The 2019 Whistler Regional: Monday, October 28

Welcome to Whistler!

Attendance So Far

76 tables at the end of Monday play; up/down from 2017 by 15 tables (+24.6%).  Pretty good start, on pace for over 1500 tables!  (Last time was 1255 .)

Masterpoint Leaders

Overall Leaders thru Monday

1Patrick Dunn, Edmonds WA9.86
1Polly Dunn, Edmonds WA9.86
3Douglas Smith, Carson City NV7.40
3Paul Pugsley, Carson City NV7.40
5Laurie Bell, Vernon BC7.39
5Linda Ball, Vernon BC7.39
7Carole Bradshaw, Courtenay BC5.55
7Jack Bradshaw, Courtenay BC5.55
9Andy Hellquist, Surrey BC5.54
9Thomas Anderson, North Vancouver BC5.54
11Dora Lee, Nanaimo BC4.16
11Marlene Powell, Vancouver BC4.16
11Sally Craig, Port Moody BC4.16
11Slava Simice, Comox BC4.16
15Bonnie Stuart, West Vancouver BC3.22
15Brenda Johnston, North Vancouver BC3.22
17Carol Adamek, Dallas TX3.12
17Dave Vidaver, Sacramento CA3.12
17Gina Kirk, San Luis Obispo CA3.12
17Judi Callaham, Fair Oaks CA3.12
21Andrew Mitchell, Oak Harbor WA3.10
21Larry Whitlow, Saskatoon SK3.10
23Dick Yuen, North Vancouver BC2.65
23Shameine Ali, New Westminster BC2.65
25Patricia Crichton, Kelowna BC2.42
25Pirjo Holt, Kelowna BC2.42
27Al Sheasby, Vernon BC2.32
27Maureen Sheasby, Vernon BC2.32
29Michael Moffatt, Surrey BC2.00
29Vicki Moffatt, Surrey BC2.00
31Patricia Kirkpatrick, Sammamish WA1.81
31Susan Vollmer, Federal Way WA1.81
33David Herbert, Vancouver BC1.74
33Jerry Shapiro, Vancouver BC1.74
35Colleen Perry, North Vancouver BC1.45
35Larraine Smith, North Vancouver BC1.45
37Mary Jane Brunt, Bellingham WA1.39
37Shirley McKinney, Bellingham WA1.39
39Anne-Marie Miller, Sooke BC1.36
39Scott Miller, Sooke BC1.36
41Caenie Pyrcz, Calgary AB1.33
41Cindy Ferguson, Calgary AB1.33
43Roberta McIlwain, Invermere BC1.32
43Sandy McIlwain, Invermere BC1.32
45Bonnie Broders, Port Townsend WA1.26
45Eileen Deutsch, Port Townsend WA1.26
47Carol Slater, West Vancouver BC1.25
47David Ross, Vernon BC1.25
47Mary Puddicombe, West Vancouver BC1.25
47Suzan Ross, Vernon BC1.25

Non-Life Master Leaders thru Monday

1Linda Ball, Vernon BC7.39
2Bonnie Stuart, West Vancouver BC3.22
2Brenda Johnston, North Vancouver BC3.22
4Andrew Mitchell, Oak Harbor WA3.10
5Patricia Crichton, Kelowna BC2.42
5Pirjo Holt, Kelowna BC2.42
7Al Sheasby, Vernon BC2.32
7Maureen Sheasby, Vernon BC2.32
9Patricia Kirkpatrick, Sammamish WA1.81
9Susan Vollmer, Federal Way WA1.81
11Jerry Shapiro, Vancouver BC1.74
12Colleen Perry, North Vancouver BC1.45
12Larraine Smith, North Vancouver BC1.45
14Mary Jane Brunt, Bellingham WA1.39
14Shirley McKinney, Bellingham WA1.39
16Anne-Marie Miller, Sooke BC1.36
16Scott Miller, Sooke BC1.36
18Carol Slater, West Vancouver BC1.25
18David Ross, Vernon BC1.25
18Mary Puddicombe, West Vancouver BC1.25
18Suzan Ross, Vernon BC1.25
22Barry Patterson, Kamloops BC1.08
22Kit Nagurski, Kamloops BC1.08
24Dariusz Matus, Surrey BC1.02
24Michael Desaulniers, Coquitlam BC1.02
26Cliffton Gillis, Vancouver BC0.88
27Jonathan Mears, Victoria BC0.80
27Lucile Mears, Victoria BC0.80

Tournament News

Watch for signs and announcements today about a special reception Tuesday evening for people staying at the Fairmont this week!   Expect to see a snack bar set up outside the main playing area towards the end of the morning session (although there are several other places to get well fed in the Fairmont).

