The 2019 Whistler Regional: Tuesday, October 29

Whistler Trivia 1

Ross Rebagliati won a gold medal in snowboarding which he had to give back for a short time in which Winter Olympics? (Answer at the bottom of the page.)

Attendance So Far

317 tables at the end of Tuesday play; up from 2017 by 60½ tables (+23.6%).  Watch for anything from an uptick to an explosion tomorrow, as people keep arriving...

Masterpoint Leaders

Overall Leaders thru Tuesday Afternoon

1Leo Glaser, Lake Country BC24.06
1Nicholas Stock, North Vancouver BC24.06
3Dan Jacob, Vancouver BC18.05
3Gordon McOrmond, Vancouver BC18.05
5Roberta McIlwain, Invermere BC14.85
5Sandy McIlwain, Invermere BC14.85
7Douglas Smith, Carson City NV14.27
7Paul Pugsley, Carson City NV14.27
9Judy Harris, Salmon Arm BC10.15
9Julie Smith, Vancouver BC10.15
11Patrick Dunn, Edmonds WA9.86
11Polly Dunn, Edmonds WA9.86
13Don Bell, Vernon BC8.12
13Kelly Meenagh, Kelowna BC8.12
15Sandy Thor, Seattle WA7.81
15Susanne Sherburne, Bellingham WA7.81
17Laurie Bell, Vernon BC7.39
17Linda Ball, Vernon BC7.39
19Andrew Mitchell, Oak Harbor WA6.95
19Larry Whitlow, Saskatoon SK6.95
21Slava Simice, Comox BC6.43
22Gustav Axen, New Westminster BC6.02
22Shelley Burns, North Vancouver BC6.02
24Diane Zebroff, Kamloops BC5.86
24Khosrow Shad, West Vancouver BC5.86
24Michael Moore, Kamloops BC5.86
24Mojgan Shad, West Vancouver BC5.86
28Carole Bradshaw, Courtenay BC5.55
28Jack Bradshaw, Courtenay BC5.55
30Andy Hellquist, Surrey BC5.54
30Thomas Anderson, North Vancouver BC5.54
32Brian Fraser, Victoria BC5.41
32Don Copeland, Victoria BC5.41
32Ernie Tradewell, Victoria BC5.41
32Ewa Zwicky, Victoria BC5.41
36Robert Bjorge, Bellingham WA5.35
36Thomas Devine, Ferndale WA5.35
38Gillian Schramm, Whistler BC4.99
39Dariusz Matus, Surrey BC4.74
39Michael Desaulniers, Coquitlam BC4.74
41Dora Lee, Nanaimo BC4.66
42Brian Busby, Campbell River BC4.57
42Bruce Busby, Campbell River BC4.57
44Dave Vidaver, Sacramento CA4.40
44Judi Callaham, Fair Oaks CA4.40
46Tom Wahl, Little Rock AR4.39
46Walter Thies, Corvallis OR4.39
48David Herbert, Vancouver BC4.16
48Jerry Shapiro, Vancouver BC4.16
48Marlene Powell, Vancouver BC4.16
48Sally Craig, Port Moody BC4.16

Non-Life Master Leaders thru Tuesday Afternoon

1Sandy Thor, Seattle WA7.81
1Susanne Sherburne, Bellingham WA7.81
3Linda Ball, Vernon BC7.39
4Andrew Mitchell, Oak Harbor WA6.95
5Diane Zebroff, Kamloops BC5.86
5Khosrow Shad, West Vancouver BC5.86
5Michael Moore, Kamloops BC5.86
5Mojgan Shad, West Vancouver BC5.86
9Don Copeland, Victoria BC5.41
10Dariusz Matus, Surrey BC4.74
10Michael Desaulniers, Coquitlam BC4.74
12Walter Thies, Corvallis OR4.39
13Jerry Shapiro, Vancouver BC4.16
14Patricia Kirkpatrick, Sammamish WA4.10
14Susan Vollmer, Federal Way WA4.10
16Linda Henderson, Whistler BC3.99
17Bonnie Stuart, West Vancouver BC3.76
17Brenda Johnston, North Vancouver BC3.76
19Patricia Crichton, Kelowna BC3.66
19Pirjo Holt, Kelowna BC3.66
21Kathleen Jones, Vancouver BC3.47
21Laurie Gould, Vancouver BC3.47
23Anne-Marie Miller, Sooke BC3.45
23Scott Miller, Sooke BC3.45
25Ian Gilhooley, Vancouver BC3.35
25Joyce Tokarek, Vancouver BC3.35
27Alice Nelson, Bend OR3.26
27Gary Nelson, Bend OR3.26
29Marjorie Bathum, Bellevue WA3.10
29Polly Bonnell, Bellevue WA3.10

