The 2018 Leavenworth Regional: Wednesday, October 31

Trick or Treat!

Attendance So Far:

393 tables, up from 373½ at this point in 2015, a 5.2% increase.  Wunderbar!!

Masterpoint Leaders

Two unfinished events where masterpoints earned so far have not yet been officially counted: the Wednesday-Thursday Morning Swiss, and the Wednesday-Thursday Bracketed Knockout Teams.

Overall Leaders thru Wednesday

1Debbie Mineault, Victoria BC38.41
1Duncan Smith, Victoria BC38.41
3David Hu, Richmond BC20.86
3David Huang, Burnaby BC20.86
3Eric Pan, Burnaby BC20.86
3Jack Lee, Richmond BC20.86
3Sidney Yang, Richmond BC20.86
3William Ge, Burnaby BC20.86
9Harry Satanove, Vancouver BC18.52
9Shael Smith, Richmond BC18.52
11Judy Harris, Salmon Arm BC18.14
11Peter Herold, Namaimo BC18.14
13Dave Westfall, Spokane WA17.24
13John Moffat, Bellingham WA17.24
15Evelyn Holtz, Santa Rosa CA17.01
15Nick Wiebe, Oakland CA17.01
15Sara Rothmuller, Occidental CA17.01
15Sigrid Price, Napa CA17.01
19Gregory Trautman, Olympia WA16.29
19Regenia Butler, Lacey WA16.29
21Paul Meerschaert, Long Lake MN16.19
21Sandy Fisher, Long Lake MN16.19
23Brad Sands, Seattle WA15.10
23Carl Wilson, Tacoma WA15.10
25Rebecca Clough, Culver City CA14.44
25Roger Clough, Culver City CA14.44
27Ann Romeo, Seattle WA13.10
27Bonnie Broders, Port Townsend WA13.10
29Howard Epley, Kent WA12.00
29Karen Epley, Kent WA12.00
31John Hurdle, Richmond BC11.99
31Trudy Hurdle, Richmond BC11.99
33Connie Heller, Clinton WA11.59
33Dennis Heller, Clinton WA11.59
35Leeanne Creech, Snoqualmie WA10.86
35Marilyn Helbig, Bellevue WA10.86
37Glynn Sisson, Windsor CO10.84
37Priscilla Sisson, Windsor CO10.84
39Jerry McVay, Lacey WA10.67
40Dorothy Dore, Castlegar BC10.50
40Ross Bates, Castlegar BC10.50
42Betsy Brezel, Union WA10.06
42Thomas Kuehne, Bermerton WA10.06
44Joel Fuhrman, Kirkland WA9.70
45Doug Sanders, Grandview WA9.68
46Joyce Roberts, Los Alamitos CA9.66
46Timothy Cole, Long Beach CA9.66
48Paul Burma, Sunnyside WA9.39
49Brian Koblenz, Leavenworth WA8.97
49David Binney, Seattle WA8.97
49John Cox, Saint Maries ID8.97
49Philip Duterme, Bellaire TX8.97
49Richard D'Litzenberger, Leavenworth WA8.97

Non-Life Master Leaders thru Wednesday

1Shael Smith, Richmond BC18.52
2Glynn Sisson, Windsor CO10.84
2Priscilla Sisson, Windsor CO10.84
4Joyce Roberts, Los Alamitos CA9.66
4Timothy Cole, Long Beach CA9.66
6Ronald McMullen, Shoreline WA8.52
7David Peeples, Moses Lake WA8.09
8Jo Anne Georgi, Stayton OR8.02
8William Georgi, Stayton OR8.02
10Doris Burma, Sunnyside WA7.55
11Sandy Thor, Seattle WA6.50
11Susanne Sherburne, Bellingham WA6.50
13Khosrow Shad, West Vancouver BC6.40
13Mojgan Shad, West Vancouver BC6.40
15Alan Whitman, Okanagan Falls BC6.38
15Michael Clayton, Salmon Arm BC6.38
15Stephen Raffel, Salmon Arm BC6.38
15Wayne Stann, Kelowna BC6.38
19Patrick O'Neil, Nelson BC6.27
19Sandra Edson, Nelson BC6.27
21Beverly Roy, Eugene OR5.97
21Ned Forman, Eugene OR5.97
23Janet Woolgar, Parksville BC5.88
23Lorna Veitch, Qualicum Beach BC5.88
25Brian Sims, Cultus Lake BC5.46
25Lynda Lipe, Bellevue WA5.46
25Ralph Lipe, Bellevue WA5.46

