2022 Whistler Regional, Day One: Thursday, November 3, 2022

Welcome to Whistler! Drive safely if you're on the way, a dusting of snow has arrived!

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 Hi and Welcome bridge players to Whistler ’22!

I’m so happy and thankful that you have come to the Whistler ’22 bridge tournament. I’ve included some details for you. Covid rules are still in effect till the end of 2022 when the ACBL will reassess their guidelines. You will be given a yellow lanyard when you show proof of vaccination at the tournament. Please, always wear this when you are in the playing area. There are no covid restrictions outside the playing area.

You have made the right decision to be here at Whistler ’22. I hope you have a great time at the tournament and the Whistler area which is one of the great resorts in Canada.

Your resort fee, Wifi, are included in your hotel registration. Free parking is included if you registered before September 10 otherwise parking is $25 per day. If you are staying off site and wish to park at the hotel, the rate is $25 per day. Outdoor parking is available within a five-minute walk at various rates from $0-$10 a day.

The Hotel will provide a snack bar between morning and afternoon sessions.

If you are here without a partner, we have a partnership desk to match you with other bridge players. Do not be afraid to play up with better players.

Many of you have done your research about our tournament. In reality, many have not. Some of you have questioned why mid-week to mid-week. Well, there is a logical answer. Normally this is a slow time for the hotel but this year after Covid, it has been extremely busy. The hotel is fully booked for November. Our choice was to have the tournament November 7 – 13 or 3 -9. I chose the earlier dates because of possible snow conditions later in November. Another reason, only one weekend would be involved which might bring more players to our tournament.

District 19 is here to promote bridge in general. Our district exists to bring F2F bridge at different locations throughout BC, Washington, and Alaska and our next tournament is in Victoria in April 2023. If you have any questions, I’d love to hear from you. Simply reply to my email marv.nordeb@gmail.com or call 778/214-6278.

Best of success and I hope to see you in Victoria.


November 3 Historical Headlines (from Wikipedia)

Can you fill in the blanks and then put them into the correct chronological order? (Answers at the bottom of the page...)

Attendance So Far

93½ tables at the end of Day One (Thursday), 17½ tables ahead of 2019 (where there was only one session on the first day). For full details, check out the new Table Counts page!

Bridge clubs and tournaments throughout the ACBL are struggling with returning to live play, so comparing this tournament's attendance to one before the pandemic is not really fair. We'll be happy if the tournament hits 55% of the 2019 table count of 1379; tables, so 758 is the target number, but maybe we'll do even better!

Brain Warmup Department: Bridges

For those of you who used to like the puzzles I printed in the old bulletins, here is a link to an online version: one of the puzzles that I used to feature in the old paper Bulletins, but it is easy to play on a computer as well. Not so easy on a tablet or phone, since most of the puzzles require right-clicks, not easily done in a tablet or phone environment.

Bridges starts you off with a grid of islands, circles with numbers inside them. Your job: connect pairs of islands with one or two bridges so that the number of bridges leading from each island matches the number in the island. Bridges can only be drawn in a straight up-down or left-right direction, and may not cross other bridges, and all of the islands must be connected.

Click on the puzzle you want to try at the right (or the caption below) to go to the page with all the instructions you'll need.

These puzzles come from Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection and there are links there to apps for most devices. You can make puzzles of any size and difficulty level!

Easy puzzle
(McBruce's time:

Medium puzzle
(McBruce's time:

Tricky puzzle
(McBruce's time:
6min 45sec)

Masterpoint Leaders thru Thursday Evening

Mostly pair game results so far

Masterpoints for all players are updated nightly here first, with everyone's current red and gold point total listed alphabetically below the leaders, before a shorter leaderboard is added to this page.

