The 2019 Leavenworth Regional: Thursday, April 11

Are we having fun yet?

Attendance So Far:

1169 tables, down from 1173½ at this point in 2017, a 0.4% decrease.  Still perfectly comparable with the previous version, and a good weekend day or two will put us back in a positive position.  Thursday last time was one of the two biggest days, the targets are easier to reach from here on in....

Masterpoint Leaders thru Thursday

(completed events only)

The Thursday-Friday Knockout, not completed yet, is the only event not included today.

1Dan Jacob, Vancouver BC77.89
1Gordon McOrmond, Vancouver BC77.89
3Gordon Campbell, Calgary AB65.93
3Ian Findlay, Banff AB65.93
3Judith Gartaganis, Calgary AB65.93
3Nicholas Gartaganis, Calgary AB65.93
7Leo Glaser, Lake Country BC59.67
8Nicholas Stock, North Vancouver BC53.85
9Dave Westfall, Spokane WA52.47
10Michael Ainsley, Victoria BC49.47
10Sheldon Spier, Chemainus BC49.47
12Ray Miller, Seattle WA45.96
13Curtis Cheek, Las Vegas NV43.28
13Haig Tchamitch, Paradise Valley AZ43.28
13Huub Bertens, Las Vegas NV43.28
13Jacob Morgan, Madison WI43.28
13Joan Cremin, Paradise Valley AZ43.28
18Peter Herold, Namaimo BC42.74
19Tom Carmichael, Mill Creek WA41.05
20Duncan Smith, Victoria BC40.68

Non-Life Master Masterpoint Leaders thru Thursday

(completed events only)

The Thursday-Friday Knockout, not completed yet, is the only event not included today.

1Ben Levine, Prince George BC27.22
2Paul Flanagan, Victoria BC23.41
3Siu Wai Fan, Red Deer AB21.69
4Patricia Desbrisay, Penticton BC18.52
5Robert Cheeseman, Victoria BC17.65
6A. Marie Callbeck, Prince Albert SK17.26
7J Punnett, Victoria BC15.70
8Douglas Johnson, Gig Harbor WA15.05
9Bud Bishop, Delta BC14.90
9Mary Frances Bishop, Delta BC14.90
11Donald (Bob) MacDonald, Victoria BC14.79
12Deborah Davy, Gibsons BC14.47
12Patricia Hartley, West Vancouver BC14.47
14Darlene Allen, Squamish BC14.26
15Egil Kolsto, Victoria BC13.75

Have a look at the masterpoints page to see totals for everyone, including red-gold breakdowns, updated each night by about midnight.

Friday's noon hour speaker is Rhonda Foster and the topic will be: "What's Forcing".  (There is an old bridge story about Eli Culbertson giving a lecture to several hundred people in the days when bridge familiarity was an absolute must for any bright young socialite.  His topic was similar to Rhonda's and he outlined several dozen ways opener or responder could make an auction forcing over the course of ninety minutes or so.  Eli could only see the first four or five rows of the auditorium but knew from the hubbub that it was nearly full, and his attention turned to the beautiful young lady in row two who, unlike everyone around her who were nodding and filling notebooks with pages and pages of detailed notes, had only a single sheet of paper and had written nothing on it until Eli began wrapping up his lecture.  Applause and a chance to meet the lecturer followed, and while shaking hands with the notetakers, Eli's eye was fixed on the beautiful lady who had apparently summarized his lengthy lecture in a single sentence, and he slowly made his way towards her near the refreshments area.  "Could I ask you," Eli said when he had a chance to speak to her, "to show me your notes?  You listened so intently and wrote so much less down than the others that I imagine you must have just the mind and memory for expert bridge."  She reluctantly agreed to show him the note, which said..."never pass.")

Saturday's noon hour speaker (in the Colwood room) is Kirk Homis and the topic will probably be posted today.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Special Schedule notice: It's not on the official schedule for the tournament, but the District Final in two of the four flights of the Grand National Teams will be held on Saturday and Sunday here at the tournament site.  The Flight C (non-Life Master) and Flight A (0-6000 MP) events were held March 16-17 in Everett, and the winners were:

Flight A winners: Alex Hong, West Vancouver BC; Sidney Yang, Richmond BC; Lu Gan - Kai Zhou, Burnaby BC.

Flight C winners: Jennifer Hong, Burnaby BC; Henry Yao, Vancouver BC; Lisa Li, Surrey BC; Flora Yan, Langley BC.