Knockouts are still ongoing and no knockout points are in yet.  Have a look at the masterpoints page to see totals for everyone, including red-gold breakdowns, updated each night by about midnight.  (Today we updated in the evening and should be able to quickly update around midnight.)

Kirkwood Trophy Race Standings

It took a bit to find the files but here are the standings after Tri-Cities and before Whistler:

You need to have been a DINO resident to win, so Dave Westfall has the big lead of 46.12 points going into Whistler.

1310.43Mark Itabashi, Murrieta CA
2284.08Dave Westfall, Spokane WA
3237.96Ray Miller, Seattle WA
4205.41July Ratley, Redding CA
5190.21Gordon McOrmond, Vancouver BC
6181.30Jack Lee, Richmond BC
7177.11Nicholas Stock, North Vancouver BC
8166.49Ken Scholes, Bellevue WA
9145.88Alex Hong, West Vancouver BC
10145.74Polly Dunn, Edmonds WA
11145.74Patrick Dunn, Edmonds WA
12139.95Peter Herold, Namaimo BC
13131.43Kai Zhou, Burnaby BC
14130.86William Ge, Burnaby BC
15129.95Leo Glaser, Lake Country BC
16127.10David Hu, Richmond BC
17120.48Monica Angus, West Vancouver BC
18115.00Dan Jacob, Vancouver BC
19114.88Sun-O Ho, Redmond WA
20114.44Larry Pocock, Vancouver BC
21114.44Yue Su, Vancouver BC
22109.54Sidney Yang, Richmond BC
23108.13Brad Bart, Coquitlam BC
24107.83Brian Busby, Campbell River BC
25107.83Bruce Busby, Campbell River BC
26107.52Thomas Anderson, North Vancouver BC
27106.70Duncan Smith, Victoria BC
28104.74Bruce Ferguson, Palm Springs CA
29104.39Gordon Campbell, Calgary AB
30104.39Ian Findlay, Banff AB
31103.89Howard Epley, Kent WA
32102.73Ronald Tracy, Edmonds 98026 WA
33100.96Gerry Marshall, Calgary AB
34100.91Oren Kriegel, Chicago IL
35100.91David Grainger, Etobicoke ON
36 98.75Rumen Trendafilov, Varna
37 98.75Vladislav Isporski, Sofia
38 98.09Judy Harris, Salmon Arm BC
39 98.01Eric Pan, Burnaby BC
40 97.75Bernie Lambert, Acme AB
41 96.71Mike Levine, Pinckney MI
42 96.71Eddie Wold, Houston TX
43 95.37Gerry McCully, Victoria BC
44 87.79Ryley Breiddal, Vancouver BC
45 87.41Nicholas Gartaganis, Calgary AB
46 87.41Judith Gartaganis, Calgary AB
47 85.65Linda Lewis, Las Vegas NV
48 85.65Paul Lewis, Las Vegas NV
49 85.65Douglas Doub, West Hartford CT
50 85.30Joan Cremin, Paradise Valley AZ
51 85.30Curtis Cheek, Las Vegas NV
52 85.30Huub Bertens, Las Vegas NV
53 85.30Jacob Morgan, Madison WI
54 85.30Haig Tchamitch, Paradise Valley AZ
55 83.74Ken Christiansen, Bothell WA
56 83.34Justin Lall, Little Elm TX
57 83.34Mike Passell, Plano TX
58 83.34John Kranyak, Las Vegas NV
59 83.34Nanette Noland, Baton Rouge LA
60 82.66Glenn Cossey, Innisfail AB
61 82.66Cindy Cossey, Innisfail AB
62 81.58Bob Todd, Winnipeg MB
63 80.58Edward Hung, Richmond BC
64 80.09Karen Rise, Leavenworth WA
65 79.75Daniel Bertrand, Calgary AB
66 79.38Debbie Mineault, Victoria BC
67 78.41Rhonda Foster, Victoria BC
68 78.33Daniel Poore, Seattle WA
69 76.22Bryan Maksymetz, Vancouver BC
70 73.27Ronald Woodard, Olympia WA
71 72.31Dianne Cox, Redmond WA
72 72.24Hendrik Sharples, Brush Prairie WA
73 72.20Richard D'Litzenberger, Leavenworth WA
74 71.60John Cox, Saint Maries ID
75 71.21Ed Schulte, Tampa FL
76 71.21Jerry Helms, Charlotte NC
77 71.00Paul Reitsma, Parksville BC
78 70.36Dennis Duryea, Redmond WA
79 69.06David Yu, Ottawa ON
80 67.79Ann Romeo, Seattle WA
81 67.77Julie Smith, Vancouver BC
82 67.56Marty McCune, Seattle WA
83 66.96Karen Epley, Kent WA
84 66.85Les Fouks, Vancouver BC
85 66.46Ron Beall, Bellingham WA
86 66.36Sue Anderson, Seattle WA
87 65.04Cynthia Glad, Seattle WA
88 64.99Dana Hastings, Baton Rouge LA
89 64.85Curley Anderson, Saskatoon SK
90 63.78Sylvia Shi, Las Vegas NV
91 63.55Roger Taylor, Parksville BC
92 63.15Sheldon Spier, Chemainus BC
93 63.15Michael Ainsley, Victoria BC
94 62.77Andy Anderson, Saskatoon SK
95 62.29Phyllis Rakevich, Tumwater WA
96 62.05Brian Sims, Cultus Lake BC
97 61.98Mark Beduz, Calgary AB
98 61.87Tom Carmichael, Mill Creek WA
99 61.30Robert Bjorge, Bellingham WA
100 60.87Sandra Scholes, Bellevue WA

