam, Calgary AB

Other Day Seven Winners from Victoria 2019

Changes in the tournament schedule left some of the 2019 event winners out of the list above:

Sunday Morning 199er Swiss Teams: (3 teams):
D, E: Deanna Downton - Linda Walker - Sheila Frank - John Frank, Calgary AB

Tuesday Evening 199er Pairs: (6½ tables):
D: Frieda Home, Comox BC; Nigel Williamson, Victoria BC
E: Karen Jensen, White Rock BC; Trudy Merritt, Surrey BC
F: Barbara Walter - Murray Walter, Swift Current SK

Tuesday Afternoon Newcomer 0-20 Pairs: (9 tables):
A: Mary-Jo Morin - Margarita Kishkan, Victoria BC
B, C: Lucile Mears - Jonathan Mears, Victoria BC

Final Tournament Masterpoint Leaders

Should be online about 11:45pm

Masterpoints for all players are updated nightly here first, with everyone's current red and gold point total listed alphabetically below the leaders, before a shorter leaderboard is added to this page.

Overall Leaders

Non-Life Master Leaders

Masterpoints will be updated first on the masterpoints page. Leaders will appear here later, when the results are posted.

April 23 Historical Headlines

Answers from the questions at the top of the page:

That's all folks! In a few days I will update the Kirkwood Standings to reflect results from this tournament, and you'll see those results, and future Bulletin sets, among other bridge stuff, linked from my website. Thanks for reading and commenting and suggestions and praise and even the occasional slight grumpiness over something I've missed. (It all helps.)