The 2019 Victoria Regional: Monday, April 8

Opening Day!

Attendance So Far:

100 tables, down from 105½ at this point in 2017, a 5.2% decrease.  Not a big difference from 2017, and still lots of time to catch up!

Masterpoint leaders after Monday evening: pairs games only, no points in yet for the knockouts, since the first KO is not yet over.

Overall Leaders thru Monday

1Dan Jacob, Vancouver BC18.96
1Gordon McOrmond, Vancouver BC18.96
3Bob Klein, Santa Rosa CA14.22
3Sara Rothmuller, Occidental CA14.22
5Dave Westfall, Spokane WA10.67
5Kelly Meenagh, Kelowna BC10.67
7David Gabel, Vancouver BC8.72
7L Ralph Buckley, Vancouver BC8.72
9Michael Mikyska, Los Angeles CA8.00
9Mitch Dunitz, Sherman Oaks CA8.00
11Donald Berry, Victoria BC6.54
11Russell Page, Victoria BC6.54
13Koba Ter Neuzen, Victoria BC5.82
13Leo Glaser, Lake Country BC5.82
15Beth Coones, Spokane WA4.91
15Jack Smith, Spokane WA4.91
17Daniel Lyder, Vancouver BC4.50
17Ernie Tradewell, Victoria BC4.50
19Beverley Hall, North Vancouver BC4.27
19Margaret Gibson, Port Moody BC4.27
21David Taylor, Seattle WA4.16
21Ray Miller, Seattle WA4.16
23Eileen Deutsch, Port Townsend WA3.44
23Gordon Chin, Bainbridge Isle WA3.44
25Gene Fomin, Glacier WA2.91
25Sandra Robson, New Westminster BC2.91
27Gary Kaiway, West Vancouver BC2.58
27Patricia Long, Saskatoon SK2.58
29Bill Worobets, Victoria BC2.23
29Janet Worobets, Victoria BC2.23
31Ed Ulman, Portland OR2.21
31Jean Barry, Livermore CA2.21
33Marjorie Mandery, Mount Vernon WA1.94
33Roger Mandery, Mount Vernon WA1.94
35Howard Epley, Kent WA1.91
35Karen Epley, Kent WA1.91
37Barbara Walter, Swift Current SK1.87
37Murray Walter, Swift Current SK1.87
39Judy Harris, Salmon Arm BC1.69
39Peter Herold, Namaimo BC1.69
41Beth Cookson, Nanaimo BC1.55
41Chris Cookson, Nanaimo BC1.55
41Claire Strachan, Calgary AB1.55
41Judy Madge, Calgary AB1.55
45Jerry McVay, Lacey WA1.52
45John Cox, Saint Maries ID1.52
45Richard D'Litzenberger, Leavenworth WA1.52
45Valerie McVay, Lacey WA1.52
49Caleb Meyer, Victoria BC1.46
49Robert Bradford, Victoria BC1.46

Have a look at the masterpoints page to see totals for everyone, including red-gold breakdowns, updated each night by about midnight.

Non-Life Master Leaders thru Monday

1Jack Smith, Spokane WA4.91
2Gordon Chin, Bainbridge Isle WA3.44
3Gary Kaiway, West Vancouver BC2.58
4Bill Worobets, Victoria BC2.23
4Janet Worobets, Victoria BC2.23
6Barbara Walter, Swift Current SK1.87
6Murray Walter, Swift Current SK1.87
8Caleb Meyer, Victoria BC1.46
9Bud Bishop, Delta BC1.40
9Mary Frances Bishop, Delta BC1.40
11Howard Cohen, Courtenay BC1.11
12Brenda Robinson, Viking AB1.07
12W Blair Robinson, Viking AB1.07
14Ian Gilhooley, Vancouver BC0.94
14Karen Tomkins, Burnaby BC0.94
16Gordon Cairns, Powell River BC0.80
16Jeannette Zagwyn, Powell River BC0.80
18Gayle Anderson, Nanaimo BC0.66
18June Rasmussen, Nanaimo BC0.66
20Denis Johnston, Victoria BC0.57
21Enaid Savage, Guanajuato GT0.56
21Ian Irving, North Saanich BC0.56
23Janice Gleason, Monterey CA0.51
23Leon Heller, Marina CA0.51
25Pirjo Holt, Kelowna BC0.50
25Wendy Webb, Kelowna BC0.50
27Deborah Cool, Blaine WA0.49
28Myrna Green, Nanaimo BC0.33
29BB Bernamoff, Victoria BC0.32
29David Squance, Victoria BC0.32