Tuesday Open Pairs

Winners: Leo Glaser, Nicholas Stock

Event winners Leo Glaser and Nicholas Stock had the lead at halftime by almost a full board, and extended it little by little in the afternoon session to nearly two boards, never once losing the event lead.  Sandy and Roberta McIlwain needed only three rounds of the afternoon session to get the B-strat lead for good.  Much the same thing happened for C-strat winners Andrew Mitchell and Larry Whitlow, who took the lead for the last time in round three of the afternoon as well.

Two-session pairs event, scored in matchpoints.  Strat limits (by pair average): A: 3000+ / B: 1500 - 3000 / C: 0 - 1500.  
Average masterpoints for players in this event: 3262

MPts Score A B C Tuesday Open Pairs (15, 15 tables)
ACBL Live Link
24.06 61.81% 1 Leo Glaser; Lake Country BC; Nicholas Stock; North Vancouver BC
18.05 58.17% 2 Dan Jacob - Gordon McOrmond; Vancouver BC
13.53 58.10% 3 1 Sandy McIlwain - Roberta McIlwain; Invermere BC
10.15 56.66% 4 Julie Smith; Vancouver BC; Judy Harris; Salmon Arm BC
8.12 55.43% 5 2 Kelly Meenagh; Kelowna BC; Don Bell; Vernon BC
6.87 55.08% 6 3 Paul Pugsley - Douglas Smith; Carson City NV
6.02 54.60% 7 4 Gustav Axen; New Westminster BC; Shelley Burns; North Vancouver BC
5.35 54.12% 8 Robert Bjorge; Bellingham WA; Thomas Devine; Ferndale WA
3.65 54.05% 5 Stephen Pickett; Vancouver BC; Richard Dorfman; Oconomowoc WI
3.85 52.06% 1 Andrew Mitchell; Oak Harbor WA; Larry Whitlow; Saskatoon SK
2.89 49.73% 2 Paul Fournier; Vancouver BC; Jane Skinner; La Quinta CA