(Your Daily Bulletin editor was directing a game in Vancouver when he remembered that the GNT A and C finals had taken place the previous weekend, so he looked up the results to find that two Vancouver teams had won and would be flying to Las Vegas to represent District 19 in the National Final of the GNT.  He announced the good news to the room, adding that "this proves the old adage that two Hongs make a flight"!)

The other two flights, the B Flight (0-2500) and the unlimited Championship Flight, will be contested this weekend as part of the Regional.  To play your team must have earned a club qualification at club games held during the qualifying period from September thru February (and in some cases into March), or pay a fee for all unqualified players.  Both events will be full two-day events with the actual format depending on the turnout.  In the championship flight especially, there are regulations about pre-disclosure of unusual methods and it is recommended that you sign up early (by 12:30) so that everything required can be taken care of before the game.

More detailed information is here and on the GNT flyer (pdf) here.

Thursday Open Pairs

Evening 71% wins it for Jacob and McOrmond

Top on a board was 21, average for two sessions 567.  Winning Scores: 722.29 (A), 645.31 (B), 574.21 (C).  To make the overalls you needed: 609.38 (A), 561.48 (B), 539.79 (C).

From sixth at halftime, it only took a huge final session of 71% for Gordon McOrmond - Dan Jacob to win the event by almost two full boards.  B winners Kelly Meenagh and Don Bell had a useful lead at halftime and cruised to a wire-to-wire win.  The under-500 winners, Mark Beduz and Marla Nickerson, were only three matchpoints off the C pace at the break; and they both held on and finished third in the B strat!

MPts Score A B C  Thursday Open Pairs (22, 22 tables)
ACBL Live Link
30.19 63.69% 1  Gordon McOrmond - Dan Jacob, Vancouver BC
22.64 60.37% 2  Leo Glaser, Lake Country BC; Nicholas Stock, North Vancouver BC
16.98 60.19% 3  Axie Millar - Duncan Smith, Victoria BC
12.74 59.13% 4  Doran Flock, Calgary AB; James Galand, Victoria BC
10.06 57.16% 5  John Demeulemeester, Burnaby BC; Andrew Lee, Richmond BC
10.29 56.91% 6 1  Kelly Meenagh, Kelowna BC; Don Bell, Vernon BC
7.55 55.48% 7  Les Fouks, Vancouver BC; June Keith, New Westminster BC
6.71 55.15% 8  Donald Sache, West Vancouver BC; Derek Ward, Hornby Island BC
6.04 54.02% 9  Roger McNay, Beaverton OR; Nancy Jonske, Portland OR
7.72 54.00% 10 2  Teri Smoot, Placerville CA; Ginny Curtis, Citrus Heights CA
5.03 53.74% 11  Sandra Fraser - Doug Fraser, Victoria BC
5.79 50.64% 3 1  Mark Beduz, Calgary AB; Marla Nickerson, Victoria BC
4.34 50.52% 4  Tim Kennelly - Pete Marinus, Courtenay BC
3.43 50.46% 5  Sheldon Spier, Chemainus BC; Michael Ainsley, Victoria BC
2.94 49.51% 6  Jack Bradshaw, Courtenay BC; Arlene Petersen, Comox BC
3.09 49.36% 2  Lia Vanrenen, Lake Cowichan BC; Pat Scanlan, Shawnigan Lake BC
2.32 48.23% 3  Doug Carritt - Nancy Carritt, Red Deer AB
2.19 47.60% 4  Allan Becker - Michael Petrescu, Prince George BC

Thursday Gold Rush 0-750 Pairs

Double strat win for Punnett and MacDonald!

Top on a board was 23, average for two sessions 552.  Winning Scores: 678½ (7, 3), 526½ (1).  To make the overalls you needed: 600½ (7), 586½ (3), 509½ (1).  I had a hard time explaining that the strats in this event were called 7 3 and 1 instead of A B and C.  This simple fact will help avoid you being confused by what comes out of ACBL Live.

The event winners, Jon Punnett and Donald (Bob) MacDonald, also won the second strat, led both at halftime, and no other pairs were within a board of them by the end.  The under-100 winners, Gillian Mouat and Jo Albinati, also led their strat at the break, and won by nearly a full board.

