2023 Victoria Regional, Day Two: Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Off And Running!

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New Life Master!

Playing in the Tuesday Gold Rush, Diane Polson, Seattle WA, scored some gold to become a new Life Master and Bronze Life Master


April 18 Historical Headlines (from Wikipedia)

Can you fill in the blanks and then put them into the correct chronological order? (Answers at the bottom of the page...)

Thus Spoke the ACBLscore database (Part 2)

A good reason to get yourself an ACBL number!

At the previous version of the Victoria Regional, while making the Daily Bulletins and looking for errors to correct, I noticed a player from Spoke BC. I had never heard of this place, but there is a lovely place a short drive from Victoria called Sooke, and I made the correction in the Bulletin. The reason these things happen is that when a player who has no ACBL number plays, his or her name and city/province/state (and occasionally country) need to be entered into the computer's database by a Director, possibly one from a different part of the country without local knowledge of nearby places. Since this data comes from an entry form, legibility and handwriting enter into the mix, and errors sometimes happen. Players who get themselves a guest membership a few days before the tournament will be added to the database in time and their details will be automatically available inside ACBLscore. Guest memberships are free now if you have never had a number before, by the way.

But at the club level, when a player comes in for the first time and has to be added to the database, the club director must add the details manually. And after a recent Mentor-Mentee game that I was scheduled to direct before being sent to a sectional in Kamloops, I had to get the file upon my return. Most players had played at our club before, but a lot of the mentees had not gotten an ACBL player number yet. And I discovered that a majority of these players were from an unknown city: Van BC. I can see a busy director trying to save a bit of time by entering this quicker version to get the names in quickly, but I think I would go back and correct them with the missing six keystrokes later when there was time. We're not talking about a bunch of people at the same time, we're talking just one or two or rarely three per game. They didn't all come in at the same time! By the time they were eager enough to play in the Mentor-Mentee game, they had played dozens of 0-500 games at the club.

So at a recent club game I had a closer look at the Vancouver Bridge Centre's database of players, which probably contains data from the earliest days of ACBLscore in the mid 1990s, only a few years after the VBC's opening. The club database has been kept going from infrequent backups where needed through computer disasters, for at least thirty years. I wanted to see how many players were from "Van" and asked for a report by city.

"Van" was near the bottom of a very long and entertaining alphabetical list. We covered the Vancouver variants yesterday, from "Van" to "Vaan" to "VAN" to "Vab."(!) to "Vancouvr" to "Vanacouver" and "Vanouver" and even "ancouver". But that was only the main city in a group of cities and municipalities and other places.

Compass positions combine with 'Vancouver' in various ways that only the natives can completely understand. North Vancouver and West Vancouver are across the water north of the city...

City West Van            Players: 2
City North Van           Players: 2

We'll type the compass position, but Vancouver is right out!

City NorthVancouver      Players: 1

Good try...

City North Vanacouver    Players: 1

So close!

City No Vancouver        Players: 1

Yes Vancouver; No to typing "North"...
This begat a whole army of abbreviators of North or West...

City W.van.              Players: 2
City N.van               Players: 3
City N.van.              Players: 2
City N. Van              Players: 3
City N. Van;             Players: 1
City N. Vancouver        Players: 4
City N.vancouver         Players: 1

In case you're wondering, South Vancouver and East Vancouver are part of the main city. There is also 'The West End' near Stanley Park and the 'West Side' which is the space west of Main St., both within the city proper. Other nearby communities in the Lower Mainland were similarly mangled...

City New Westminster4    Players: 1

The 4 is pretty close to the R key....

City New Wesminster      Players: 1
City N. West             Players: 1
City Abbottsford         Players: 2

One 't' only. Abbotsford is about eighty miles east of Vancouver on the Trans-Canada Highway. In May 2011 I ran a non-Life Master tournament for former TD Richard Dunn, who was called away to Edmonton on short notice for a friend's memorial service and promised to stop by the Bridge Centre on the way back following his flight on Sunday. This was my first experience with the ACBLscore financial system and I was having some trouble. I knew I had collected the right amount of cash, but I did want to get it all entered correctly so that the program would print out a balanced and correct financial report without anything missing or wrong. Richard arrived, solved my problems, and off we went to a nearby restaurant for dinner on me. We walked in and stood at the entrance and slowly it dawned on us that the staff were all intently watching a wall-mounted TV with CNN on. Finally we got someone's attention, took a booth, my seat facing away from the TV, and after a quick hungry perusal of the menu, I looked up. "OK, Richard, what's the big news story?"