Tuesday Gold Rush 0-750 Pairs

Winners: Sandy Thor, Susanne Sherburne

Over 67% in the morning session for Sandy Thor and Susanne Sherburne put them about a board and a quarter ahead of the field, and they increased it to one and three-quarter boards in the afternoon finale with a second strong session.  Mojgan and Khosrow Shad, fourth overall, won the under-300 strat by just less than a full board, starting the session tied for first and finishing strong.  Michael Desaulniers and Dariusz Matus mounted the big comeback to win the under-200 strat from sixth at the break, stringing together six straight rounds above average to win by two-thirds of a board.

Two-session pairs event, scored in matchpoints.  Strat limits (by pair average): 7: 300 - 750 / 3: 200 - 300 / 2: 0 - 200.  No player over 750 was eligible.
Average masterpoints for players in this event: 239

MPts Score 7 3 2 Tuesday Gold Rush 0-750 Pairs (24, 24 tables)
ACBL Live Link
7.81 66.29% 1 Sandy Thor; Seattle WA; Susanne Sherburne; Bellingham WA
5.86 62.63% 2 Diane Zebroff - Michael Moore; Kamloops BC
4.39 58.47% 3 Walter Thies; Corvallis OR; Tom Wahl; Little Rock AR
5.32 58.17% 4 1 Mojgan Shad - Khosrow Shad; West Vancouver BC
3.99 56.46% 5/6 2 Linda Henderson - Gillian Schramm; Whistler BC
2.42 56.46% 5/6 Jerry Shapiro - David Herbert; Vancouver BC
3.72 56.43% 7 3 1 Michael Desaulniers; Coquitlam BC; Dariusz Matus; Surrey BC
2.24 56.16% 8 4 Nancy Anderson - Ron Anderson; Campbell River BC
2.79 55.04% 9 5 2 Ian Gilhooley - Joyce Tokarek; Vancouver BC
1.81 54.03% 10 6 Carol Renner - John Renner; Kamloops BC
2.09 53.93% 11 7 3 Scott Miller - Anne-Marie Miller; Sooke BC
1.37 53.54% 12 8 Frances Adam; Vancouver BC; Judy Christensen; New Westminster BC
1.52 52.78% 9 John Coates - Miranda Levert; Vancouver BC
2.29 52.60% 4 Patricia Kirkpatrick; Sammamish WA; Susan Vollmer; Federal Way WA
1.24 50.63% 5 Patricia Crichton - Pirjo Holt; Kelowna BC
1.06 50.58% 6 Nimi Bhachu; Maple Ridge BC; Lou Rene Legge; Pitt Meadiows BC

Tuesday Afternoon Swiss Teams

Winners: Zwicky (A), Busby (B), Lacey (C)

An 18-2 victory for undefeated Zwicky in the final round clinched the event, but Busby scored 19 to get within 2 VPs, winning strat B by nine VPs.   The two top C-strat teams played in the finale, with Lacey defeating Mansell by one IMP to take the C-strat win.