Check the masterpoints page for complete results so far, and everyone's breakdown of red and gold points, updated every night.

A few reminders from the tournament organizers:

Wednesday Open Pairs

Repeat Performance by Debbie Mineault and Duncan Smith!

Debbie Mineault and Duncan Smith, yesterday's Open pairs winners, repeated today with a strong evening session to end up over two boards ahead.  Harry Satanove and Shael Smith won the B and C strats with two strong sessions and were third overall.

MPts Score A B C  Wednesday Open Pairs (10, 10 tables)  
17.50 62.28% 1  Debbie Mineault - Duncan Smith, Victoria BC
13.13 57.89% 2  Gregory Trautman, Olympia WA; Regenia Butler, Lacey WA
9.84 56.19% 3 1 1  Harry Satanove, Vancouver BC; Shael Smith, Richmond BC
7.38 55.72% 4  Paul Meerschaert - Sandy Fisher, Long Lake MN
5.91 54.24% 5 2 2  Alan Hendrickson, North Bend WA; Kent Harold, Redmond WA
5.00 54.13% 6  Patrick Dunn - Polly Dunn, Bellevue WA
4.43 51.90% 3  Ronald Krueger - Massimo Gallotti, Spokane WA
3.32 50.74% 4  Joel Fuhrman, Kirkland WA; Amy DeShaw, Seattle WA
2.95 49.42% 3  Kathie Hoehne - Linda Vernon, Anchorage AK
2.21 46.82% 4  G Keith Freeman - Virginia Sykes, Spokane WA

Wednesday Gold Rush 0-750 Pairs

Wire-To-Wire Win...But Closer Than It Looked

Halftime event leaders William and Jo Anne Georgi had a decent evening session that left them a half-board ahead of Molly Hamilton and Alice Bogdan, also winning the under-300 strat.  Third overall were Khosrow and Mojgan Shad, who won the under-100 strat, proving that you do not need to be in the highest strat to compete!

MPts Score 7 3 1  Wednesday Gold Rush 0-750 Pairs (20, 20 tables)  
6.89 58.13% 1 1  William Georgi - Jo Anne Georgi, Stayton OR
5.17 57.57% 2 2  Molly Hamilton, Dallas TX; Alice Bogdan,
3.88 57.15% 3 3 1  Khosrow Shad - Mojgan Shad, West Vancouver BC
2.91 55.69% 4 4  Patrick O'Neil - Sandra Edson, Nelson BC
2.23 55.56% 5/6 5/6 2  Alice Arnold, Shelton WA; Jim Leiren, Tumwater WA
2.14 55.56% 5/6 5/6  Margaret Jo Duff - William Duff, Dallas TX
1.72 54.93% 7  Glynn Sisson - Priscilla Sisson, Windsor CO
1.53 54.79% 8  Susanne Sherburne, Bellingham WA; Sandy Thor, Seattle WA
1.53 54.72% 9 7  Linda Underwood - Terry Underwood, Kamloops BC
1.34 53.75% 10 8  Ted Parker - Joanne Parker, Abbotsford BC

Wednesday-Thursday Morning Swiss Teams Leaders

Final Session this morning!

I have learned to list everyone in these multi-day Swiss Teams, because fairly often one of the teams near the bottom reboounds on the second day to grab an overall spot.