MPts Score 7 3 1  Thursday Gold Rush 0-750 Pairs (33, 33 tables)
ACBL Live Link
9.88 61.46% 1 1  Jon Punnett - Donald (Bob) MacDonald, Victoria BC
6.49 59.37% 2/3  Gary Corbett, Bellevue WA; Tony Marshall, Seattle WA
6.49 59.37% 2/3  Elsie Mackinnon, Delta BC; Ivy Pye, Victoria BC
4.17 58.74% 4  Victor Zubacs, East York ON; Linda Herman, Toronto ON
3.29 57.70% 5  David Squance - Kyle Graham, Victoria BC
3.84 56.97% 6 2  Judy Beinder - Gail Argatoff, Saanichton BC
2.88 56.75% 7 3  Bill Walter - Christine Walter, Vancouver BC
2.20 56.48% 8  Leon Heller, Marina CA; Kelly O'Keefe, Salinas CA
2.25 56.20% 9  Rebecca Brown - Susanne Sherburne, Bellingham WA
1.80 55.43% 10  Jim Alexander - Alan Kotila, Victoria BC
2.25 55.39% 11  Kathy Turnbull, Edmonton AB; Leeann Lagace, St Albert AB
2.63 55.12% 12/1 4  Janet Meister - Karen Trenner, Bellevue WA
2.25 55.12% 12/1  Bette Flannigan - Marilyn Fleming, Lethbridge AB
1.32 54.76% 14  Sandy Freeling, Edmonds WA; Sandy Thor, Seattle WA
1.71 54.48% 15 5  Leland Kirk - Deborah Stewart, Pincher Creek AB
1.16 54.44% 16  James Harris, Vancouver BC; Dave Lake, Tiny ON
1.11 54.39% 17  Gail Cleveland - C Ann Brydon, Victoria BC
1.66 54.03% 6  Janet Worobets - Bill Worobets, Victoria BC
1.38 53.94% 7  Carolyn Wyman, Beaux Arts WA; Jane McClure, Carnation WA
1.14 53.12% 8  Gina Curran - Mark Raymond, Victoria BC
2.28 47.69% 1  Gillian Mouat - Jo Albinati, Victoria BC
1.71 46.15% 2  Barbara Tyabji - Alan Tyabji, Oliver BC

Wednesday-Thursday Crocus Bracketed Knockout Teams

Winners: Campbell, Maes, Albrecht, Mori

MPts Bracket Rank  Wednesday-Thursday Crocus Bracketed Knockout Teams (58 teams, 4 brackets)
ACBL Live Links:
Bracket  I  II  III  IV
43.59 I 1  Gordon Campbell - Judith Gartaganis - Nicholas Gartaganis, Calgary AB; Ian Findlay, Banff AB
30.51 I 2  Joan Cremin - Haig Tchamitch, Paradise Valley AZ; Huub Bertens - Curtis Cheek, Las Vegas NV; Jacob Morgan, Madison WI
17.44 I 3/4  Ken Scholes - Sandra Scholes, Bellevue WA; Gerry McCully - Rhonda Foster, Victoria BC
17.44 I 3/4  Jean Barry, Livermore CA; Ed Ulman, Portland OR; Hendrik Sharples, Brush Prairie WA; Gerry Marshall, Calgary AB
20.38 II 1  Marc Maes - Chris Wuerscher - Gamil Tadros - Helen Dillen, Calgary AB
14.27 II 2  Tony Farr - Danielle Goulet - David Reid - Gail Richardson, Victoria BC
8.15 II 3/4  John Emmerson, Federal Way WA; Melinda Westgate, Mercer Island WA; Arthur Resnick - Rosemay Vazeux, Seattle WA
8.15 II 3/4  Rita Cannon, Ladysmith BC; Beth Cookson, Nanaimo BC; Bonnie Christopherson - Sandi Link, Nanoose Bay BC
16.72 III 1  Gerene Albrecht - Mary Abelseth - Ruth Sidebottom - Siu Wai Fan, Red Deer AB
11.70 III 2  Douglas Johnson, Gig Harbor WA; Paul Bartron, Tacoma WA; Caroline Solonenko, Brackendale BC; Valerie McClintock, Bedford NS
6.69 III 3/4  Edward Carlson, Coeur D Alene ID; Scott Montroy - Lou Arevalo, Spokane WA; Martha Schwake, Hayden ID
6.69 III 3/4  John Wolf - David Partridge, Eugene OR; Lawrence Swanson, Monroe WA; Randy Naef, McMinnville OR
12.74 IV 1  Janet Mori - Patricia Desbrisay, Penticton BC; Patricia Hartley, West Vancouver BC; Deborah Davy, Gibsons BC
8.92 IV 2  Darlene Carolsfeld - Marcia Taylor - Maureen Steele, Nanaimo BC; Shirley Charters, Duncan BC
5.10 IV 3/4  Darlene Allen, Squamish BC; Denise Holst, Courtenay BC; Giff Kassebaum - James Kassebaum, Sonoita AZ
5.10 IV 3/4  Joan Borberg - Ginny Gainer, Portland OR; Michele Bonneau - A. Marie Callbeck, Prince Albert SK