Swiss Teams event with 4 matches of 6 boards, scored in Victory Points (maximum 20 per match.  Strat limits (by team average): A: 2000+ / B: 750 - 2000 / C: 0 - 750.  
Average masterpoints for players in this event: 1441

MPts VPs A B C Tuesday Afternoon Swiss Teams (19 teams)
ACBL Live Link
5.41 62 1 Ewa Zwicky - Don Copeland - Ernie Tradewell - Brian Fraser; Victoria BC
4.06 60 2 1 Bruce Busby - Brian Busby; Campbell River BC; Colin Ransom - Doreen Ransom; Squamish BC
3.04 51 3 Ouida McCullough - Paul O'Brien; Bellingham WA; Michael Boruta - Suzanne Boruta; Anacortes WA
2.84 50 4 2 1 Barbara Lacey - Georgia Heed; West Vancouver BC; Janet Argent - Julianne Wooden; North Vancouver BC
1.71 49 5 Sheila Sache - Donald Sache; West Vancouver BC; Pete Marinus; Courtenay BC; Michael Moffatt; Surrey BC
2.13 48 6 3 2 Milt Mansell - Sharon Mansell; Calgary AB; Margaret Murison - David Murison; Vernon BC
1.60 47 4 Paul Reitsma - Roger Taylor; Parksville BC; Neil McAllister - Maureen McAllister; Vancouver BC
1.20 42 5 Carol Gutsell - Gordon Hepperle; Summerland BC; Pierre Lalonde - Maureen Barnes; Kelowna BC
1.38 41 3 Marcel Janssen - Donna Janssen; Bethune SK; Anita Davis; Durango CO; David Colburn; Edmonton AB
1.03 37 4 Bruce Boan - Peggy Boan; Mill Bay BC; Daryl Krepps - Gloria Shabbits; Nanaimo BC

Tuesday Afternoon Side Game

Winners: Homa Boustani, Bertram Schoner

Single-session pairs event, scored in matchpoints.  Part of the Afternoon Side Game Series Side Game Series, session 1 of 5 in the series.  (In a side game series you are free to play as many sessions as you wish, even with different partners.)  Strat limits (by pair average): A: 2000+ / B: 750 - 2000 / C: 0 - 750.  
Average masterpoints for players in this event: 1986

MPts Score A B C Tuesday Afternoon Side Game (8 tables)
ACBL Live Link
3.41 63.10% 1 1 1 Homa Boustani; West Vancouver BC; Bertram Schoner; Vancouver BC
2.56 62.80% 2 Bryan Brooking; North Vancouver BC; Cliff Campbell; Thunder Bay ON
2.10 60.12% 3 John Emmerson; Federal Way WA; Melinda Westgate; Mercer Island WA
2.27 59.82% 4 2 Slava Simice; Comox BC; Marv Norden; Peachland BC
1.08 58.04% 5 Lily Andre - James Andre; Mercer Island WA
1.70 57.14% 3 Diane Thompson - Jennifer Parkyn; Kamloops BC
1.49 50.30% 4 2 Deborah Davy; Gibsons BC; Patricia Hartley; West Vancouver BC

Tuesday-Wednesday Bracketed Knockout Teams

Tuesday-Wednesday Knockout Teams, Bracket One

Bracket One has twelve teams and a masterpoint average of 6158 per player.  ACBL Live link to brackets
Opening Round
Tuesday Morning
3.83 red
Tuesday Afternoon
15.31 gold
Wednesday Morning
26.79 gold
Wednesday Afternoon
38.27 gold

3-way : Henneberger vs McCullough vs Johnson

3-way : Huang vs Sache vs Moon

3-way : Campbell vs Wastle vs Elmore

3-way : Peters vs Emmerson vs Beall

Henneberger vs Moon

Huang vs Elmore

Campbell vs Peters

Johnson vs Beall

Henneberger vs Peters

Johnson vs Elmore

??? vs ???

Hideous Hog (In Training)'s Prediction:

Elmore over Peters in the final.