"Well, it looks like they've found and killed Osama Bin Laden," said Richard, "and we're waiting for the president to appear, to confirm the rumours that have leaked."

"Really!" I exclaimed. "And wherever did they find him?"

Richard took a long hard look at the fairly distant screen. "I can't quite read it," he began, "but it seems to say on the ticker that he was holed up in Abbotsford!"

"OK then," I said, signalling a waitress. "Let's eat." (It was only much later that evening that I learned about the compound in Abbottabad ... which does have two 't's.)

City Burnaaby            Players: 1
City Burnabu             Players: 1
City Burnzby             Players: 1

My last move was from Burnaby to....

City Coquitland          Players: 1


City RICHMOND            Players: 2
City RICHMIOND           Players: 1

Not sure why Richmond gets all-caps, however you spell it.

City Surry               Players: 1
City S Surry             Players: 1

Surrey, with an 'e', is probably the fastest growing city in the Lower Mainland, both in population and in area, since it has convinced South Surrey (not S Surry) and White Rock (see below) to join it.

City W. Rock             Players: 1
City Whire Rock          Players: 1

Coming up tomorrow, more misspelled cities, a few interesting whacks at the two-letter ACBLscore Country Codes, and more...

Attendance So Far

267½ tables at the end of Day Two (Tuesday), 59.9% of the 2019 total. For full details, check out the new Table Counts page!

Bridge clubs and tournaments throughout the ACBL are struggling with returning to live play, so comparing this tournament's attendance to one before the pandemic is not really fair. We'll be very happy if the tournament hits 60% of the 2019 table count of 1932 tables, so 1159 is the target number, but maybe we'll do even better!

Brain Warmup Department: Rectangles

For those of you who used to like the puzzles I printed in the old bulletins, here is a link to an online version: one of the puzzles that I used to feature in the old paper Bulletins, but it is easy to play on a computer as well. Not so easy on a tablet or phone, since most of the puzzles require right-clicks, not easily done in a tablet or phone environment.

Rectangles, gives you a grid of cells, some of which contain numbers; your objective is to divide the grid into rectangles of various sizes so that each rectangle contains exactly one numbered square which is the number of cells in that rectangle. Remember that squares are specific types of rectangles: a '16' could be a 4x4 rectangle. Strategies: look for numbers that can only be one shape; larger such numbers may have only a few ways to fit without overlapping another numbered cell.

Click on the puzzle you want to try at the right (or the caption below) to go to the page with all the instructions you'll need.

These puzzles come from Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection (see below) and there are links there to apps for most devices. You can make puzzles of any size and difficulty level!

Easy puzzle
(McBruce's time: 0min 48sec)

Medium puzzle
(McBruce's time: 0min 46sec)

Tricky puzzle
(McBruce's time: 2min 33sec)

Masterpoint Leaders thru Tuesday Evening

Should be online about 11:45pm

Masterpoints for all players are updated nightly here first, with everyone's current red and gold point total listed alphabetically below the leaders, before a shorter leaderboard is added to this page.

Overall Leaders

1Gerry McCully, Victoria BC38.11
1James Galand, Victoria BC38.11
1Michael Dimich, Burnaby BC38.11
1Nicholas Stock, North Vancouver BC38.11
1Rhonda Foster, Victoria BC38.11
6Ayako Miyakuni, Tokyo 33.08
6Kenji Miyakuni, Tokyo 33.08
8Ann Romeo, Seattle WA26.99
8Ray Miller, Seattle WA26.99
8Scott Chupack, Seattle WA26.99
8Stan Christie, Kirkland WA26.99
12Dan Jacob, Vancouver BC26.68
12Gordon McOrmond, Sidney BC26.68
12Michael Hargreaves, Victoria BC26.68
12Piotr Klimowicz, Edmonton AB26.68
16Mitch Dunitz, Sherman Oaks CA26.11
17Cindy Cossey, Innisfail AB24.81
17Glenn Cossey, Innisfail AB24.81
19Derek Ward, Hornby Island BC23.87
19Donald Sache, West Vancouver BC23.87
21Iftikhar Baqai, Irvine CA23.39
22Dick Yuen, North Vancouver BC22.77
22Tom Nault, Calgary AB22.77
24Cameron Doner, Surrey BC20.24
24Gustav Axen, New Westminster BC20.24