Knockouts Continuing Friday:

Thursday-Friday Rose Knockout Teams, Bracket One

Bracket One has eleven teams and a masterpoint average of 6565 per player.  ACBL Live link to brackets
Opening Round
Thursday Afternoon
3.78 red
Thursday Evening
15.12 gold
Friday Afternoon
26.47 gold
Friday Evening
37.81 gold

3-way: Angus vs
Lewis vs Billett

3-way: Clough vs
Cox vs Miller

3-way: Stewart vs
Jones vs Coquillette

Barton vs McAvoy

3-way: Billett vs
Stewart vs Clough

McAvoy vs Cox

Jones vs Lewis

Lewis vs Clough

Billett vs McAvoy

? vs ?

Hideous Hog (In Training)'s Prediction:

Lewis over McAvoy in the final

Bracket One Semifinalist Team Rosters:

Linda Lewis - Paul Lewis, Las Vegas NV; Douglas Doub, West Hartford CT; Mark Itabashi, Murrieta CA


Rebecca Clough - Roger Clough, Culver City CA; Trudy Hurdle - John Hurdle, Richmond BC


Karen Billett - Karen Turner, Victoria BC; Julie Smith, Vancouver BC; Judy Harris, Salmon Arm BC


Constance McAvoy - Mike Dorn Wiss, Victoria BC; Alan Chapelle, Nanaimo BC; Daniel Lyder, Vancouver BC

Thursday-Friday Rose Knockout Teams, Bracket Two

Bracket Two has fifteen teams and a masterpoint average of 1600 per player.  ACBL Live link to brackets  
There will be three teams in the final of bracket two after a team's masterpoint total was mistyped, resulting in them starting in bracket one. 11.02 gold is the third place award, second in the three-way final will be worth 15.43 gold, I think. Losers in the three head-to-head semifinals (tri-finals?) will receive a fourth-fifth-sixth award, probably slightly less than the 3/4 award of 8.82 gold.
Opening Round
Thursday Afternoon
2.20 red
Thursday Evening
not quite 8.82 gold
Friday Afternoon
11.02 gold
Friday Evening
22.04 gold

3-way: Busby vs
Drever vs Norden

3-way: Satanove vs
Colliver vs Craig

3-way: Reitsma vs
Carlson vs Cookson

Preston vs Lee

Altschuler vs Hayne

Romeo vs Hudesman

3-way: Altschuler vs
Norden vs Reitsma

3-way: Lee vs
Satanove vs Cookson

3-way: Colliver vs
Busby vs Hudesman

Busby vs Cookson

Satanove vs Reitsma

Colliver vs Altschuler

3-way: ? vs ? vs ?

Hideous Hog (In Training)'s Prediction:

Colliver first, Busby second in the 3-way final

Bracket Two Semifinalist Team Rosters:

Bruce Busby - Brian Busby, Campbell River BC; Ryley Breiddal, Vancouver BC; Thomas Anderson, North Vancouver BC


Chris Cookson, Nanaimo BC; Barbara Schultz, Shawnigan Lake BC; Dianna Rickson, Comox BC; Beverley Hall, North Vancouver BC


Tom Satanove, Surrey BC; Harry Satanove, Vancouver BC; Shael Smith, Richmond BC; Kathy Bye, Burnaby BC/p>


Paul Reitsma - Roger Taylor, Parksville BC; Slava Simice, Comox BC; John Crutcher, Olympia WA


Caroline Colliver - Carol Porter, Calgary AB; Alison Campbell, Victoria BC; Roger Staneslow, Airdrie AB


Dean Altschuler, Bellingham WA; Joel Fuhrman, Kirkland WA; Isabel Chernoff, Surrey BC; Insa Fricker, White Rock BC

Thursday-Friday Rose Knockout Teams, Bracket Three

Bracket Three has twelve teams and a masterpoint average of 908 per player.  ACBL Live link to brackets
Opening Round
Thursday Afternoon
1.48 red
Thursday Eveddssssssning
5.91 gold
Friday Afternoodn
10.34 gold
Friday Evening
14.77 gold

3-way: Creech vs
Deutsch vs Pontius

3-way: Dada vs
Hopp vs Berry

3-way: Eisner vs
Robinson vs Sumi

3-way: Pizzey vs
Smith vs Snyder

Eisner vs Deutsch

Creech vs Snyder

Berry vs Robinson

Smith vs Dada

Creech vs Dada

Deutch vs Robinson

? vs ?

