2022 Whistler Regional, Day Seven: Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Thanks for playing! Next District 19 Regional: Victoria BC, April 17-23, 2023!

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November 9 Historical Headlines (from Wikipedia)

Can you fill in the blanks and then put them into the correct chronological order? (Answers at the bottom of the page...)

Final Attendance Numbers

735 tables at the end of Day Seven (Wednesday), 53.4% of the 2019 total. Thanks to all attending players! For full details, check out the new Table Counts page!

Bridge clubs and tournaments throughout the ACBL are struggling with returning to live play, so comparing this tournament's attendance to one before the pandemic is not really fair. More than 50% is a good sign that the recovery is in full swing!

Brain Warmup Department: Galaxies

For those of you who used to like the puzzles I printed in the old bulletins, here is a link to an online version: one of the puzzles that I used to feature in the old paper Bulletins, but it is easy to play on a computer as well. Not so easy on a tablet or phone, since most of the puzzles require right-clicks, not easily done in a tablet or phone environment.

Galaxies gives you a grid of cells with some white dots. Your job is to partition the grid into areas so that each area contains one dot, the shape of each area is symmetrical (spinning it 180° results in the same shape), with the white dot at the exact centre of the shape. You click on the borders between cells to create the boundaries that form the symmetric shapes. When you create a shape that fits the constraints it will by highlighted automatically as a legal area, even if it is not part of the overall solution. Give the easy one a try and you will quickly see that the idea is difficult to explain but quite intuitive once you dive in.

Click on the puzzle you want to try at the right (or the caption below) to go to the page with all the instructions you'll need.

These puzzles come from Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection and there are links there to apps for most devices. You can make puzzles of any size and difficulty level!

Easy puzzle
(McBruce's time:

Medium puzzle
(McBruce's time:
1min 59sec)

Tricky puzzle
(McBruce's time:
1min 57sec)

Final Masterpoint Leaders

Dan Jacob tops the final list!

Masterpoints for all players are updated nightly here first, with everyone's current red and gold point total listed alphabetically below the leaders, before a shorter leaderboard is added to this page. 

Overall Leaders

1Dan Jacob, Vancouver BC132.63
2Gordon McOrmond, Sidney BC120.49
2Michael Hargreaves, Victoria BC120.49
4Piotr Klimowicz, Edmonton AB111.63
5Bob Todd, Winnipeg MB93.00
5Brad Bart, Coquitlam BC93.00
5Nicholas Stock, North Vancouver BC93.00
8Leo Glaser, Lake Country BC78.51
9Steve Bates, Edmonton AB73.28
9Steven Lawrence, Calgary AB73.28
11Don Bell, Vernon BC72.18
11Kelly Meenagh, Kelowna BC72.18
13Ann-Marie Crabbe, Nanaimo BC62.18
14Chris Penner, Nanaimo BC54.38
15Kelvin Raywood, Vancouver BC50.97
16David Huang, Burnaby BC49.68
17David Schmidt, Chilliwack BC49.10
18Sheila Sache, West Vancouver BC48.91
19Shelley Burns, North Vancouver BC48.72
20Roberta McIlwain, Invermere BC47.71
20Sandy McIlwain, Invermere BC47.71
22Michael Ainsley, Victoria BC45.00
22Sheldon Spier, Chemainus BC45.00
24Khosrow Shad, West Vancouver BC44.02
24Mojgan Shad, West Vancouver BC44.02

Non-Life Master Leaders

1Jennifer Hong, Burnaby BC43.68
1Rick Wei Wu, Surrey BC43.68
3Debbie Harris, North Vancouver BC29.13
4Roy Livingstone, Whiterock BC27.77
5Diane Zebroff, Kamloops BC26.11
6Linda Angstadt, Kamloops BC25.63
6Trudy Nagurski, Kamloops BC25.63
8Ronald Miller, Bellingham WA23.62
9Flora Yan, Vancouver BC22.82
9Kenny Ying, W Vancouver BC22.82
11Jin Mei Luo, Burnaby BC20.78
11Qiao Li, Burnaby BC20.78
13Andrew Mitchell, Oak Harbor WA20.49
14Dariusz Matus, Surrey BC19.36
14Michael Desaulniers, Maple Ridge BC19.36
16Greg Sensiba, Sequim WA17.95
16Vicki Sensiba, Sequim WA17.95
18Margaret Pattison, North Vancouver BC17.66
19Paul Pattison, North Vancouver BC16.59
20Lana Chow, Vancouver BC16.49

Masterpoints will be updated first on the masterpoints page. Leaders will appear here later, when the results are posted. Later this week I will compute and post final 2022 Kirkwood Trophy standings.