Juggling several tournaments and Bulletins in the past few weeks has left me little time to get the Kirkwood Standings updated but this will get done and posted laster this week.

Monday Evening Side Game

Winners: Patrick Dunn, Polly Dunn

Patrick and Polly Dunn had 80% after two rounds and were tied for the lead, but led from that point on, by varying amounts, ending only about three matchpoints ahead on a 35 top.  Nearly 63% left Laurie and Linda Bell ahead slightly in strat B and ahead by a country mile in strat C.

Single-session pairs event, scored in matchpoints.  Part of the Evening Side Game Series Side Game Series, session 1 of 5 in the series.  (In a side game series you are free to play as many sessions as you wish, even with different partners.)  Strat limits (by pair average): A: 2000+ / B: 750 - 2000 / C: 0 - 750.  
Average masterpoints for players in this event: 1868

MPts Score A B C Monday Evening Side Game (42 tables)
ACBL Live Link
9.86 65.29% 1 Patrick Dunn - Polly Dunn; Edmonds WA
7.40 64.94% 2 Paul Pugsley - Douglas Smith; Carson City NV
5.55 64.44% 3 Jack Bradshaw - Carole Bradshaw; Courtenay BC
4.16 63.91% 4 Dora Lee; Nanaimo BC; Slava Simice; Comox BC
3.12 63.19% 5 Judi Callaham; Fair Oaks CA; Dave Vidaver; Sacramento CA
7.39 62.98% 6 1 1 Laurie Bell - Linda Ball; Vernon BC
5.54 61.56% 7 2 Thomas Anderson; North Vancouver BC; Andy Hellquist; Surrey BC
1.32 61.01% 8 Sandy McIlwain - Roberta McIlwain; Invermere BC
1.16 60.52% 9 Judy Chapman; Edmonton AB; Ron Grove; Victoria BC
4.16 59.69% 3 Marlene Powell; Vancouver BC; Sally Craig; Port Moody BC
3.12 58.74% 4 Carol Adamek; Dallas TX; Gina Kirk; San Luis Obispo CA
2.65 58.36% 5 Shameine Ali; New Westminster BC; Dick Yuen; North Vancouver BC
3.10 57.24% 6 2 Andrew Mitchell; Oak Harbor WA; Larry Whitlow; Saskatoon SK
1.33 56.07% 7 Caenie Pyrcz - Cindy Ferguson; Calgary AB
2.32 55.79% 3 Maureen Sheasby - Al Sheasby; Vernon BC
1.74 55.36% 4 Jerry Shapiro - David Herbert; Vancouver BC
1.39 54.56% 5 Shirley McKinney - Mary Jane Brunt; Bellingham WA
1.00 52.14% 6 Gillian Schramm; Whistler BC; Adrianne Damgaard; West Vancouver BC

Monday-Wednesday Bracketed Knockout Teams

Monday-Tuesday Bracketed Knockout Teams, Bracket One

Bracket One has six teams and a masterpoint average of 7382 per player.  ACBL Live link to brackets
Opening Round
Monday Evening
2.27 red
Tuesday Evening
15.92 gold
Wednesday Evening
22.74 gold

3-way: Elmore vs
Lee vs Axen

3-way: Bell vs
Moon vs McCully

Elmore vs Moon

Axen vs Bell

??? vs ???

