The 2019 Victoria Regional: Sunday, April 14

Many more Regionals coming this year!

Final Attendance:

1970 tables, up from 1969 at this point in 2017, a 0.1% increase.  This includes the Grand National Teams District Finals but we're taking the optimistic view that those people would have come for the weekend anyhow.  Not to mention that I do not seem to be the only one with this scratchy throat and for every one of us toughing it out this week there may be two more who stayed home...

One small change if you played in the Saturday Evening Swiss Teams: the TD there, moonlighting as a Daily Bulletin editor, overpaid in masterpoints slightly.  A revised version is now on the Saturday page.

Overall Leaders thru Sunday

1Gordon Campbell, Calgary AB104.39
1Ian Findlay, Banff AB104.39
3Judith Gartaganis, Calgary AB87.41
3Nicholas Gartaganis, Calgary AB87.41
5Douglas Doub, West Hartford CT85.65
5Linda Lewis, Las Vegas NV85.65
5Mark Itabashi, Murrieta CA85.65
5Paul Lewis, Las Vegas NV85.65
9Curtis Cheek, Las Vegas NV85.30
9Haig Tchamitch, Paradise Valley AZ85.30
9Huub Bertens, Las Vegas NV85.30
9Jacob Morgan, Madison WI85.30
9Joan Cremin, Paradise Valley AZ85.30
14Leo Glaser, Lake Country BC80.71
15Dan Jacob, Vancouver BC78.39
16Nicholas Stock, North Vancouver BC78.04
17Gordon McOrmond, Vancouver BC77.89
18Duncan Smith, Victoria BC76.30
19Michael Ainsley, Victoria BC63.15
19Sheldon Spier, Chemainus BC63.15
21Dave Westfall, Spokane WA58.93
22Brian Busby, Campbell River BC56.94
22Bruce Busby, Campbell River BC56.94
24Gerry McCully, Victoria BC56.67
25Karen Billett, Victoria BC56.52
25Karen Turner, Victoria BC56.52
27Peter Herold, Namaimo BC56.10
28Constance McAvoy, Victoria BC55.07
29Ray Miller, Seattle WA52.42
30Jack Lee, Richmond BC49.87

Non-Life Master Leaders thru Sunday

1Siu Wai Fan, Red Deer AB44.45
2Robert Cheeseman, Victoria BC36.39
3Ben Levine, Prince George BC36.32
4Darlene Carolsfeld, Nanaimo BC26.46
4Marcia Taylor, Nanaimo BC26.46
6Egil Kolsto, Victoria BC26.30
7Douglas Johnson, Gig Harbor WA26.14
8Paul Flanagan, Victoria BC23.41
9Ralph Haberfeld, Jackson WY22.34
10Margaret Skinner, Victoria BC21.54
11A. Marie Callbeck, Prince Albert SK21.50
12Patricia Desbrisay, Penticton BC19.36
13Al Romanchuk, Victoria BC19.21
14Bud Bishop, Delta BC19.15
14Mary Frances Bishop, Delta BC19.15

Thanks to all of those who commented on the online Daily Bulletins, a work in progress which I hope will continue to improve in future DINO Regionals: Here is the list for the rest of 2019:

I have posted a pdf file of DINO financial information from DINO Treasurer David Schmidt here, and we have also received a synopsis of the District Nineteen Board Meeting held on Monday here in Victoria, and the text of the annoucement from DINO Secretary Dudley Brown:

Synopsis of District 19 Victoria Board Meeting, April 8, 2019

The following synopsis is submitted by District 19 Secretary Dudley Brown:

The Treasurer’s reports as summarized below were accepted:

(1) Balance Sheet as of December 31, 2018 showing assets of $263,798, Liabilities of $8,085 and Equity of $255,713.

(2) Profit and Loss Statement January 1 through December 31, 2018 showing Net Income of plus $21,627.

(3) Regional Profit and Loss Statements showing the Burnaby 2018 Regional with $10,086 net income, the Penticton 2018 Regional with $34,852 net income, the Lynnwood 2018 Regional with $11,424 net income, and the Leavenworth 2018 Regional with $15,922 net income.

District 19 National Director Julie Smith told the Board that she had viewed an hour video at the fall NABC that introduced bridge and explained duplicate bridge.  Chris Cookson volunteered to report back when the video becomes available.

Smith reported on actions at the fall NABC Board meeting.  One important action was in the future to not readmit anyone expelled due to collaborative cheating.  It will be decided whether to vacate title to National Events won by later convicted cheater.  The second important item was the forward going panning to reorganize the governing structure of the ACBL.

The Board decided to get a ruling on whether the District was libel for paying the Washington State Gaming Tax and if not to request a refund of previous payments.

If the Leavenworth venue is agreeable, the Leavenworth 2020 Regional will end a week earlier than usual, ending October 24, 2020.