Bracket One Semifinalist Team Rosters:

Martin Henneberger; Coquitlam BC; Cliffton Gillis; Vancouver BC; Rhonda Foster - Gerry McCully; Sun City West AZ
Susan Peters; Vancouver BC; Doug Hansford; Surrey BC; Polly Dunn - Patrick Dunn; Edmonds WA

David Johnson; Calgary AB; Roger McNay; Beaverton OR; Howard Epley - Karen Epley; Kent WA
Linda Elmore; Victoria TX; Chris Compton; Dallas TX; Ishmael Del'Monte; Las Vegas NV; Owen Lien; Oak Park MI

Tuesday-Wednesday Knockout Teams, Bracket Two

Bracket Two has fourteen teams and a masterpoint average of 1589 per player.  ACBL Live link to brackets
Opening Round
Tuesday Morning
2.11 red
Tuesday Afternoon
8.42 gold
Wednesday Morning
14.74 gold
Wednesday Afternoon
21.06 gold

Norden vs Richardson

3-way : Reis vs Murphy vs Cookson

Wuerscher vs Phoenix

Boan vs Nalos

3-way : Hepperle vs Hellquist vs Ferguson

Busby vs Goulet

Richardson vs Goulet

Reis vs Ferguson

Wuerscher vs Nalos

Murphy vs Hellquist

Murphy vs Nalos

Goulet vs Ferguson

??? vs ???

Hideous Hog (In Training)'s Prediction:

Goulet over Murphy in the final.

Bracket Two Semifinalist Team Rosters:

Patrick Murphy - Cynthia Clark - Murray Haggins - Marilyn Haggins; Calgary AB
Andrew Nalos - Harry Satanove; Vancouver BC; Kenneth Ramsay; West Vancouver BC; Thomas Anderson; North Vancouver BC

Danielle Goulet - Denis Johnston - David Reid - Tony Farr; Victoria BC
Cindy Ferguson - Caenie Pyrcz - Anne Primeau - Delia Michaud; Calgary AB

Tuesday-Wednesday Knockout Teams, Bracket Three

Bracket Three has twelve teams and a masterpoint average of 860 per player.  ACBL Live link to brackets
Opening Round
Tuesday Morning
1.44 red
Tuesday Afternoon
5.74 gold
Wednesday Morning
10.05 gold
Wednesday Afternoon
14.36 gold

3-way : Curtis vs Gubbins vs Berry

3-way : Reitsma vs Creech vs Lipe

3-way : Daam vs Weber vs Flanagan

3-way : Quennell vs Karr vs Peterson

Curtis vs Lipe

Berry vs Creech

Quennell vs Flanagan

Karr vs Weber

Curtis vs Quennell

Berry vs Weber

??? vs ???

Hideous Hog (In Training)'s Prediction:

Quennell over Berry in the final.

Bracket Three Semifinalist Team Rosters:

William Curtis - Chic Callas; Whitehorse YT; Dick Yuen; North Vancouver BC; Shameine Ali; New Westminster BC
Emelie Quennell - Dorothy Mersereau; Calgary AB; Melissa Martin; Whitefish MT; Janet Tainty; Santa Cruz CA

Donald Berry - Russell Page - Terry Foster; Victoria BC; Lorenzo Migliorini; Seattle WA
Jean-Philipp Weber - Holly Boudreau - Margaret Skinner - Esther Wiebe; Victoria BC

Tuesday-Wednesday Knockout Teams, Bracket Four

Bracket Four has twelve teams and a masterpoint average of 389 per player.  ACBL Live link to brackets
Opening Round
Tuesday Afternoon
1.04 red
Tuesday Evening
2.08 red, 2.08 gold
Wednesday Afternoon
3.64 red, 3.64 gold
Wednesday Evening
5.20 red, 5.20 gold

3-way : Abbott vs Sheasby vs Woods

3-way : Veitch vs Deisman vs Corbett

3-way : Mansell vs Raymond vs Plasteras

3-way : Janssen vs Allen vs Stanley

Abbott vs Veitch

Sheasby vs Allen

Deisman vs Raymond

Stanley vs Plasteras

Sheasby vs Plasteras

Veitch vs Raymond

??? vs ???

Hideous Hog (In Training)'s Prediction:

Sheasby over Raymond in the final.