Hideous Hog (In Training)'s Prediction:

Dada over Deutsch in the final

Bracket Three Semifinalist Team Rosters:

Leeanne Creech, Snoqualmie WA; Marilyn Helbig, Bellevue WA; Dana Lawrence, Kirkland WA; Elizabeth Grossman, Bothell WA


Naushad Dada - Paulette McWilliam - Mary Anne Crookes - Tricia Flanagan, Calgary AB


Eileen Deutsch, Port Townsend WA; Tim Berta, Sequim WA; Gordon Chin, Bainbridge Isle WA; Thomas Reis, Port Angeles WA


Sandy Jean Robinson - Caenie Pyrcz - Dorothy Mersereau - Vivian Winestock, Calgary AB

Thursday-Friday Rose Knockout Teams, Bracket Four

Bracket Four has eleven teams and a masterpoint average of 630 per player.  ACBL Live link to brackets
Opening Round
Thursday Afternoon
1.18 red
Thursday Evening
3.16 gold, 1.58 red
Friday Afternoon
5.53 gold, 2.76 red
Friday Evening
7.89 gold, 3.95 red

3-way: Deisman vs
Weber vs Glassford

Amspacher vs Wallace

Pepper vs Driver

Krepps vs Fenton

Pask vs Woolgar

3-way: Weber vs
Krepps vs Woolgar

3-way: Wallace vs
Pepper vs Deisman

Deisman vs Woolgar

Weber vs Wallace

? vs ?

Hideous Hog (In Training)'s Prediction:

Wallace over Woolgar in the final

Bracket Four Semifinalist Team Rosters:

Wanda Deisman - Mary Dewar - Susan Moran - Mike Walker, Nanaimo BC


Janet Woolgar - Jacqueline Fennellow, Parksville BC; Lorna Veitch, Qualicum Beach BC; Dawn Campbell, Nanoose Bay BC


Jean-Philipp Weber - Holly Boudreau - Margaret Skinner - Esther Wiebe, Victoria BC


Don Wallace - Wayne Stann - Leah Koffski, Kelowna BC; Sharon Horvath, Agassiz BC

Thursday-Friday Rose Knockout Teams, Bracket Five

Bracket Five has 13 teams and a masterpoint average of 324 per player.  ACBL Live link to brackets
Opening Round
Thursday Afternoon
1.03 red
Thursday Evening
2.07 gold, 2.06 red
Friday Afternoon
3.62 gold, 3.61 red
Friday Evening
5.17 gold, 5.16 red

3-way: Irving vs
McDonald vs Miller

3-way: Drysdale vs
Trappe vs Dequier

3-way: Ali vs
Schuckel vs Wiwchar

Degroat vs Barklow

Bishop vs Jones

Schuckel vs McDonald

Trappe vs Irving

Jones vs Drysdale

Ali vs Degroat

Irving vs Drysdale

McDonald vs Ali

? vs ?

Hideous Hog (In Training)'s Prediction:

Drysdale over Ali in the final

Bracket Five Semifinalist Team Rosters:

Ian Irving, North Saanich BC; Enaid Savage, Guanajuato Mexico; Mary Ellen Fisher - Susan M Breiddal, Victoria BC


Devra Drysdale - Judy Madge - Claire Strachan - Jan Brawn, Calgary AB


Sharon McDonald - Phyllis Minielly - Aileen Handyside - Martha Mikalsky, Saskatoon SK


Shameine Ali - Glenda Affleck, Vancouver BC; Ralph Haberfeld, Jackson WY; Brian Castle, San Diego CA

Wednesday-Thursday Morning Swiss Teams

Winners: Mikyska (A), Wolf (B), Blackie (C)