Non-Life Master Leaders

1Ayako Miyakuni, Tokyo 33.08
2Farhad Rohani, Victoria BC17.41
3Brian Hammerschmidt, Victoria BC8.82
4Dawn Campbell, Nanoose Bay BC8.66
4Grace Lindsay, Nanoose Bay BC8.66
6Jon Ransom, Bellingham WA7.87
6Wendy Allex, Ferndale WA7.87
8Alan Kotila, Victoria BC7.17
8Jim Alexander, Victoria BC7.17
10Elizabeth Scully, Portland OR6.80
10John H Bannister, Sequim WA6.80
12Elliot Wahba, Portland OR5.51
12Karen Douek, Portland OR5.51
12Thomas Braybrook, Victoria BC5.51
15Paul McLaughlin, Sherwood Park AB4.87

Masterpoints will be updated first on the masterpoints page. Leaders will appear here later, when the results are posted.

Day Two (Tuesday) Results

Tuesday Open Pairs

Winners: Ayako Miyakuni, Kenji Miyakuni

64.8% in the first session was somehow only second, and event winners Ayako and Kenji Miyakuni lost no time in grabbing the lead with nearly all the matchpoints in the first round of the evening session, and continuing to build on the lead for the rest of the game! Halftime leaders Glenn and Cindy Cossey had to settle for the strat B win from second overall with a fine day just over 60%. Mary and Donald Carson, who won the opening night pairs game, won the under-2000 strat with nearly 53% in the tough open field.
UPDATE: A scoring change led to a slightly changed list of overall winners.

Two-session pairs event, scored in matchpoints.  Strat limits (by pair average): A: 4000+ / B: 2000 - 4000 / C: 0 - 2000.  
Average masterpoints for players in this event: 5056

MPts Score A B C Tuesday Open Pairs (19, 19½ tables)
ACBL Live Link
33.08 66.17% 1 Ayako Miyakuni - Kenji Miyakuni; Tokyo, Japan
24.81 60.21% 2 1 Glenn Cossey - Cindy Cossey, Innisfail AB
18.61 60.17% 3 Iftikhar Baqai, Irvine CA; Mitch Dunitz, Sherman Oaks CA
14.63 58.05% 4 2 Terry Foster - Farhad Rohani, Victoria BC
11.03 57.20% 5 3 Sheldon Spier, Chemainus BC; Michael Ainsley, Victoria BC
9.45 56.65% 6 Mark Itabashi, Murrieta CA; Michael Mikyska, Los Angeles CA
8.27 55.19% 7 4 Debbie Hargreaves - Barbara Stewart, Victoria BC
7.35 53.94% 8 Carole Liss, San Rafael CA; Valentin Kovachev, Las Vegas NV
6.62 53.56% 9 5 Judy Chapman - Kathleen Harvey, Edmonton AB
6.01 53.35% 10 6 Perry Khakhar, Edmonton AB; Ian Gatenby, Red Deer AB
10.18 52.92% 7 1 Mary Carson - Donald Carson, Edmonton AB
7.64 49.38% 2 Karen Rise, Leavenworth WA; Marilyn Olson, Wenatchee WA
5.73 49.15% 3 Dorothy Whittome, Duncan BC; Heather McIntosh, Cowichan Bay BC
4.29 48.00% 4 Andrea Miller - Elaine Mauger, Victoria BC
3.39 47.63% 5 Frances Corney - Paul Fournier, Vancouver BC

Tuesday Gold Rush Pairs

Winners: Jim Alexander, Alan Kotila

383.24 matchpoints to 383.23 was the final margin, the smallest possible, for event winners Jim Alexander and Alan Kotila over Elliot Wahba and Karen Douek, who won the under-500 strat. All three strats were very close with the under-300 strat going to Rob Feldstein and Jo Albinati.