Second place teams in flights B and C of the GNT will now be allowed to go to the National Finals.  The District will provide a subsidy of $1,200 U.S. (or Canadian equivalent for B.C. residents) to each B or C team attending the finals.

The club surcharge of $4.00 per table in club GNT qualifying events is terminated.

Notice of pending elections and filing period for 2020-2022 terms for the Alaska, Vancouver Island, and B.C. at Large positions are posted on the District web site.  The filing period closes 15 July 2019.  Following is the text of the announcement:

New three-year terms are approaching for District Board Members to be elected to represent Alaska units at large (Units 425, 426, and 427), Vancouver Island Units at large (Units 429 and 430), and B.C. Units at large (Units 456, 471, 474) on the District Board for the 2020-2022 term.  Any ACBL member who is a member of an Alaskan Unit, a member of either the Parksville or Victoria Units, or any member of the Quesnel, Okanagan or Kootenay Units may declare themselves a candidate for their respective area.  If more than one candidate for a position files, the District will run an election this late summer-fall.  Kathie Hoehne is the current Alaskan board member, and Chris Cookson is the current Vancouver Island board member.  The position is currently vacant for the B.C. at Large position which covers the Quesnel, Okanagan and Kootenay Units.  At the District Board’s Victoria meeting in April, the B.C. at large position will be filled for the remainder of this year.  It is likely that the incumbents for these three positions will decide by the end of the Victoria meeting whether they are running for reelection.  The deadline for declaring candidacy is 15 July 2019.  Declarations should be made to the undersigned District Elections Chair by either letter or email.  Declarations should be accompanied by a brief platform/resume statement which will be used if an election is necessary.
If an election is necessary unit board members of the respective areas will be the electors.
DUDLEY BROWN, District 19 Elections Chair, 611 West 5th St, Grandview, WA 98930, Email:

Due to the deterioration of the Kirkwood Trophy and the unwillingness of winners to house the trophy, the District Web Master, J.P. Weber, has agreed to produce a virtual display to be shown on a wall or screen at each spring District regional. The winner of the Kirkwood Trophy is the District member who amasses the most masterpoints at the year’s District regionals.

A bracketed Swiss Team event is scheduled for the Penticton Regional and its success will be evaluated later. The District will match any Seattle Unit 446 donation to Seattle Next Gen Bridge up to a maximum of $1,000 to support sending kids in need to the 2019 YNABC in Las Vegas.

The District Tournament Coordinator has been instructed to not allow a District 19 STAC opposite a Western Region STAC due the dissatisfaction of clubs not being able to participate in the Western Region STAC.

Sunday Fast Open Pairs

Runaway win for Kim Eng and Jeffrey Ford!

68% in the final session will usually be enough if you have a decent first session.  Kim Eng and Jeffrey Ford did just that in the Sunday Fast Pairs, passing the B winners Naushad Dada and Paulette McWilliam and leaving them far behind, but a clear B winner by almost the same margin as Eng and Ford won strat A by, a bit more than two full boards.

MPts Score A B C  Sunday Fast Open Pairs (12½ tables)
ACBL Live Link
10.06 66.30% 1  Kim Eng, Issaquah WA; Jeffrey Ford, Redmond WA
7.55 58.59% 2  Les Fouks - Sid Segal, Vancouver BC
5.66 58.31% 3 1  Naushad Dada - Paulette McWilliam, Calgary AB
4.24 56.18% 4  James Sache, Rosedale BC; David Schmidt, Chilliwack BC
3.58 56.04% 5  Howard Epley - Karen Epley, Kent WA
2.87 55.23% 6  Gerald Fox, Napa CA; Tom Jacobson, Fairfield CA
3.35 54.69% 7  Gail Richardson - Tony Farr, Victoria BC
3.20 51.05% 2  Marilyn Drever - Donald Drever, Fort Qu'Appelle SK
2.40 49.21% 3  Lorna Tinney - Paul Tinney, Parksville BC
1.80 45.29% 4  Linda Vernon - Kathie Hoehne, Anchorage AK

Sunday Morning 199er Swiss Teams

Winners: Downton

The Afternoon version of the event fizzled, but the three tables in the morning event put the tournament table count (including the GNT District Final) one table over the 2017 total.

MPts VPs D E F  Sunday Morning 199er Swiss Teams (3 teams)
ACBL Live Link
1.29 44 1 1  Deanna Downton - Linda Walker - Sheila Frank - John Frank, Calgary AB

Sunday Open Swiss Teams

Winners: Pan (A), Cheeseman (X, Y)

Pan went undefeated and we considered removing the preduplicated boards for them in the final round since they were out of contention for anything but first place.  Cheesman was perfect before lunch but after the break they were feasted upon by Gartaganis, but 45 more VPs in the final three left them atop both secondary strats.

