The 2019 Whistler Regional: Sunday, November 3

Thank you, Whistler!

Attendance So Far

1379 tables at the end of Sunday play; up from 2017 by 123½ tables (+9.8%)!

Masterpoint Leaders

Final Overall Leaders

1Judy Harris, Salmon Arm BC110.13
2Dan Jacob, Vancouver BC107.45
3Leo Glaser, Lake Country BC75.61
4Gordon McOrmond, Vancouver BC72.37
5Bryan Maksymetz, Vancouver BC71.13
6Don Bell, Vernon BC62.70
7Howard Epley, Kent WA62.11
7Karen Epley, Kent WA62.11
9Charles Bennett, Spokane WA61.74
9Dave Westfall, Spokane WA61.74
11Thomas Anderson, North Vancouver BC58.39
12Julie Smith, Vancouver BC57.72
13Nicholas Stock, North Vancouver BC56.36
14Patrick Dunn, Edmonds WA54.07
14Polly Dunn, Edmonds WA54.07
16David Johnson, Calgary AB50.16
16Roger McNay, Beaverton OR50.16
18Cliffton Gillis, Vancouver BC50.14
19Chris Compton, Dallas TX49.98
19Ishmael Del'Monte, Las Vegas NV49.98
19Linda Elmore, Victoria TX49.98
19Owen Lien, Oak Park MI49.98
23David Hu, Richmond BC49.22
23David Huang, Burnaby BC49.22
25Aidan Ballantyne, Burnaby BC48.30
25Katrin Litwin, Burnaby BC48.30
27Kelly Meenagh, Kelowna BC47.80
28Doug Hansford, Surrey BC45.44
28Susan Peters, Vancouver BC45.44
30Eric Pan, Burnaby BC45.31
31Bud Craig, Kelowna BC45.09
32Jack Lee, Richmond BC44.10
33Danielle Goulet, Victoria BC43.49
33Tony Farr, Victoria BC43.49
35David Reid, Victoria BC42.81
35Denis Johnston, Victoria BC42.81
37Gerry McCully, Victoria BC42.63
38Sally Craig, Port Moody BC42.40
39June Keith, New Westminster BC41.69
40Andy Hellquist, Surrey BC41.53
41Martin Henneberger, Coquitlam BC41.49
42Ayako Miyakuni, Tokyo 41.13
42Kenji Miyakuni, Tokyo 41.13
44Rhonda Foster, Victoria BC38.27
45William Ge, Burnaby BC36.42
46Debbie Martignago, Coquitlam BC35.99
47Alden Edwards, Kelowna BC35.23
48Alex Hong, West Vancouver BC34.52
49Paul Reitsma, Parksville BC34.21
50Michael Christensen, Seattle WA33.78
50Stanford Christie, Kirkland WA33.78

Final Non-Life Master Leaders

1Cliffton Gillis, Vancouver BC50.14
2Ishmael Del'Monte, Las Vegas NV49.98
3Denis Johnston, Victoria BC42.81
4Ayako Miyakuni, Tokyo 41.13
5Alex Hong, West Vancouver BC34.52
6Bruna Giacomazzi, Surrey BC28.35
7Candace Allen, Clinton WA24.69
8Diane Zebroff, Kamloops BC24.18
8Michael Moore, Kamloops BC24.18
10Linda Ball, Vernon BC20.82
11Khosrow Shad, West Vancouver BC18.79
11Mojgan Shad, West Vancouver BC18.79
13Ian Gilhooley, Vancouver BC17.92
14Anne Katrichak, Richmond BC17.56
15Al Sheasby, Vernon BC16.77
15Maureen Sheasby, Vernon BC16.77
17Andrew Mitchell, Oak Harbor WA16.23
18Jack Qi, North Vancouver BC15.63
18Lucy Zhong, North Vancouver BC15.63
20Sandra Dequier, Kelowna BC15.61
21Madeleine Tremblay, North Saanich BC15.55
21Mark Raymond, Victoria BC15.55
23Mary Meenagh, Kelowna BC15.32
24Danuta Trafford, Calgary AB14.81
24Tom Trafford, Calgary AB14.81
26Lorna Veitch, Qualicum Beach BC13.70
26Michael Moscovich, Campbell River BC13.70
28Brenda Wilson, North Saanich BC13.56
28Mel Zimmerman, Victoria BC13.56
30Grace Lindsay, Nanoose Bay BC12.75
30John Schuller, Parksville BC12.75

Have a look at the masterpoints page to see totals for everyone, including red-gold breakdowns, updated each night by about midnight.

Sunday Open Swiss Teams

Winners: Jacob (A), Anderson (B) (C)

59 VPs of a possible 60 left Jacob ahead by 4VP at the end.  Angus was the only undefeated team but a tie and a few single-digit wins held them to third.  Second was Anderson, who scored a 19-1 win in the final round against a contending team and won strat X!  A software glitch seems to have awarded only one place in X which I think should be five places; we'll post the revision when we get it.