Two-session pairs event, scored in matchpoints.  Strat limits (by pair average): 7: 500 - 750 / 5: 300 - 500 / 3: 0 - 300.  No player over 750 was eligible.
Average masterpoints for players in this event: 415

MPts Score 7 5 3 Tuesday Gold Rush Pairs (15½, 16 tables)
ACBL Live Link
7.17 57.03% 1 Jim Alexander - Alan Kotila, Victoria BC
5.51 57.03% 2 1 Elliot Wahba - Karen Douek, Portland OR
4.03 56.62% 3 Maureen Trappe, Victoria BC; Eddie Crews, Sidney BC
4.13 56.54% 4 2 Anne Jenkins - Susan Forbes, Qualicum Beach BC
3.10 56.21% 5 3 Audrey Sekulich, Cobble Hill BC; Lois Grill, Qualicum Beach BC
2.32 55.90% 6 4 Carol Beck, Prince Albert SK; Thelma Cowie, Christopher Lke SK
1.79 55.32% 7 Ian Gilhooley, Vancouver BC; Karen Tomkins, New Westminster BC
2.04 54.98% 8 5 Bill Walter - Christine Walter, Vancouver BC
3.54 53.28% 6 1 Rob Feldstein - Jo Albinati, Victoria BC
2.66 51.49% 2 Susan Jobbins - Joan Geber, Victoria BC
1.99 51.36% 3 Marg Budd - Graham Budd, Cobble Hill BC
1.49 50.73% 4 Brenda Robinson - W Blair Robinson, Viking AB

Monday-Tuesday Cherry Blossom Bracketed Knockout Teams

Winners: Stock, Voth, Kristjanson, Allex, Ellis

The Hideous Hog (In Training) managed only to score 30% on his predictions. We have a little bit of correcting to do for the Monday bracket sheets as some of the brackets were not quite as they seemed.

Bracketed Knockout Teams event, with 3 rounds of different formats.

MPts Bracket Rank Monday-Tuesday Cherry Blossom Bracketed Knockout Teams ACBL Live Links:
I   II   III   IV   V  
(32 teams in 5 brackets)
38.11 I 1 Nicholas Stock, North Vancouver BC; Michael Dimich, Burnaby BC; Gerry McCully - Rhonda Foster - James Galand, Victoria BC
26.68   2 Dan Jacob, Vancouver BC; Piotr Klimowicz, Edmonton AB; Gordon McOrmond, Sidney BC; Michael Hargreaves, Victoria BC
18.39 II 1 William Voth, Kelowna BC; Wayne Borman - Marianne Daem - Barbara Jubenville, Nanaimo BC
12.87   2 Helen Dillen - Gamil Tadros - Elizabeth Sprague, Calgary AB; Wayne Stann, Kelowna BC
6.53   3/4 Manohara Senaratne - Roberta Stirling, Edmonton AB; Philip Blackburn, Rocky-Mtn-Hse AB; Douglas Jordan, Toronto ON
10.20 III 1 Gordon Kristjanson - Esther Wiebe - Holly Boudreau - Margaret Skinner, Victoria BC
7.14   2 Jill Plasteras - Al Romanchuk - Mel Zimmerman, Victoria BC; Madeleine Tremblay, North Saanich BC
3.62   3 Marilyn Warne - Lorraine Somerville, Calgary AB; Joanna Daam, Victoria BC; William Curtis, Whitehorse YT
7.87 IV 1 Wendy Allex, Ferndale WA; Susanne Sherburne - Jon Ransom - Rebecca Brown, Bellingham WA
5.51   2 Mark Raymond - Margot Young - Thomas Braybrook - Jennifer McDonell, Victoria BC
3.84 V 1 Linda Ellis - Eleanor Calder - Shiela Wansbrough - John Heck, Victoria BC

Tuesday Bald Eagle Bracketed Round-Robin Teams

Winners: Romeo, Polujan, Metcalfe, Lindsay

I was told that Bracket Two's leaderboard had all eight teams within 8VPs, 44-36 on a 40 average, at the halfway point!

Bracketed Swiss Teams scored in Victory Points. Teams played all or most of the teams in their bracket in short matches.