Hideous Hog (In Training)'s Prediction:

Moon over Axen in the final

Bracket One Semifinalist Team Rosters:

Linda Elmore, Victoria TX; Chris Compton, Dallas TX; Owen Lien, Oak Park MI; Ishmael Del'Monte, Las Vegas NV
Hannah Moon, Sasakatoon SK; Ayako Miyakuni - Kenji Miyakuni, Tokyo Japan; Cliff Campbell, Thunder Bay ON; Ken Gee, Regina SK

Gustav Axen - June Keith, New Westminster BC; Shelley Burns, North Vancouver BC; Jadwiga Polujan, Calgary AB
Don Bell, Vernon BC; Kelly Meenagh, Kelowna BC; Judy Harris, Salmon Arm BC; Julie Smith, Vancouver BC

Monday-Tuesday Bracketed Knockout Teams, Bracket Two

Bracket Two has six teams and a masterpoint average of 881 per player.  ACBL Live link to brackets
Opening Round
Monday Evening
0.78 red
Tuesday Evening
5.45 gold
Wednesday Evening
7.79 gold

3-way: Peterson vs
Berry vs Boan

3-way: Glassford vs
Weber vs Liss

Peterson vs Liss

Berry vs Weber

??? vs ???

Hideous Hog (In Training)'s Prediction:

Liss over Berry in the final

Bracket Two Semifinalist Team Rosters:

Joan Peterson - Ronald Miller, Bellingham WA; Nobi Morris, Wenatchee WA; Marilyn Knipp, Delta BC
Shirley Liss, Fairbanks AK; Shannon Jones, Henderson NV; Constance Johnston - Kathie Hoehne, Anchorage AK

Donald Berry - Russell Page - Terry Foster, Victoria BC; Lorenzo Migliorini, Seattle WA
Jean-Philipp Weber - Esther Wiebe - Holly Boudreau - Margaret Skinner, Victoria BC

Monday-Tuesday Bracketed Knockout Teams, Bracket Three

Bracket Three has six teams and a masterpoint average of 457 per player.  ACBL Live link to brackets
Opening Round
Monday Evening
0.75 red
Tuesday Evening
4.12 gold
Wednesday Evening
5.88 gold

3-way: Flanagan vs
Mansell vs Chow

3-way: Arnot vs
Deisman vs Janssen

Flanagan vs Janssen

Mansell vs Deisman

??? vs ???

Hideous Hog (In Training)'s Prediction:

Deisman over Flanagan in the final

Bracket Three Semifinalist Team Rosters:

Tricia Flanagan - Naushad Dada - Danuta Trafford - Tom Trafford, Calgary AB
Marcel Janssen - Donna Janssen, Bethune SK; Alix Brown - Adelina Wong-Chor, Vancouver BC

Milt Mansell - Sharon Mansell, Calgary AB; David Murison - Margaret Murison, Vernon BC
Wanda Deisman - Mary Dewar - Myrna Green - Diane Wheatcroft, Nanaimo BC

Monday Evening 199er Pairs

Winners: Brenda Johnston, Bonnie Stuart

Brenda Johnston and Bonnie Stuart won the event and the under 100 strat by only a single matchpoint and they started out slowly, never getting higher than fifth until leaping into the lead in the final round!  The under-50 strat was a tie between Suzan Ross - David Ross, and Carol Slater - Mary Puddicombe.

Single-session pairs event, scored in matchpoints.  Strat limits (by pair average): D: 100 - 200 / E: 50 - 100 / F: 0 - 50.  No player over 200 was eligible.
Average masterpoints for players in this event: 78

MPts Score D E F Monday Evening 199er Pairs (16 tables)
ACBL Live Link
3.22 59.09% 1 1 Brenda Johnston; North Vancouver BC; Bonnie Stuart; West Vancouver BC
2.42 58.71% 2 2 Patricia Crichton - Pirjo Holt; Kelowna BC
1.81 58.33% 3 Patricia Kirkpatrick; Sammamish WA; Susan Vollmer; Federal Way WA
1.36 57.58% 4 Scott Miller - Anne-Marie Miller; Sooke BC
1.02 57.39% 5 Dariusz Matus; Surrey BC; Michael Desaulniers; Coquitlam BC
1.45 56.63% 6 3 Larraine Smith - Colleen Perry; North Vancouver BC
1.08 54.17% 4 Barry Patterson - Kit Nagurski; Kamloops BC
1.25 53.41% 5/6 1/2 Suzan Ross - David Ross; Vernon BC
1.25 53.41% 5/6 1/2 Carol Slater - Mary Puddicombe; West Vancouver BC
0.80 51.70% 3 Jonathan Mears - Lucile Mears; Victoria BC

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