MPts VPs A B C  Wednesday-Thursday Morning Swiss Teams (11 teams)
ACBL Live Link
7.35 110 1  Michael Mikyska, Los Angeles CA; Sara Rothmuller, Occidental CA; Kate Hill - Jennifer Jones - Bob Klein, Santa Rosa CA; Mitch Dunitz, Sherman Oaks CA
5.51 87 2  Jennifer Beall - Ron Beall, Bellingham WA; Suzanne Boruta - Michael Boruta, Anacortes WA
4.32 78 3 1  John Wolf - David Partridge, Eugene OR; Lawrence Swanson, Monroe WA; Randy Naef, McMinnville OR
2.84 65 4/5 2/3  Martha Schwake, Hayden ID; Lou Arevalo - Scott Montroy, Spokane WA; Edward Carlson, Coeur D Alene ID
3.12 65 4/5 2/3 1  Margaret Blackie - Murray Blackie, London ON; Enaid Savage, Guanajuato Mexico; Ian Irving, North Saanich BC
2.34 62 4 2  Susanne Sherburne - Rebecca Brown - Jon Ransom - Ron Delbecq, Bellingham WA
1.76 50 3  Sharon McDonald - Phyllis Minielly - Aileen Handyside - Martha Mikalsky, Saskatoon SK

Thursday Evening Swiss Teams

Winners: Scholes (A), Lipe (B, C)

MPts VPs A B C  Thursday Evening Swiss Teams (27 teams)
ACBL Live Link
6.91 60 1  Ken Scholes - Sandra Scholes, Bellevue WA; Rhonda Foster - Gerry McCully, Victoria BC
5.18 58 2  Lee Barton - Lucille Barton, Edmonton AB; Cindy Cossey - Glenn Cossey, Innisfail AB
4.85 54 3 1 1  Ralph Lipe - Lynda Lipe, Bellevue WA; Dennis Glassford, Chilliwack BC; Brian Sims, Cultus Lake BC
2.81 52 4/6 2/4  John Emmerson, Federal Way WA; Melinda Westgate, Mercer Island WA; Art Resnick - Rosemay Vazeux, Seattle WA
2.81 52 4/6 2/4  Stephanie Williams, Delta BC; Cindy Oishi, West Vancouver BC; Marlene Sumi, Burnaby BC; Debbie Martignago, Coquitlam BC
2.81 52 4/6 2/4  Jon Preston - Bob Cheeseman - Jon Gage - Debbie Wastle, Victoria BC
1.23 49 7  Monica Angus - Alex Hong, West Vancouver BC; Jack Lee - Sidney Yang, Richmond BC; William Ge, Burnaby BC
1.75 48 5 2  Mary Driver - Jenny McDonell - Miriam Ryan - Jane Nielsen, Vernon BC
1.01 44 6/7  Marilyn Drever - Don Drever, Fort Qu'Appelle SK; Delia Michaud - Anne Primeau, Calgary AB
1.01 44 6/7  David Ward - Claire Ward, Victoria BC; Sally Craig, Port Moody BC; Marie-France Benoit, Gatineau QC
1.31 36 3  Darlene Allen, Squamish BC; Denise Holst, Courtenay BC; Giff Kassebaum - Jim Kassebaum, Sonoita AZ
0.98 34 4  Bill Brand - Betty Fenton - Larry Fenton, Calgary AB; Lorna Smith, Victoria BC

Thursday Morning Side Game

Game 3 of 5 in the Morning Side Game Series

Scroll down a bit for series leaders...

MPts Score A B C  Thursday Morning Side Game (16 tables)
ACBL Live Link
4.93 66.10% 1 1  Marv Norden, Peachland BC; Paul Reitsma, Parksville BC
3.70 62.31% 2 2  Evelyn Goedhart, Saanichton BC; Shelley Burnham, Brentwood Bay BC
3.06 61.17% 3 3 1  Linda Ellis, Victoria BC; Les Ellis, Vancouver BC
2.08 58.90% 4  Paula Sisko - Jack Sisko, Calgary AB
2.12 58.33% 5 4  Caroline Solonenko, Brackendale BC; Anne Smith, Burnaby BC
1.56 56.25% 6 5  Ruth Davies - Andrea Miller, Victoria BC
2.30 55.87% 6 2  Margaret Walthall - Vicki Sensiba, Sequim WA
1.72 53.41% 3  Jennifer Edwards - Dianne Clark, Kelowna BC
1.29 53.03% 4  Ben Levine - Nicholas Buck, Prince George BC
0.97 50.57% 5  Russell Page - Ian Kimmerly, Victoria BC
0.73 50.38% 6  Alan Schyf - Sue Schyf, Victoria BC

Thursday Afternoon Side Game

Game 3 of 5 in the Afternoon Side Game Series

Scroll down a bit for series leaders...