VPs Wins A B C  Wednesday-Thursday Morning Swiss Teams Leaders (12 teams)  
52 3 1  David Hu - Jack Lee - Sidney Yang, Richmond BC; Eric Pan - William Ge - David Huang, Burnaby BC
43 3 2  Ann Romeo, Seattle WA; Bonnie Broders, Port Townsend WA; Marv Norden, Peachland BC; Ralph Wilhelmi, Olympia WA
38 2 3/4 1/2  Doris Burma - Paul Burma, Sunnyside WA; Doug Sanders, Grandview WA; Kenneth Lockwood, Yakima WA
38 2 3/4 1/2 1  Donald Hanset - Keith Carter, Sandpoint ID; Bill Drayton, Naples ID; Martha Schwake, Hayden ID
34 2 3  Patricia Baughan - Frances Monro, Penticton BC; Sharon Gecse, Osoyoos BC; Marla Patterson, Arlington WA
33 1 4 2  Karen Eveland - Marilyn Bengtson - Joan Zinn, Lewiston ID; Catherine Goetz, Clarkston WA
32 2  Lou Arevalo - William McVaugh, Spokane WA; Edward Carlson - David Lyons, Coeur D Alene ID
28 1  Chuck Reppas - Brian Koblenz - Richard D'Litzenberger, Leavenworth WA; Kit Morse, San Mateo CA
17 1  Wendy Allex - Randy Erickson, Ferndale WA; Randall Hauff - Rebecca Brown, Bellingham WA
16 0  Barbara Taylor, Farmers Branch TX; Gretchen Cash - Molly Hamilton, Dallas TX; Alice Bogdan,
15 ½  Arthur Bean - Mary Pat Bean, Richland WA; Richard Collingham - Tarene Collingham, Pasco WA
14 ½  Terry Foster, Victoria BC; Bruce Thornburgh, Boise ID; Brian Brady, Nampa ID; David Peeples, Moses Lake WA

Wednesday Evening Swiss Teams

Winners: Westfall (A), Creech (B), Larson (C)

Westfall, who also won yesterday's two-session Swiss, recovered from a close loss in round one to pick up 35 VPs in their next two and seal the deal with a win over Bates.  B winners Creech got 39 of 40 in the last two rounds to win strat B by 4 Victory Points.  The three strat C teams managed one win apiece and Larson won the strat by being competitive in two other matches and picking up crucial VPs.

MPts VPs A B C  Wednesday Evening Swiss Teams (13 teams)  
4.29 56 1  Dave Westfall, Spokane WA; John Moffat, Bellingham WA; Peter Herold, Namaimo BC; Judy Harris, Salmon Arm BC
3.22 52 2  Ross Bates - Dorothy Dore, Castlegar BC; Dave Walker - David Binney, Seattle WA
2.41 51 3  Evelyn Holtz, Santa Rosa CA; Sigrid Price, Napa CA; Nick Wiebe, Oakland CA; Sara Rothmuller, Occidental CA
2.52 50 4 1  Leeanne Creech, Snoqualmie WA; Marilyn Helbig, Bellevue WA; Bonnie Broders, Port Townsend WA; Ann Romeo, Seattle WA
1.89 44 5 2  Robert Richardson - Candace Allen, Clinton WA; Diane Felure, Vashon WA; Joel Castoriano, Mercer Island WA
1.42 43 3  Art Hutton - Jackie Hutton, Stanwood WA; Sandra Grimes, Mount Vernon WA; Mary Pattison, Oak Harbor WA
1.59 30 1  Dottie Larson - Jack Smith - Ronald Fleming - Gwen Skierka, Spokane WA

Wednesday-Thursday Edelweiss Knockout Teams Semifinalists

Bracket I (12 original teams with an average of 6718 masterpoints per player)

Masterpoints: 1st: 40.21 gold — 2nd: 28.15 gold — 3rd/4th: 16.08 gold — Match Award: 4.02 red — ACBL Live link to brackets

Semifinals: (Thursday at 1:00, finals at 7:00)

