The 2018 Leavenworth Regional: Monday, October 29

Opening Day!

Attendance So Far:

51 tables, down just one from this point in 2015, a 1.9% increase.  We'll see how things go; not enough data to predict the rest of the week yet.

Overall Leaders thru Monday

1Paul Meerschaert, Long Lake MN7.20
1Sandy Fisher, Long Lake MN7.20
3Barbara Nist, Seatac WA4.73
3Patti Hartley, Kenmore WA4.73
3Rebecca Clough, Culver City CA4.73
3Roger Clough, Culver City CA4.73
7Darrel Davis, Covington WA4.03
7Miriam Goldberg, Seattle WA4.03
9Connie Heller, Clinton WA3.10
9Dennis Heller, Clinton WA3.10
11Harry Satanove, Vancouver BC3.02
11Shael Smith, Richmond BC3.02
13John Hurdle, Richmond BC2.28
13Trudy Hurdle, Richmond BC2.28
15Joanne Parker, Abbotsford BC2.27
15Ted Parker, Abbotsford BC2.27
17Gerald Holland, Post Falls ID1.70
17Robert Bleil, Port Orchard WA1.70
19Mary Jane Brunt, Bellingham WA1.64
19Nora Demmert, Bellingham WA1.64
21Gregory Trautman, Olympia WA1.55
21Regenia Butler, Lacey WA1.55
23Marjorie Bathum, Bellevue WA1.23
23Polly Bonnell, Bellevue WA1.23
25Barbara Schultz, Shawnigan Lake BC1.18
25Beth Cookson, Nanaimo BC1.18
27Barbara Kinney, Wenatchee WA1.02
27Charles Burns, Vancouver WA1.02
27Maude Gunn, Wenatchee WA1.02
27Thomas Loveday, Sequim WA1.02
31Randy Erickson, Ferndale WA0.97
31Wendy Allex, Ferndale WA0.97
33Karen Garrett, Wenatchee WA0.96
33Karolin Highland, Wenatchee WA0.96
35Judy Harris, Salmon Arm BC0.90
35Peter Herold, Namaimo BC0.90
37Bruce Brownfield, Graham WA0.78
37Charlene Martindale, Boise ID0.78
37Debbie Mineault, Victoria BC0.78
37Duncan Smith, Victoria BC0.78
37John Emmerson, Federal Way WA0.78
37Melinda Westgate, Mercer Island WA0.78
37R Ian Martindale, Boise ID0.78
37Susan Ohman, Graham WA0.78
45Bill Walter, Vancouver BC0.70
45Christine Walter, Vancouver BC0.70
45Ellie Hall-Pitzer, Salem OR0.70
45Richard Pitzer, Salem OR0.70
49Diane Felure, Vashon WA0.68
49Howard Epley, Kent WA0.68
49Joel Castoriano, Mercer Island WA0.68
49Karen Epley, Kent WA0.68

Non-Life Master Leaders thru Monday

1Shael Smith, Richmond BC3.02
2Joanne Parker, Abbotsford BC2.27
2Ted Parker, Abbotsford BC2.27
4Mary Jane Brunt, Bellingham WA1.64
4Nora Demmert, Bellingham WA1.64
6Marjorie Bathum, Bellevue WA1.23
6Polly Bonnell, Bellevue WA1.23
8Randy Erickson, Ferndale WA0.97
8Wendy Allex, Ferndale WA0.97
10Bill Walter, Vancouver BC0.70
10Christine Walter, Vancouver BC0.70

Check the masterpoints page for complete results so far.

As we get started, a few reminders from the tournament organizers:

Evening Side Game Series

Minnesotans win the tournament opener!

This opening game did double duty: the first game in the Evening Side Game Series (five more to come), and also a charity game benefitting the ACBL Charitible Foundation, which means that although the masterpoints are all red, there are a few more of them!

ACBL Live direct link to results for this event.