MPts Score A B C  Thursday Afternoon Side Game (20 tables)
ACBL Live Link
5.69 62.20% 1 1 1  John Wood, Blaine WA; David McGraham, Vancouver WA
4.27 61.11% 2 2  Mary Miller, Redmond WA; Maureen Schroder, Kirkland WA
3.50 60.89% 3 3 2  David Ow - Glenn Chee, Salinas CA
2.40 59.69% 4 4  Beth McGregor, Fort Collins CO; Jean Norgaard, Cheyenne WY
2.45 59.15% 5 5 3  Paul D'Orban - Jocelyn Dorban, Victoria BC
1.35 58.82% 6 6 4  Terry Foster - Bud Lamb, Victoria BC
1.75 57.52% 7  Ruth Davies - Andrea Miller, Victoria BC
0.92 56.21% 5  Sandra Naber - Marion Morson, Victoria BC

Thursday Evening Side Game

Game 4 of 6 in the Evening Side Game Series

Scroll down a bit for series leaders...

MPts Score A B C  Thursday Evening Side Game (14 tables)
ACBL Live Link
4.55 63.78% 1  Alden Edwards - Bud Craig, Kelowna BC
4.36 61.22% 2 1 1  Mike Amspacher, Vancouver WA; Heather Dolan, Beaverton OR
2.80 58.65% 3  Jean Barry, Livermore CA; Hendrik Sharples, Brush Prairie WA
3.27 58.49% 4 2 2  Paul Tinney - Lorna Tinney, Parksville BC
2.45 57.37% 5 3 3  Wendy Egeland, Coaldale AB; Chris Burton, Lethbridge AB
1.40 55.77% 6  Jerry McVay - Valerie McVay, Lacey WA
1.84 55.61% 4 4  Terry Foster - Brenda Jackson, Victoria BC
1.38 55.13% 5 5  David McGraham, Vancouver WA; John Wood, Blaine WA
1.05 54.97% 6  Beth McGregor, Fort Collins CO; Jean Norgaard, Cheyenne WY

Side Game Series Leaders

Two Games Left in each Side Game Series

Here is how Side Games work at this tournament:

Sum Of Best Two Rank  Morning Side Game Series Leaders (112 players so far)
128.98% 1  Marv Norden, Peachland BC
121.40% 2/3  Jack Sisko - Paula Sisko, Calgary AB
119.70% 4/5  Shelley Burnham, Brentwood Bay BC; Evelyn Goedhart, Saanichton BC
118.83% 6/7  Delma Murray - Debbie Wastle, Victoria BC
118.32% 8  Paul Reitsma, Parksville BC
116.92% 9/10  Nicholas Buck - Ben Levine, Prince George BC
115.87% 11/12  Vicki Sensiba - Margaret Walthall, Sequim WA
Sum Of Best Two Rank  Afternoon Side Game Series Leaders (189 players so far)
122.44% 1/2  Glenn Chee - David Ow, Salinas CA
118.67% 3  Andrea Miller, Victoria BC
115.03% 4/5  Jack Sisko - Paula Sisko, Calgary AB
113.64% 6/7  Sharon Gecse, Osoyoos BC; Liz Jacobson, Laredo TX
112.20% 8/9  Charles Gravenkemper, Seattle WA; Lynda Hirst, Vancouver WA
111.99% 10/11  Sheila Kaye - Bob Sommerhalder, Victoria BC
110.75% 12  Jerry McVay, Lacey WA
110.62% 13/14  Jocelyn Dorban - Paul D'Orban, Victoria BC
110.59% 15/16  Bud Lamb - Terry Foster, Victoria BC
110.22% 17  Ewa Zwicky, Victoria BC
108.65% 18/19  Dianne Clark - Jennifer Edwards, Kelowna BC
108.38% 20/21  Michael Boruta - Suzanne Boruta, Anacortes WA
Sum Of Best Two Rank  Evening Side Game Series Leaders (294 players so far)
128.02% 1/2  Russell Page - Donald Berry, Victoria BC
122.42% 3/4  Bud Craig - Alden Edwards, Kelowna BC
119.51% 5  Jean Barry, Livermore CA
118.15% 6/7  Valerie McVay - Jerry McVay, Lacey WA
117.83% 8/9  David Gabel - L Ralph Buckley, Vancouver BC
116.63% 10/11  John Wood, Blaine WA; David McGraham, Vancouver WA
115.45% 12  Chris Cookson, Nanaimo BC
111.70% 13  Chris Burton, Lethbridge AB
111.61% 14/15  Mike Amspacher, Vancouver WA; Heather Dolan, Beaverton OR
111.53% 16  Louise Elliott, Nanaimo BC
110.42% 17  David Reid, Victoria BC
110.24% 18/19  Teri Smoot, Placerville CA; Ginny Curtis, Citrus Heights CA
110.16% 20  Margaret Gibson, Port Moody BC
107.85% 21/22  Sharon Gecse, Osoyoos BC; Liz Jacobson, Laredo TX
107.53% 23/24  Dorothy Whittome, Duncan BC; Heather McIntosh, Cowichan Bay BC
107.25% 25/26  Marcia Taylor; Darlene Carolsfeld, Nanaimo BC
106.09% 27  Gail Richardson, Victoria BC
106.07% 28  Maxine Thomas, Victoria BC
105.91% 29/30  Gene Fomin, Glacier WA; Sandra Robson, New Westminster BC
105.75% 31  Mitra Shojania, Victoria BC
104.72% 32  Beverley Hall, North Vancouver BC
104.37% 33/34  Judy Madge - Claire Strachan, Calgary AB