Ray Miller, Seattle WA; Stanley Roberts, Kirkland WA; Sun-O Ho, Redmond WA; Ken Christiansen, Bothell WA vs Dudley Brown, Grandview WA; Jennifer Ballantyne, Vancouver BC; Sandra Robson, New Westminster BC; Gene Fomin, Glacier WA
Hideous Hog-In-Training's Prediction:   Hurdle over Miller in the final
Trudy Hurdle - John Hurdle, Richmond BC; Rebecca Clough - Roger Clough, Culver City CA vs Ken Scholes, Bellevue WA; Ed Ulman, Portland OR; Barbara Nist, Seatac WA; Patti Hartley, Kenmore WA

Bracket II (11 original teams with an average of 1364 masterpoints per player)

Masterpoints: 1st: 17.31 gold — 2nd: 12.12 gold — 3rd/4th: 6.92 gold — Match Award: 1.73 red — ACBL Live link to brackets

Semifinals: (Thursday at 1:00, finals at 7:00)

Lou Arevalo - William McVaugh, Spokane WA; David Lyons - Edward Carlson, Coeur D Alene ID vs Ralph Wilhelmi, Olympia WA; Marv Norden, Peachland BC; Janet Woolgar, Parksville BC; Lorna Veitch, Qualicum Beach BC
Hideous Hog-In-Training's Prediction:   Arevalo over Silvas in the final
Art Silvas - Lee Silvas, Renton WA; Miriam Goldberg, Seattle WA; Darrel Davis, Covington WA vs John Emmerson, Federal Way WA; Douglas Johnson, Gig Harbor WA; Melinda Westgate, Mercer Island WA; Paul Bartron, Tacoma WA

Bracket III (14 original teams with an average of 519 masterpoints per player)

Masterpoints: 1st: 12.59 gold — 2nd: 8.81 gold — 3rd/4th: 5.04 gold — Match Award: 1.26 red — ACBL Live link to brackets

Semifinals: (Thursday at 1:00, finals at 7:00)

Marlene Sumi, Burnaby BC; Gale Gropp - Marjorie Sinel, Bellingham WA; Debbie Martignago, Coquitlam BC vs Dennis Patrick - Dee Patrick, Redmond WA; Sharon Nordmark - Toni McLeod, Longview WA
Hideous Hog-In-Training's Prediction:   Whitman over Sumi in the final
Jean-Philipp Weber - Esther Wiebe - Holly Boudreau - Margaret Skinner, Victoria BC vs Alan Whitman, Okanagan Falls BC; Wayne Stann, Kelowna BC; Michael Clayton - Stephen Raffel, Salmon Arm BC

Morning Side Game Series

Game 2 of 5: Wednesday Morning Side Game

Don't forget that you can win extra points in a Side Game Series by finishing high in the series standings (below).

MPts Score A B C  Wednesday Morning Side Game (7 tables)  
3.22 59.17% 1 1  Eileen Milligan - Dick Jarvinen, Corvallis OR
2.42 58.17% 2  Ron Beall - Jennifer Beall, Bellingham WA
1.99 57.83% 3 2 1  Steven Lachowicz, Wenatchee WA; Karen Madison, East Wenatchee WA
1.39 53.50% 4  Ian Kirk - Deanna Birch, Portland OR
1.02 52.67% 5  Jeff Reynolds - Genie Reynolds, San Francisco CA
1.49 47.39% 2  Ronald McMullen - Margaret McMullen, Shoreline WA

Afternoon Side Game Series

Game 2 of 5: Wednesday Afternoon Side Game

Don't forget that you can win extra points in a Side Game Series by finishing high in the series standings (below).