Day Seven (Wednesday) Results

Wednesday Top Flight Swiss Teams

Winners: Jacob (A), Bates (B), Fuhrman (C)

The Jacob team didn't lose a single match, but didn't take the lead until the final round was complete, finishing 8VP ahead of Bart, their penultimate round opponent. Under-5000 winners Bates scored 38/40 VPs in the final round-robin to vault into the lead until the final match was posted. Four wins in six matches was enough for under-3000 winners Fuhrman to take strat Y with half of the available victory points on the day.

Swiss Teams event with 6 matches of 8 boards, scored in Victory Points (maximum 20 per match.  Strat limits (by team average): A: 5000+ / X: 3000 - 5000 / Y: 0 - 3000.  
Average masterpoints for players in this event: 4906

MPts VPs A X Y Wednesday Top Flight Swiss Teams (13 teams)
ACBL Live Link
19.32 84 1 Dan Jacob, Vancouver BC; Piotr Klimowicz, Edmonton AB; Gordon McOrmond, Sidney BC; Michael Hargreaves, Victoria BC
14.49 77 2 Brad Bart, Coquitlam BC; Nicholas Stock, North Vancouver BC; Bob Todd, Winnipeg MB; Julie Smith, Vancouver BC
10.87 74 3 1 Steve Bates, Edmonton AB; Sandy McIlwain - Roberta McIlwain, Invermere BC; Steven Lawrence, Calgary AB
8.15 70 4 2 Isabel Chernoff - Vicki Moffatt, Surrey BC; Insa Fricker, White Rock BC; Anita Morse, North Vancouver BC
6.44 69 5 David Schmidt, Chilliwack BC; James Sache, Rosedale BC; Dudley Brown, Grandview WA; Herman Xiao, Sammamish WA
5.69 63 3 Ann-Marie Crabbe - Chris Penner, Nanaimo BC; Michael Ainsley, Victoria BC; Sheldon Spier, Chemainus BC
5.57 60 1 Joel Fuhrman, Kirkland WA; Andrew Mitchell, Oak Harbor WA; Edgar L'Heureux, White Rock BC; Sally Craig, Port Moody BC
4.18 53 2 Robert Gerrie - Aban Gerrie, Richmond BC; Cindy Oishi, West Vancouver BC; Thomas Anderson, North Vancouver BC

Wednesday 0-2500 Round Robin Teams

Winners: Carr (B), Abbott (C, D)

The Bracketed Round Robin Teams turned into a stratified round robin team event with only nine teams in one bracket. Not often the event winner has a four-match losing streak, but Carr won 65 of their 95 VPs in the first and fourth round robin, losing thrice by 7 and once by 2 in the round-robins before and after the break. 95 VPs was just enough, one VP more than strat C and D winners Abbott, who led at the break and at the three-quarter pole.

Swiss Teams event with 8 matches of 6 boards, scored in Victory Points (maximum 20 per match.  Strat limits (by team average): B: 1250 - 2500 / C: 750 - 1250 / D: 0 - 750.  No player over 2500 was eligible.
Average masterpoints for players in this event: 784

MPts VPs B C D Wednesday 0-2500 Round Robin Teams (9 teams)
ACBL Live Link
5.59 95 1 Stuart Carr, Burnaby BC; Lana Chow, Vancouver BC; Mojgan Shad - Khosrow Shad, West Vancouver BC
4.19 94 2 1 1 Carl Abbott - Diane Zebroff - Trudy Nagurski - Linda Angstadt, Kamloops BC
3.14 87 3 2 2 Nigel Williamson, Victoria BC; Betsy Woods, Coquitlam BC; Heide Wissner - Marcel Claeys, Calgary AB
2.36 84 4 3 Jennifer Edwards - Donalda Bannatyne, Kelowna BC; Barbara Hillman, Richmond BC; Art Loy, Surrey BC

November 9 Historical Headlines

Answers from the top of the page:

Watch this space in the next few days for the final Kirkwood Trophy Race standings. Thanks to many who have commented favourably on these online Bulletins, and we'll see you in Victoria in the spring: stay safe and warm!