2023 Victoria Regional, Day One: Monday, April 17

Welcome to Victoria!

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April 17 Historical Headlines (from Wikipedia)

Can you fill in the blanks and then put them into the correct chronological order? (Answers at the bottom of the page...)

Brain Warmup Department: Bridges

For those of you who used to like the puzzles I printed in the old bulletins, here is a link to an online version: one of the puzzles that I used to feature in the old paper Bulletins, but it is easy to play on a computer as well. Not so easy on a tablet or phone, since most of the puzzles require right-clicks, not easily done in a tablet or phone environment.

Bridges gives you a grid of islands, circles containing a number. Your objective is connect the islands with bridges so that 1) all bridges are horizontal or vertical only, no diagonal or curved bridges, 2) The numbers in the circles indicate the number of bridges that go to that island, 3) Two islands may be connected with one or two bridges, but no more, 4) Bridges may not cross one another or go over an island, and 5) All of the islands need to be connected together with the network of bridges.

Strategy: bigger numbers usually allow you to connect one bridge in each possible direction and later decide which directions have second bridges as well; check how many islands can actually be connected with up-down or left-right lines, often this will give you clues as to where the bridges must be.

Click on the puzzle you want to try at the right (or the caption below) to go to the page with all the instructions you'll need.

These puzzles come from Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection (see below) and there are links there to apps for most devices.

Easy puzzle
(McBruce's time: 1min 5sec)

Medium puzzle
(McBruce's time: 0min 26sec)

Tricky puzzle
(McBruce's time: 0min 48sec)

Monday (Day One) Event Schedule

Evening-only Events (7:00pm)

Monday-Tuesday Cherry Blossom Knockout Teams (continues tomorrrow at 1pm and 7pm): Team game, 4-6 players on a team, 24-board knockout matches scored in IMPs. All teams will play a round-robin or Swiss Teams in each bracket on Monday Evening, with the top four teams in each bracket surviving to play two full matches on day two (with few exceptions, semifinal losers must playoff for third place).

Bracketed, by team average into brackets of 6-9 teams.
Masterpoints: Gold points for teams that make it to day two, red points for other day one match awards.  Lower brackets may have part-gold, part-red for overalls, based on masterpoints.
Victoria 2019 winners (37 teams in 3 brackets):
Bracket I: Lee Barton - Lucille Barton, Edmonton AB; Cindy Cossey - Glenn Cossey, Innisfail AB
Bracket II: John Wolf - David Partridge, Eugene OR; Randy Naef, McMinnville OR; Lawrence Swanson, Monroe WA
Bracket III: Joan Borberg, Portland OR; Michele Bonneau - A. Marie Callbeck, Prince Albert SK; Ginny Gainer, Port OR

Monday Evening Side Game: Pairs game, part of the Evening Side Game Series (1st of 5).

Strat Limits (by pair average) A: 2000+, B: 750 - 2000, C: 0 - 750.
Masterpoints: Mostly red points but gold points for overall winners if they play another session in the Evening Side Game Series, and a chance for gold points for individuals whose two best games in the series are good enough to make the series overalls.
Victoria 2019 winners: (55 tables!)
A: Dan Jacob - Gordon McOrmond, Vancouver BC
B: L Ralph Buckley - David Gabel, Vancouver BC
C: Jack Smith - Beth Coones, Spokane WA

Other Day One Winners from Victoria 2019

Changes in the tournament schedule left some of the 2019 event winners out of the list above:

Monday Evening Charity 199er Pairs: (8 tables):
A: Bill Worobets - Janet Worobets, Victoria BC
B, C: Barbara Walter - Murray Walter, Swift Current SK

Masterpoint Leaders thru Monday Evening

Should be online about 11:45pm

Masterpoints for all players are updated nightly here first, with everyone's current red and gold point total listed alphabetically below the leaders, before a shorter leaderboard is added to this page.

Overall Leaders

Non-Life Master Leaders

Masterpoints will be updated first on the masterpoints page. Leaders will appear here later, when the results are posted.

April 17 Historical Headlines

Answers from the questions at the top of the page:

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