Swiss Teams event with 6 matches of 8 boards, scored in Victory Points (maximum 20 per match.  Strat limits (by team average): A: 3000+ / X: 0 - 3000. nbsp;
Average masterpoints for players in this event: 3619

MPts VPs A X Sunday Open Swiss Teams (21 teams)
ACBL Live Link
27.66 88 1 Christina Jacob - Gordon McOrmond - Dan Jacob - Bryan Maksymetz; Vancouver BC
20.75 84 2 1 Thomas Anderson; North Vancouver BC; Andy Hellquist; Surrey BC; Debbie Martignago; Coquitlam BC; Ryley Breiddal; Vancouver BC
15.56 83 3 Monica Angus - Alex Hong; West Vancouver BC; Jack Lee; Richmond BC; Kai Zhou; Burnaby BC; David Yu; Ottawa ON
11.67 73 4 Anne Scott; North Vancouver BC; Clayton Connolly; Richmond BC; Larry Pocock - Yue Su; Vancouver BC
9.22 71 5 Katrin Litwin - Aidan Ballantyne; Burnaby BC; Stanford Christie; Kirkland WA; Michael Christensen; Seattle WA
7.41 70 6/7 Eric Pan - William Ge - David Huang; Burnaby BC; David Hu; Richmond BC
7.41 70 6/7 Judy Harris; Salmon Arm BC; Leo Glaser; Lake Country BC; Kenji Miyakuni - Ayako Miyakuni; Tokyo, Japan
8.89 68 2 Garry Skoropada - James Marshall; Maple Ridge BC; David Schmidt; Chilliwack BC; James Sache; Rosedale BC
6.67 67 3 Brenda Mathews - Kathleen Phoenix; Kamloops BC; Jack Bradshaw - Carole Bradshaw; Courtenay BC
5.00 64 4 Nicholas Stock; North Vancouver BC; Diana Jing; Surrey BC; Amy Gao; Richmond BC; Baixiang Liu; New Westminster BC
3.95 60 5 Murray Haggins - Marilyn Haggins - Janet Sharpe - John Sharpe; Calgary AB

Sunday B/C 0-2500 Swiss Teams

Winners: L'Heureux (A, B) (C)

L'Heureux won five in a row and then scored enough in the final round to clinch the event win.  They were also first in the under-1250 strat, which should have more than one overall award: we'll post revisions when we get them.

Swiss Teams event with 6 matches of 8 boards, scored in Victory Points (maximum 20 per match.  Strat limits (by team average): B: 1250 - 2500 / C: 0 - 1250. nbsp;No player over 2500 was eligible.
Average masterpoints for players in this event: 915

MPts VPs B C Sunday B/C 0-2500 Swiss Teams (16 teams)
ACBL Live Link
17.52 84 1 1 Edgar L'Heureux; White Rock BC; Sally Craig; Port Moody BC; Jack Johnson - Bruna Giacomazzi; Surrey BC
13.14 78 2 Paul Reitsma - Roger Taylor; Parksville BC; Gina Kirk; San Luis Obispo CA; Beverley Hall; North Vancouver BC
9.86 77 3 2 Bud Craig - Kelly Meenagh - Mary Meenagh - Sandra Dequier; Kelowna BC
7.39 74 4 3 Tricia Flanagan - Naushad Dada - Thomas Trafford - Danuta Trafford; Calgary AB
5.84 73 5 Emelie Quennell - Cynthia Clark - Patrick Murphy; Calgary AB; Melissa Martin; Whitefish MT
4.43 69 4 Marc Maes - Chris Wuerscher; Calgary AB; Dick Yuen; North Vancouver BC; Shameine Ali; New Westminster BC

Sunday Gold Rush 0-750 Swiss Teams

Winners: Allen (A, B), Tomkins (C)

Event winners Allen scored a perfect 40VP in the round robin, then added another 16 to cement the lead for good, also winning the second under-500 strat.  Tomkins rebounded in the afternoon with three wins to take the under-200 strat.

Swiss Teams event with 6 matches of 8 boards, scored in Victory Points (maximum 20 per match.  Strat limits (by team average): 7: 500 - 750 / 5: 200 - 500 / 2: 0 - 200.  No player over 750 was eligible.
Average masterpoints for players in this event: 280

MPts VPs 7 5 2 Sunday Open Swiss Teams (21 teams)
ACBL Live Link
4.23 91 1 1 Darlene Allen - Peter Leveque; Squamish BC; Giff Kassebaum - James Kassebaum; Sonoita AZ
3.17 83 2 2 Janet Mori - Patricia Desbrisay - Marcia Schoffer - Audrey Hancock; Penticton BC
2.38 80 3 3 Linda Ball - Laurie Bell - Maureen Sheasby - Al Sheasby; Vernon BC
1.78 77 4 Milt Mansell - Sharon Mansell; Calgary AB; David Murison - Margaret Murison; Vernon BC
1.55 72 5 4 Roger Lucas - Grace Kennedy - Bill Kennedy - Rose Lucas; Campbell River BC
2.53 62 1 Karen Tomkins; Burnaby BC; Ian Gilhooley - Lana Chow - Irene Dundon; Vancouver BC
1.90 61 2 Pirjo Holt; Kelowna BC; Kit Nagurski - Barry Patterson; Kamloops BC; Betsy Woods; Coquitlam BC
1.42 58 3 Louise Smith; Victoria BC; Karel Bennett; Sooke BC; Shirley Campbell; Prince George BC; Debra Sutherland; Burnaby BC