Have a look at the masterpoints page to see totals for everyone, including red-gold breakdowns, updated each night by about midnight.

Tuesday's noon hour speaker (in the Colwood room) is Debbie Wastle and the topic is: "Who are You Calling a Dummy?" — Dummy's rights and responsibilities.

Wednesday's noon hour speaker is Ewa Zwicky and the topic tomorrow will be: "Play With Finesse" — How and When to Finesse.

A busy day for your Daily Bulletin editor began with a country club championship game in Vancouver, a ferry ride over, an attempt to check in at the wrong hotel (my reading comprehension seems to be fading as I get older!), and finally a directing session meeting people from all over District 19 and beyond in the opening session of the Regional!  Tomorrow I should have more time to check out the various displays and report on them for you, as well as giving you more basic information on the tournament site.  For now I can answer some of the more common questions:

Special Schedule notice: It's not on the official schedule for the tournament, but the District Final in two of the four flights of the Grand National Teams will be held on Saturday and Sunday here at the tournament site.  The Flight C (non-Life Master) and Flight A (0-6000 MP) events were held March 16-17 in Everett, and the winners were:

Flight A winners: Alex Hong, West Vancouver BC; Sidney Yang, Richmond BC; Lu Gan - Kai Zhou, Burnaby BC.

Flight C winners: Jennifer Hong, Burnaby BC; Henry Yao, Vancouver BC; Lisa Li, Surrey BC; Flora Yan, Langley BC.

(Your Daily Bulletin editor was directing a game in Vancouver when he remembered that the GNT A and C finals had taken place the previous weekend, so he looked up the results to find that two Vancouver teams had won and would be flying to Las Vegas to represent District 19 in the National Final of the GNT.  He announced the good news to the room, adding that "this proves the old adage that two Hongs make a flight"!)

The other two flights, the B Flight (0-2500) and the unlimited Championship Flight, will be contested this weekend as part of the Regional.  To play your team must have earned a club qualification at club games held during the qualifying period from September thru February (and in some cases into March), or pay a fee for all unqualified players.  Both events will be full two-day events with the actual format depending on the turnout.  In the championship flight especially, there are regulations about pre-disclosure of unusual methods and it is recommended that you sign up early (by 12:30) so that everything required can be taken care of before the game.

More detailed information is here and on the GNT flyer (pdf) here.

Monday Evening Charity Side Pairs

Nearly 70% for winners Jacob and McOrmond!

The first open pairs game of the tournament was a four-section monster which raised some money for the ACBL Charitible Foundation, and served as the first game in the Evening Side Game Series.  If you did well Monday night and play another Evening Side Game somewhere, your points may get converted from red to gold.