Bracket Four Semifinalist Team Rosters:

Al Sheasby - Maureen Sheasby - Laurie Bell - Linda Ball; Vernon BC
Jill Plasteras - Gina Curran; Victoria BC; Rebecca Brown; Bellingham WA; David Arnot; Vernon BC

Lorna Veitch; Qualicum Beach BC; Michael Moscovich; Campbell River BC; Grace Lindsay; Nanoose Bay BC; John Schuller; Parksville BC
Mark Raymond - Mel Zimmerman; Victoria BC; Madeleine Tremblay - Brenda Wilson; North Saanich BC

Tuesday Morning 199er Pairs

Winners: Laurie Gould, Kathleen Jones

Single-session pairs event, scored in matchpoints.  Strat limits (by pair average): A: 100 - 200 / B: 50 - 100 / C: 0 - 50.  No player over 200 was eligible.
Average masterpoints for players in this event: 58

MPts Score A B C Tuesday Morning 199er Pairs (17½ tables)
ACBL Live Link
3.47 61.86% 1 Laurie Gould - Kathleen Jones; Vancouver BC
3.03 60.58% 2 1 Brenda Robinson - W Blair Robinson; Viking AB
1.95 59.82% 3 Alice Nelson - Gary Nelson; Bend OR
2.27 57.50% 4 2 1 Sally Lynum-Lee; Sequim WA; Carol Akers; Port Townsend WA
1.70 56.55% 5 3 Marie-France Cook - Zaitoon Shariff; West Vancouver BC
1.18 56.55% 6 Kjell Rubenson - John Silver; Vancouver BC
1.38 55.51% 4 2 Diane Gifford - Michael Williams; Squamish BC
1.05 55.06% 5 3 David Schwartz - John Kay; Vancouver BC
0.99 54.76% 6 Sandra Tone; Renton WA; Vern Porter; North Vancouver BC
0.78 54.07% 4 Lynne Ashton - Bill Ashton; Kelowna BC
0.74 51.79% 5/6 Anita Morgan; Van Couver BC; Barbara Laurillard; Vancouver BC
0.69 51.79% 5/6 Donna Watson - Allan Watson; Vernon BC

Tuesday Afternoon 199er Pairs

Winners: Marjorie Bathum, Polly Bonnell

Single-session pairs event, scored in matchpoints.  Strat limits (by pair average): D: 100 - 200 / E: 50 - 100 / F: 0 - 50.  No player over 200 was eligible.
Average masterpoints for players in this event: 59

MPts Score D E F Tuesday Afternoon 199er Pairs (15 tables)
ACBL Live Link
3.10 58.52% 1 1 Marjorie Bathum - Polly Bonnell; Bellevue WA
2.33 57.39% 2 2 Doris Sunderland - Irene Thiry; West Kelowna BC
1.74 56.63% 3 3 Janie Ochsendorf - Violet Poruchko; Surrey BC
1.31 56.25% 4 Gary Nelson - Alice Nelson; Bend OR
1.18 56.06% 5 4 Alan Tyabji - Barbara Tyabji; Oliver BC
0.89 55.68% 6 5 Neville Sankey - Vicki Scatliff; Qualicum Beach BC
1.74 55.11% 6 1 Andrew Popovich; Friday Harbor WA; Lucile Mears; Victoria BC
1.31 53.22% 2 Mary Puddicombe; W. Vancouver BC; Carol Slater; W Vancouver BC
0.98 52.84% 3 Marina Heitner - Phil Heitner; Vernon BC
0.82 51.89% 4 Karen Chelswick - Ralph Chelswick; Garibldi-Hgld BC
0.57 48.67% 5/6 Sandra Horbachewsky; Surrey BC; Daphne McFarland; White Rock BC
0.48 48.67% 5/6 John Wiebe; Surrey BC; George Jacobs; Delta BC

Click on 'Wednesday' below to see information about Wednesday's events!  Once the play for the day is over, and the results are processed, the daily pages will switch from event information to results.

Trivia answer: Rebagliati won the gold in Nagano in 1998, but was forced to give the medal back because he tested positive for THC, the active ingredient in marijuana.  Eventually it was determined that this was not against the rules and the medal was returned; today Rebagliati lives in Kelowna and promotes cannabis products, legal in Canada since 2017.