Overall Leaders

1Cristina Jacob, Vancouver BC21.00
1Dan Jacob, Vancouver BC21.00
3Angela Fenton, Vancouver BC15.75
3Michael Yuen, Vancouver BC15.75
5Evelyn Goedhart, Sidney BC11.81
5Ted Heck, Victoria BC11.81
7Gordon McOrmond, Sidney BC8.86
7Michael Hargreaves, Victoria BC8.86
9Khosrow Shad, West Vancouver BC7.88
9Mojgan Shad, West Vancouver BC7.88
11Michael Ainsley, Victoria BC7.00
11Sheldon Spier, Chemainus BC7.00
13Dave Vidaver, Sacramento CA6.00
13Paul Pugsley, Carson City NV6.00
15Aban Gerrie, Richmond BC5.91
15Robert Gerrie, Richmond BC5.91
17Ian Gilhooley, Vancouver BC5.79
17Karen Tomkins, New Westminster BC5.79
19Donna Wiwchar, Kamloops BC4.43
19Ian Glover, Kamloops BC4.43
21Kamlesh Batra, Mercer Island WA4.34
21Shiv Batra, Mercer Island WA4.34
23Colleen Perry, North Vancouver BC3.74
23Susan Craven, North Vancouver BC3.74
25Anne Kendall, Prince George BC3.32
25Robert Coole, Prince George BC3.32

Non-Life Master Leaders

1Ian Gilhooley, Vancouver BC5.79
1Karen Tomkins, New Westminster BC5.79
3Colleen Perry, North Vancouver BC3.74
3Susan Craven, North Vancouver BC3.74
5Michael Kotten, Eagan MN3.26
6Dariusz Matus, Surrey BC3.18
6Don Guichon, White Rock BC3.18
6Michael Desaulniers, Maple Ridge BC3.18
9Marjorie Bathum, Bellevue WA2.81
9Polly Bonnell, Bellevue WA2.81
11Jeremy Bowman, Vancouver BC2.57
11Shaviv Ben Neriah, Vancouver BC2.57
13Roy Livingstone, Whiterock BC2.39
14Irene Morrow, Penticton BC1.79
14William Curtis, Whitehorse YT1.79

Masterpoints will be updated first on the masterpoints page. Leaders will appear here later, when the results are posted.

Day One (Thursday) Results

Thursday Open Pairs

Winners: Cristina Jacob, Dan Jacob

Dan and Cristina Jacob were fifth overall after the first session and had improved to second overall with three rounds to go, then rounds of 72, 98, and 67% in the home stretch left them ahead by one tenth of a top! Mojgan and Khosrow Shad led the B and C strats at the half and continued to get a small majority of the available matchpoints to maintain their lead!

Two-session pairs event, scored in matchpoints.  Strat limits (by pair average): A: 3000+ / B: 2000 - 3000 / C: 0 - 2000.  
Average masterpoints for players in this event: 4297

MPts Score A B C Thursday Open Pairs (10, 10 tables)
ACBL Live Link
21.00 62.86% 1 Cristina Jacob - Dan Jacob, Vancouver BC
15.75 62.65% 2 Angela Fenton - Michael Yuen, Vancouver BC
11.81 56.48% 3 Ted Heck, Victoria BC; Evelyn Goedhart, Sidney BC
8.86 55.97% 4 Michael Hargreaves, Victoria BC; Gordon McOrmond, Sidney BC
7.00 55.35% 5 Michael Ainsley, Victoria BC; Sheldon Spier, Chemainus BC
6.00 52.88% 6 Dave Vidaver, Sacramento CA; Paul Pugsley, Carson City NV
7.88 51.65% 1 1 Mojgan Shad - Khosrow Shad, West Vancouver BC
5.91 50.82% 2 Aban Gerrie - Robert Gerrie, Richmond BC
4.43 49.07% 3 2 Ian Glover - Donna Wiwchar, Kamloops BC
3.32 48.77% 4 Robert Coole - Anne Kendall, Prince George BC

Thursday Gold Rush 0-750 Pairs

Winners: Karen Tomkins, Ian Gilhooley

No rounds below average in the evening session, and quite a few well above average, was the recipe for Karen Tomkins and Ian Gilhooley, who went from eighth at the break to a tight win! Under 400 winners Colleen Perry and Susan Craven held altitude at 57-58% throughout the entire second session better than any jetliner's autopilot could, coming out three and a half boards ahead.