MPts Score A B C  Monday Evening Charity Side Pairs (55 tables)
ACBL Live Link
18.96 69.80% 1  Dan Jacob - Gordon McOrmond, Vancouver BC
14.22 68.41% 2  Bob Klein, Santa Rosa CA; Sara Rothmuller, Occidental CA
10.67 66.84% 3  Dave Westfall, Spokane WA; Kelly Meenagh, Kelowna BC
8.00 64.74% 4  Mitch Dunitz, Sherman Oaks CA; Michael Mikyska, Los Angeles CA
8.72 64.46% 5 1  L Ralph Buckley - David Gabel, Vancouver BC
4.50 63.92% 6  Ernie Tradewell, Victoria BC; Daniel Lyder, Vancouver BC
5.82 63.68% 7  Koba Ter Neuzen, Victoria BC; Leo Glaser, Lake Country BC
4.16 63.03% 8  Ray Miller - David Taylor, Seattle WA
2.91 61.11% 9  Sandra Robson, New Westminster BC; Gene Fomin, Glacier WA
2.21 60.90% 10  Jean Barry, Livermore CA; Ed Ulman, Portland OR
1.91 60.86% 11  Howard Epley - Karen Epley, Kent WA
1.69 60.26% 12  Judy Harris, Salmon Arm BC; Peter Herold, Namaimo BC
6.54 59.90% 13 2  Donald Berry - Russell Page, Victoria BC
1.52 59.86% 14  Jerry McVay - Valerie McVay, Lacey WA
1.39 58.62% 15  Angela Taylor, Nanaimo BC; John Patterson, Chemainus BC
1.28 58.48% 16  Sandra Fraser - Doug Fraser, Victoria BC
4.91 57.91% 17 3 1  Jack Smith - Beth Coones, Spokane WA
4.27 57.44% 18 4  Margaret Gibson, Port Moody BC; Beverley Hall, North Vancouver BC
3.44 57.41% 19 5 2  Eileen Deutsch, Port Townsend WA; Gordon Chin, Bainbridge Isle WA
2.58 56.16% 6 3  Patricia Long, Saskatoon SK; Gary Kaiway, West Vancouver BC
1.55 55.70% 7  Chris Cookson - Beth Cookson, Nanaimo BC
1.46 55.66% 8  Robert Bradford - Caleb Meyer, Victoria BC
1.94 54.63% 4  Roger Mandery - Marjorie Mandery, Mount Vernon WA
1.55 54.52% 5  Claire Strachan - Judy Madge, Calgary AB
1.09 53.81% 6  Eleanor Scott-Kerr - Michael Scott-Kerr, Victoria BC

Monday Evening Charity 199er Pairs

Local winners take the first 199er game of the week

Don't forget the key schedule change this time which puts 199er pairs games in all three sessions every day, even the morning session alongside the open Side Game.  There is also a special 0-20 newcomers game on Tuesday which is free to ACBL members, and another such game on Thursday.

MPts Score A B C  Monday Evening Charity 199er Pairs (8 tables)
ACBL Live Link
2.23 61.61% 1  Bill Worobets - Janet Worobets, Victoria BC
1.87 57.74% 2 1 1  Barbara Walter - Murray Walter, Swift Current SK
1.40 56.55% 3 2  Mary Frances Bishop - Bud Bishop, Delta BC
0.94 54.17% 4  Ian Gilhooley, Vancouver BC; Karen Tomkins, Burnaby BC
1.07 53.57% 5 3 2  Brenda Robinson - W Blair Robinson, Viking AB
0.80 51.79% 4 3  Jeannette Zagwyn - Gordon Cairns, Powell River BC

Monday-Tuesday Cherry Blossom Knockout Teams Survivors

Bracket I (9 original teams with an average of 5903 masterpoints per player)

Masterpoints: 1st: 31.92 gold — 2nd: 22.34 gold — 3rd/4th: 12.77 gold — Match Award: 3.19 red — ACBL Live link to brackets

Quarterfinals: (Tuesday at 8:45, semis at 1:00, finals at 7:00)