MPts Score A B C  Monday Evening Side Game (28 tables)  
7.20 63.31% 1  Sandy Fisher - Paul Meerschaert, Long Lake MN
4.73 62.46% 2/3  Roger Clough - Rebecca Clough, Culver City CA
4.73 62.46% 2/3  Patti Hartley, Kenmore WA; Barbara Nist, Seatac WA
3.10 62.15% 4  Dennis Heller - Connie Heller, Clinton WA
2.28 61.92% 5  Trudy Hurdle - John Hurdle, Richmond BC
4.03 59.85% 6 1  Miriam Goldberg, Seattle WA; Darrel Davis, Covington WA
3.02 58.69% 7 2 1  Harry Satanove, Vancouver BC; Shael Smith, Richmond BC
2.27 56.92% 3 2  Joanne Parker - Ted Parker, Abbotsford BC
1.70 53.08% 4  Robert Bleil, Port Orchard WA; Gerald Holland, Post Falls ID
1.64 50.85% 5 3  Mary Jane Brunt - Nora Demmert, Bellingham WA
0.96 50.31% 6  Karolin Highland - Karen Garrett, Wenatchee WA
1.23 48.69% 4  Marjorie Bathum - Polly Bonnell, Bellevue WA
0.97 47.77% 5  Randy Erickson - Wendy Allex, Ferndale WA
0.70 47.54% 6  Bill Walter - Christine Walter, Vancouver BC

Monday-Tuesday Wilkommen Knockout Teams Quarterfinalists

Bracket I (13 original teams with an average of 1733 masterpoints per player)

Masterpoints: 1st: 20.86 gold — 2nd: 14.60 gold — 3rd/4th: 8.34 gold — Match Award: 2.09 red — ACBL Live link to brackets

Quarterfinals: (Tuesday at 9:00, semifinals at 1:00, finals at 7:00)

John Cox, Saint Maries ID; Richard D'Litzenberger - Brian Koblenz, Leavenworth WA; Philip Duterme, Bellaire TX vs Donald Hanset - Keith Carter, Sandpoint ID; Bill Drayton, Naples ID; Martha Schwake, Hayden ID
Eric Pan - William Ge - David Huang, Burnaby BC; Jack Lee - David Hu - Sidney Yang, Richmond BC vs Jean-Philipp Weber - Esther Wiebe - Margaret Skinner - Holly Boudreau, Victoria BC
Ralph Lipe - Lynda Lipe, Bellevue WA; D Glassford, Chilliwack BC; Brian Sims, Cultus Lake BC vs Nick Wiebe, Oakland CA; Evelyn Holtz, Santa Rosa CA; Sigrid Price, Napa CA; Sara Rothmuller, Occidental CA
Marla Patterson, Arlington WA; Sharon Gecse, Osoyoos BC; Patricia Baughan - Frances Monro, Penticton BC vs Leeanne Creech, Snoqualmie WA; Marilyn Helbig, Bellevue WA; Ann Romeo, Seattle WA; Bonnie Broders, Port Townsend WA

Bracket II (10 original teams with an average of 350 masterpoints per player)

Masterpoints: 1st: 6.08 gold, 3.04 red — 2nd: 4.25 gold, 2.13 red — 3rd/4th: 2.43 gold, 1.22 red — Match Award: 0.91 red — ACBL Live link to brackets

Quarterfinals: (Tuesday at 9:00, semifinals at 1:00, finals at 7:00)

Glynn Sisson - Priscilla Sisson, Windsor CO; Timothy Cole, Long Beach CA; Joyce Roberts, Los Alamitos CA vs Brian Brady, Nampa ID; Bruce Thornburgh, Boise ID; Toni McLeod - Sharon Nordmark, Longview WA vs Terry Foster, Victoria BC; David Peeples - Virginia Hirai, Moses Lake WA; Marjorie Storey, Soap Lake WA
Alan Whitman, Okanagan Falls BC; Wayne Stann, Kelowna BC; Stephen Raffel - Michael Clayton, Salmon Arm BC vs Janet Meister - Karen Trenner - Charlotte Riviera, Bellevue WA; Joanne Kerr, Kirkland WA vs Sharon Carpenter - Rebecca Brown - Ron Delbecq, Bellingham WA; Joy Pearson, Oak Harbor WA

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