MPts Score A B C  Wednesday Afternoon Side Game (16½ tables)  
5.12 66.92% 1 1  Debra Wilhelmi, Olympia WA; Helen Miller, Lacey WA
3.84 62.80% 2  Theresa Barthels, Cheney WA; Gerald Holland, Post Falls ID
3.15 60.22% 3  Jerry McVay - John Penney, Lacey WA
2.21 58.91% 4  Leslie Kelinson, Portland OR; Sylvia Riewerts, Milwaukee OR
2.50 58.70% 5 2 1  Vicki Scatliff - Neville Sankey, Qualicum Beach BC
1.58 57.20% 6  Genie Reynolds - Jeff Reynolds, San Francisco CA
1.87 53.75% 3  Charlene Pepin - Karen Morton, Walla Walla WA
1.86 53.49% 4 2  Joyce Muzzall - Janice Rolfe, Walla Walla WA
1.40 53.47% 5 3  Irv Roller - Joani Roller, Wenatchee WA
1.05 52.69% 4  Lois Palek - Mary Kunkle, Moses Lake WA
0.78 50.02% 5  Karen Madison, East Wenatchee WA; Shirley Perkins, Wenatchee WA

Evening Side Game Series

Game 3 of 6: Wednesday Evening Side Game

Don't forget that you can win extra points in a Side Game Series by finishing high in the series standings (below).

MPts Score A B C  Wednesday Evening Side Game (8 tables)  
3.41 62.20% 1  Jerry McVay - Helen Miller, Lacey WA
2.56 60.12% 2  Elaine DeShaw, Federal Way WA; Edith DeShaw, Seattle WA
2.45 57.14% 3 1 1  David Peeples, Moses Lake WA; Terry Foster, Victoria BC
1.47 55.95% 4  Don Bell, Vernon BC; Kelly Meenagh, Kelowna BC
1.08 54.46% 5  Bruce Yoder, Port Orchard WA; Robert Dutton, Bremerton WA
1.84 52.38% 2  Richard Pitzer - Ellie Hall-Pitzer, Salem OR
1.38 50.89% 3  Paul Burma, Sunnyside WA; Robert Bleil, Port Orchard WA
1.49 47.32% 2  Barbra Cowan - Marilyn Olson, Wenatchee WA

Side Game Series Leaders

Three sessions left in each series

Your Side Game series overall score is the sum of your best two percentage scores, even if played with different partners.  The leaders at the end of the series will win series overall awards in gold points which will replace the red points won in the individual games.

Sum Of Best Two Rank  Morning Side Game Series Leaders (51 players so far)  
117.10% 1/2  Ron Beall - Jennifer Beall, Bellingham WA
103.66% 3  Karen Madison, East Wenatchee WA
100.37% 4/5  Margaret McMullen - Ronald McMullen, Shoreline WA
96.70% 6/7  Gayle Hanset, Sandpoint ID; Mary Methe, Arlington WA
Sum Of Best Two Rank  Afternoon Side Game Series Leaders (87 players so far)  
121.30% 1  Debra Wilhelmi, Olympia WA
116.75% 2  Helen Miller, Lacey WA
114.60% 3  Jerry McVay, Lacey WA
114.27% 4/5  Genie Reynolds - Jeff Reynolds, San Francisco CA
107.26% 6  Thomas Loveday, Sequim WA
106.46% 7/8  Ron Beall - Jennifer Beall, Bellingham WA
105.81% 9/10  Marilyn Bengtson - Joan Zinn, Lewiston ID
103.96% 11/1  Deanna Birch - Ian Kirk, Portland OR
Sum Of Best Two Rank  Evening Side Game Series Leaders (154 players so far)  
125.02% 1  Jerry McVay, Lacey WA
110.46% 2  Helen Miller, Lacey WA
110.04% 3  Maude Gunn, Wenatchee WA
107.69% 4/5  David Peeples, Moses Lake WA; Terry Foster, Victoria BC
107.67% 6  Valerie McVay, Lacey WA
107.07% 7  Barbara Kinney, Wenatchee WA
104.04% 8  Louise Lombard, Apache Junction AZ
103.97% 9  Robert Bleil, Port Orchard WA
101.12% 10  Karen Rise, Leavenworth WA
101.07% 11  Mary Babcock, East Wenatchee WA
100.38% 12/1  Ellie Hall-Pitzer - Richard Pitzer, Salem OR
99.77% 14/1  Arleen Rountree - James Remy, Olympia WA
95.80% 16  Karen Garrett, Wenatchee WA
92.24% 17/1  Wendy Allex - Randy Erickson, Ferndale WA

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