MPts VPs Bracket Rank Tuesday Bald Eagle Bracketed Round-Robin Teams ACBL Live Links:
Bracket  I  II  III  IV 
(31 teams in 4 brackets)
26.99 86 I 1 Ann Romeo - Scott Chupack - Ray Miller, Seattle WA; Stan Christie, Kirkland WA
20.24 77   2 Donald Sache, West Vancouver BC; Derek Ward, Hornby Island BC; Cameron Doner, Surrey BC; Gustav Axen, New Westminster BC
15.18 67   3 Michael Yuen, Vancouver BC; Alex Hudson, Morrisville NC; Kiz Fung, Edmonton AB; Jonathan Steinberg, Toronto ON
15.18 107 II 1 Jadwiga Polujan - John D Aguiar - Tom Nault, Calgary AB; Dick Yuen, North Vancouver BC
11.39 90   2 Rita Beny - Neville Hircock - Paul Tinney - Lorna Tinney, Parksville BC
8.54 87   3 Donald Bladow - Ellen Cordes, Anchorage AK; Brenda Mathews - Jennifer Parkyn, Kamloops BC
6.40 79   4 Robert Richardson - Candace Allen, Clinton WA; Diane Felure - Joel Castoriano, Vashon Island WA
11.76 82 III 1 Patty Metcalfe - James Metcalfe - Anita Lambert, Edmonton AB; Janet Heino, Victoria BC
8.82 69   2 Debbie Wastle - Egil Kolsto - Jon Preston - Brian Hammerschmidt, Victoria BC
6.62 60   3 Emelie Quennell - Caenie Pyrcz, Calgary AB; Melissa Martin, Whitefish MT; Avril Karr, North Vancouver BC
8.66 109 IV 1 Grace Lindsay - Dawn Campbell, Nanoose Bay BC; Jacqueline Fennellow, Parksville BC; Lorna Veitch, Qualicum Beach BC
6.50 67   2 Shirley McGuire - Claire Cook - Sharon McDonald, Saskatoon SK; Phyllis Minielly, Crossmount SK
4.87 64   3 Dennis O Donnell - Paul McLaughlin, Sherwood Park AB; Philip Hardin - Roxann Trouth, Edmonton AB

Tuesday Evening Swiss Teams

Winners: Johnson (A), Boan (B)

Only two of the five teams were strat C, not quite enough for an overall award in C; but one of them finished second overall, winning B!

Swiss Teams event with 4 matches of 6 boards, scored in Victory Points (maximum 20 per match.  Strat limits (by team average): A: 2000+ / B: 750 - 2000 / C: 0 - 750.  
Average masterpoints for players in this event: 2873

MPts VPs A B C Tuesday Evening Swiss Teams (5 teams)
ACBL Live Link
3.36 58 1 David Johnson - Gerry Marshall, Calgary AB; Roger McNay, Beaverton OR; Hendrik Sharples, Brush Prairie WA
2.55 45 2 1 Bruce Boan - Peggy Boan, Mill Bay BC; Carol Richardson, Qualicum BC; Daryl Krepps, Nanaimo BC

Morning Side Game Series

Winners: Iftikhar Baqai, Mitch Dunitz

Later in the week we will compute and post the leaders in the three Side Game Series, where the individuals with the best two scores (summed by percentage, even if the partners are different), win gold point overalls!

Single-session pairs event, scored in matchpoints.  Part of the Morning Side Game Series, session 1 of 5 in the series.  (In a side game series you are free to play as many sessions as you wish, even with different partners.)  Strat limits (by pair average): A: 2000+ / B: 750 - 2000 / C: 0 - 750.  
Average masterpoints for players in this event: 2425

MPts Score A B C Tuesday Morning Side Game (10½ tables)
ACBL Live Link
4.78 65.58% 1 Iftikhar Baqai, Irvine CA; Mitch Dunitz, Sherman Oaks CA
4.32 58.12% 2 1 Tom Nault, Calgary AB; Dick Yuen, North Vancouver BC
3.24 57.82% 3 2 Karen Rise, Leavenworth WA; Marilyn Olson, Wenatchee WA
2.43 56.23% 4 3 Ross Bates, Castlegar BC; Mark Millin, Oliver BC
1.82 55.13% 5 4 Kay Kerr - Bettylee Sinclair, Victoria BC
2.39 53.67% 6 5 1 Gloria Dorrance - Douglas Smith, Victoria BC
1.79 47.92% 2 Elizabeth Scully, Portland OR; John H Bannister, Sequim WA

Afternoon Side Game Series

Winners: John H Bannister, Elizabeth Scully

Later in the week we will compute and post the leaders in the three Side Game Series, where the individuals with the best two scores (summed by percentage, even if the partners are different), win gold point overalls!