Lee Barton - Lucille Barton, Edmonton AB; Cindy Cossey - Glenn Cossey, Innisfail AB vs Joan Cremin - Haig Tchamitch, Paradise Valley AZ; Jacob Morgan, Madison WI; Curtis Cheek - Huub Bertens, Las Vegas NV vs Keith Dowdall - Brian Fraser, Victoria BC; Dick Vission, North Saanich BC; Ross Amann, Colts Neck NJ
Rhonda Foster - Gerry McCully, Victoria BC; Gerry Marshall, Calgary AB; Hendrik Sharples, Brush Prairie WA/td> vs Ann Romeo - John Massman III, Seattle WA; Tim White - Renae Gunstone-White, Mercer Island WA vs Judith Gartaganis - Nicholas Gartaganis - Gordon Campbell, Calgary AB; Ian Findlay, Banff AB
Hideous Hog-In-Training's Reluctant Prediction:   Cremin over Gartaganis in the final

Bracket II (12 original teams with an average of 866 masterpoints per player)

Masterpoints: 1st: 14.41 gold — 2nd: 10.09 gold — 3rd/4th: 5.76 gold — Match Award: 1.44 red — ACBL Live link to brackets

Quarterfinals: (Tuesday at 8:45, semis at 1:00, finals at 7:00)

Dorothy Mersereau - Caenie Pyrcz - Vivian Winestock - Sandy Jean Robinson, Calgary AB vs John Wolf - David Partridge, Eugene OR; Randy Naef, McMinnville OR; Lawrence Swanson, Monroe WA
Paulette McWilliam - Mary Anne Crookes - Tricia Flanagan - Naushad Dada, Calgary AB vs Jean-Philipp Weber - Esther Wiebe - Holly Boudreau - Margaret Skinner, Victoria BC
Siu Wai Fan - Gerene Albrecht - Mary Abelseth - Ruth Sidebottom, Red Deer AB vs Lou Arevalo - Scott Montroy, Spokane WA; Martha Schwake, Hayden ID; Edward Carlson, Coeur D Alene ID
Ralph Lipe - Lynda Lipe, Bellevue WA; Brian Sims, Cultus Lake BC; D Glassford, Chilliwack BC vs Thomas Loveday, Sequim WA; D Jean Gilliland, Port Townsend WA; Mike Derrenberger - Louis Bohannan, Port Ludlow WA
Hideous Hog-In-Training's Reluctant Prediction:   Lipe over Wolf in the final

Bracket III (16 original teams with an average of 366 masterpoints per player)

Masterpoints: 1st: 8.11 gold, 4.05 red — 2nd: 5.68 gold, 2.83 red — 3rd/4th: 3.84 gold, 1.92 red — Match Award: 1.44 red — ACBL Live link to brackets

Quarterfinals: (Tuesday at 8:45, semis at 1:00, finals at 7:00)

Sharon McDonald - Phyllis Minielly - Aileen Handyside - Martha Mikalsky, Saskatoon SK vs Susan Burns - Elizabeth Millar - Esi Zion - Elly Bodner, Edmonton AB
Ian Affleck - Glenda Affleck - Shameine Ali, Vancouver BC; Ralph Haberfeld, Jackson WY vs Ron Anderson - Nancy Anderson, Campbell River BC; Karen Trenner - Janet Meister, Bellevue WA
Tim Berta - Sally Lynum-Lee - Diane Church-Smith - Charlotte Elkins, Sequim WA vs Darlene Allen, Squamish BC; Denise Holst, Courtenay BC; Giff Kassebaum - James Kassebaum, Sonoita AZ
Mel Zimmerman - Natalie Williams - Al Romanchuk, Victoria BC; Brenda Wilson, North Saanich BC vs Joan Borberg, Portland OR; Michele Bonneau - A. Marie Callbeck, Prince Albert SK; Ginny Gainer, Port OR
Hideous Hog-In-Training's Reluctant Prediction:   McDonald over Allen in the final

The Hideous Hog (In Training) hates picking winners after only one round, but he owed us one and we forced a pick out of him.  The fact that he threw some small change in the air and inspected it's fall for heads and tails should not dissuade you from putting as much confidence into the "Hognostications" since we all know that that level of confidence is traditionally low...

Click on 'Tuesday' below to see information about Tuesday's events!  Once the play for the day is over, the daily pages will switch from event information to results.