MPts VPs A X Y  Sunday Open Swiss Teams (30 teams)
ACBL Live Link
25.84 116 1  Eric Pan - William Ge, Burnaby BC; Jack Lee - David Hu, Richmond BC
19.38 92 2  Judith Gartaganis - Nicholas Gartaganis - Gordon Campbell, Calgary AB; Ian Findlay, Banff AB
14.54 90 3  Linda Lewis - Paul Lewis, Las Vegas NV; Douglas Doub, West Hartford CT; Mark Itabashi, Murrieta CA
9.76 87 4/5  Constance McAvoy - James McAvoy - James Galand, Victoria BC; Doran Flock, Calgary AB
11.02 87 4/5 1 1  Robert Cheeseman - Robert Mackinnon - John Miller - Jonathan Gage, Victoria BC
7.38 81 6  Leo Glaser, Lake Country BC; Nick Stock, North Vancouver BC; Gerry McCully - Rhonda Foster, Victoria BC
6.10 80 7/8  Mike Moffatt - Vicki Moffatt, Surrey BC; Sandra Robson, New Westminster BC; Gene Fomin, Glacier WA
8.27 80 7/8 2 2  Marc Maes - Helen Dillen - Gamil Tadros - Chris Wuerscher, Calgary AB
6.20 79 3  Keith Dowdall - Brian Fraser, Victoria BC; Dick Vission, North Saanich BC; Ross Amann, Colts Neck NJ
4.65 75 4 3  Tim Ayers - Marc Furnemont - Barbara Stewart - Debbie Hargreaves, Victoria BC
3.67 68 5  Ann-Marie Crabbe, Toronto ON; Dora Lee - Ingrid Anderson, Nanaimo BC; Judy Chapman, Edmonton AB
2.05 61 4/5  Barbara Jubenville, Nanaimo BC; John Patterson - Susan Clayton, Chemainus BC; Lia Vanrenen, Lake Cowichan BC
2.05 61 4/5  Egil Kolsto - Robert Bradford - Debbie Mineault - Jill Stokes, Victoria BC

Sunday 0-2000 Swiss Teams

Winners: Busby (B), Carolsfeld (C), Lee (D)

Winners Busby won all seven with at least 14VPs in every round, yet were ten back at the break, behind L'Heureux who had begun with 58 out of 60 in their first three.  Despite C winners Carolsfeld winning by only 2VP over Kristjanson, there was no match between them.  The same thing in strat D, where the winners Lee never faced the second place Btaybrook team.  Sometimes the computer's pairing algorithm does mysterious things...

MPts VPs B C D  Sunday 0-2000 Swiss Teams (42 teams)
ACBL Live Link
11.83 112 1  Bruce Busby - Brian Busby, Campbell River BC; John Crutcher, Olympia WA; Slava Simice, Comox BC
8.87 108 2  Ed L'Heureux, White Rock BC; Diane Griffiths, Langley BC; Jack Johnson - Maryellen Gallo, Surrey BC
7.53 92 3 1  Darlene Carolsfeld - Marcia Taylor - Maureen Steele, Nanaimo BC; Shirley Charters, Duncan BC
5.65 90 4 2  Gordon Kristjanson - Margaret Skinner - Elaine Mauger, Victoria BC; John Billett, Saskatoon SK
3.94 89 5  Sandy Robinson - Dorothy Mersereau - Vivian Winestock - Caenie Pyrcz, Calgary AB
4.24 88 6 3 1  King Lee - Bakh Dhillon - David Buckman, Victoria BC; Deborah Stewart, Pincher Creek AB
3.18 87 7 4  Deb Carnes - Reta Morrison, Victoria BC; Patricia Webb - Laurene Jacob, Austin TX
2.63 86 8 5 2  Tom Braybrook - Jill Plasteras - Mark Raymond - Gina Curran, Victoria BC
2.37 85 9  Henry Kwok - Dorothy Kwok, Edmonton AB; Burton Voorhees - Kinga Voorhees, Victoria BC
2.15 83 10 6  Alan Whitman, Okanagan Falls BC; Sharon Gecse, Osoyoos BC; Janet Mori, Penticton BC; Maureen Stanley, Calgary AB
1.90 82 11/1 7  Shameine Ali - Ian Affleck - Glenda Affleck, Vancouver BC; Ralph Haberfeld, Jackson WY
1.90 82 11/1  Gerene Albrecht - Ruth Sidebottom - Mary Abelseth - Siu Wai Fan, Red Deer AB
1.67 77 8  Denis Powers - Jutta Jealouse - Michael Moore - Darrel Jones, Kamloops BC
1.95 75 3  Myrna Baulne, Kelowna BC; Donna Wiwchar, Castlegar BC; Madeleine Tremblay, North Saanich BC; Dolores Johnson, Brentwood Bay BC
1.46 74 4  Richard Degroat - Marguerite Paulsen - Meredith Degroat, Calgary AB; Lynda Slater, Sooke BC