Single-session pairs event, scored in matchpoints.  Part of the Afternoon Side Game Series, session 1 of 5 in the series.  (In a side game series you are free to play as many sessions as you wish, even with different partners.)  Strat limits (by pair average): A: 2000+ / B: 750 - 2000 / C: 0 - 750.  
Average masterpoints for players in this event: 1545

MPts Score A B C Tuesday Afternoon Side Game (12 tables)
ACBL Live Link
5.01 61.81% 1 1 1 John H Bannister, Sequim WA; Elizabeth Scully, Portland OR
3.76 61.34% 2 Jennifer Ballantyne, Vancouver BC; Sharon Erwin, Lynnwood WA
2.82 57.87% 3 Jennifer Beall - Ron Beall, Bellingham WA
3.41 57.64% 4 2 Frank Stanford, Sooke BC; Donald Gray, Victoria BC
2.56 56.25% 5 3 Valerie McWhorter - Dean Altschuler, Bellingham WA
1.92 53.70% 6 4 Bree Watts - Anne Porter, Victoria BC
1.44 53.47% 5 Dianna Rickson, Comox BC; Chris Cookson, Nanaimo BC
1.33 52.31% 6 Rita Cannon, Ladysmith BC; Nancy Merry, Duncan BC
1.79 50.69% 2 Benjamin Levy, Vancouver WA; Eloise Carbone, Vancouver BC

Evening Side Game Series

Winners: Kirk Rustad, Zakery Simpson

Later in the week we will compute and post the leaders in the three Side Game Series, where the individuals with the best two scores (summed by percentage, even if the partners are different), win gold point overalls!

Single-session pairs event, scored in matchpoints.  Part of the Evening Side Game Series, session 2 of 5 in the series.  (In a side game series you are free to play as many sessions as you wish, even with different partners.)  Strat limits (by pair average): A: 1500+ / B: 300 - 1500 / C: 0 - 300.  
Average masterpoints for players in this event: 919

MPts Score A B C Tuesday Evening Side Pair (5 tables)
ACBL Live Link
2.84 61.50% 1 1 Kirk Rustad - Zakery Simpson, Prince George BC
2.13 59.50% 2 2 Ben Levine - James Scarfe, Prince George BC
1.60 58.00% 3 Mary Abelseth - Ruth Sidebottom, Red Deer AB
1.38 54.00% 4 3 Dariusz Matus, Surrey BC; Michael Desaulniers, Maple Ridge BC

Tuesday Morning 299er Pairs

Winners: Lucile Mears, Jonathan Mears

Single-session pairs event, scored in matchpoints.  Strat limits (by pair average): A: 100 - 300 / B: 50 - 100 / C: 0 - 50.  No player over 300 was eligible.
Average masterpoints for players in this event: 67

MPts Score A B C Tuesday Morning 299er Pairs (4 tables)
ACBL Live Link
2.21 65.94% 1 1 Lucile Mears - Jonathan Mears, Victoria BC
1.66 59.49% 2 Vicki Sensiba - Greg Sensiba, Sequim WA
1.47 51.15% 3 2 Natalie Stevens - Susan Degryp, Victoria BC
1.10 50.93% 3 Julia Sauter, Victoria BC; Sharon Kalanj, Blaine WA

Tuesday Afternoon 299er Pairs

Winners: Anne Callon, Sophie Watt

Single-session pairs event, scored in matchpoints.  Strat limits (by pair average): D: 100 - 300 / E: 50 - 100 / F: 0 - 50.  No player over 300 was eligible.
Average masterpoints for players in this event: 75

MPts Score D E F Tue Aft 299er Pairs (9 tables)
ACBL Live Link
2.99 62.80% 1 Anne Callon, Sidney BC; Sophie Watt, Victoria BC
2.24 62.50% 2 1 Peggy McLennan, Duncan BC; David Sheppard, Oak Bay BC
1.68 56.25% 3 2 Gail Simpson, Victoria BC; Christine Simpson, Brentwood Bay BC
1.26 53.57% 4 Vicki Sensiba - Greg Sensiba, Sequim WA
0.95 52.98% 5 Donald Bailey - Judith Bratton, Port Angeles WA
1.01 52.68% 3 Joy Crawford - Philippa Fitzgerald-Finc, Calgary AB
1.20 51.79% 4 1 Barbara Carscadden, Langley BC; Heather Climenhaga, Edmonton AB
0.90 49.40% 2 Katayoun Shirzad - Hossein Shirzad, West Vancouver BC
0.68 46.73% 3 Caroline Patterson - Barbara Ebelt, Vancouver BC

April 18 Historical Headlines

Answers from the questions at the top of the page:

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