Thursday Morning 199er Pairs

Three-strat win for Geber and Jobbins!

MPts Score D E F  Thursday Morning 199er Pairs (8½ tables)
ACBL Live Link
2.36 61.78% 1 1 1  Joan Geber - Susan Jobbins, Victoria BC
1.77 60.42% 2 2  Ruth McDougall - Lois Hunt, Victoria BC
1.33 59.06% 3 3 2  Jeannette Zagwyn - Gordon Cairns, Powell River BC
1.00 57.96% 4 4 3  Lois Powell - Norma Smith, Nanaimo BC
0.75 53.95% 5  Karen Tomkins, Burnaby BC; Ian Gilhooley, Vancouver BC
0.66 52.74% 5 4  Heather Climenhaga, Edmonton AB; Edmund Patterson, Victoria BC

Thursday Afternoon 199er Pairs

Another win for Gilhooley and Tomkins!

MPts Score D E F  Thursday Afternoon 199er Pairs (11 tables)
ACBL Live Link
2.60 69.35% 1  Ian Gilhooley, Vancouver BC; Karen Tomkins, Burnaby BC
2.22 63.39% 2 1  Lorne Bulmer - Nancy Fauteux, Victoria BC
1.67 59.82% 3 2 1  Leslie Petersen - Hank Phibbs, Wilson WY
1.25 59.52% 4 3 2  Joan Geber - Susan Jobbins, Victoria BC
0.91 56.25% 5  Aimee Botje, Victoria BC; Muriel Flood, Saint John NB
1.05 55.06% 6 4  Bobbi Moon, Surrey BC; Lois Louden, Delta BC
0.92 52.68% 5 3  Rita Sturgeon - Debeliah Anthony, Pacific Grove CA
0.69 51.79% 4  Barbara Walter - Murray Walter, Swift Current SK

Thursday Evening 199er Pairs

Barklow and Notman "Howell" their way to victory!

MPts Score A B C  Thursday Evening 199er Pairs (4 tables)
ACBL Live Link
1.74 61.81% 1 1  Ginny Barklow - Anne Notman, Sequim WA
1.31 59.03% 2 2  Mary Frances Bishop - Bud Bishop, Delta BC
0.98 54.17% 3 3  John Collins - Marie Collins, Calgary AB

Thurs Afternoon Newcomer 0-20 Pairs

Under 5 Victoria pair wins second Newcomers game!

MPts Score D E F  Thurs Afternoon Newcomer 0-20 Pairs (7 tables)
ACBL Live Link
1.59 63.43% 1 1 1  Lucile Mears - Jonathan Mears, Victoria BC
1.19 58.47% 2  Jennifer Melville - Brenda Sinclair, Victoria BC
1.02 58.40% 3 2 2  Pauline Bright - Bryan Bright, Victoria BC
0.77 57.74% 4 3  Ida Fogle, Columbia SC; Linda Johnson, Pacific Grove CA
0.50 54.59% 5  Mary-Jo Morin - Margarita Kishkan, Victoria BC
0.70 52.32% 4 3  Heather Climenhaga, Edmonton AB; Timothy Willison, Renton WA

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