Two-session pairs event, scored in matchpoints.  Strat limits (by pair average): 7: 400 - 750 / 4: 200 - 400 / 2: 0 - 200.  No player over 750 was eligible.
Average masterpoints for players in this event: 431

MPts Score 7 4 2 Thursday Gold Rush 0-750 Pairs (13, 10½ tables)
ACBL Live Link
5.79 62.64% 1 Karen Tomkins, New Westminster BC; Ian Gilhooley, Vancouver BC
4.34 61.80% 2 Kamlesh Batra - Shiv Batra, Mercer Island WA
3.26 61.73% 3 Pat Kotten, Tucson AZ; Michael Kotten, Eagan MN
3.74 57.81% 4 1 Colleen Perry - Susan Craven, North Vancouver BC
2.57 57.77% 5 Shaviv Ben Neriah - Jeremy Bowman, Vancouver BC
1.65 52.20% 6 James Ryan, Shoreline WA; Art Loy, Surrey BC
2.81 50.03% 2 Marjorie Bathum - Polly Bonnell, Bellevue WA
2.10 47.26% 3 John Coates - Miranda Levert, Vancouver BC
1.58 47.26% 4 Alison Donoghue, North Vancouver BC; Lisa Bealle, New Westminster BC

Thursday-Friday Whistler Knockout Teams

Semifinals begin Tuesday afternoon!

Teams played a round robin Swiss Teams over two sessions to decide the four semifinalists for tomorrow, leaders choosing from #3 or #4 (or #2 if they volunteer to be a choice). (If your team didn't make it, there is a two-session Round-Robin Swiss on Friday at 10 and 3.)

Thursday-Friday Knockout Teams, Bracket One

Bracket One has five teams and a masterpoint average of 5835 per player.  ACBL Live link to brackets
Qualifying Swiss
Thursday Afternoon-Evening
0.63 red per match win, 3.25 for 3rd/4th
Friday Morning
22.74 gold
Friday Afternoon
32.48 gold

Q — 1. Gao (3 wins, 56 VP)

Q — 2. Bell (2 wins, 48 VP)

Q — 3. Stock (3 wins, 45 VP)

Q — 4. Crabbe (2 wins, 44 VP)

  5. Fuhrman (0 wins, 7 VP)

Bell vs Stock

Crabbe vs Gao

??? vs ???

Hideous Hog (In Training)'s Prediction:

Stock over Gao in the final.

Bracket One Semifinalist Team Rosters:

Don Bell, Vernon BC; Kelly Meenagh, Kelowna BC; Steven Lawrence, Calgary AB; Steve Bates, Edmonton AB
Nicholas Stock, North Vancouver BC; Leo Glaser, Lake Country BC; Bob Todd, Winnipeg MB; Brad Bart, Coquitlam BC

Ann-Marie Crabbe - Chris Penner - Dora Lee - Ingrid Anderson, Nanaimo BC
Amy Gao - Baixiang Liu, New Westminster BC; Jennifer Hong - David Huang, Burnaby BC; Rick Wei Wu, Surrey BC; Jack Lee, Richmond BC

Thursday-Friday Knockout Teams, Bracket Two

Bracket Two has seven teams and a masterpoint average of 1928 per player.  ACBL Live link to brackets
Qualifying Swiss
Thursday Afternoon-Evening
2.04 red per match win, 4.08 red for 4th, 9.17 gold for 3rd
Friday Morning
14.27 gold
Friday Afternoon
20.38 gold

Q — 1. Burns (5 wins, 94 VP)

Q — 2. L'Heureux (4 wins, 70 VP)

Q — 3. Anderson (3 wins, 68 VP)

Q — 4. Goulet (4 wins, 55 VP)

  5. Richardsonn (2 wins, 48 VP)

  6. Reitsma (1 wins, 43 VP)

  7. Mathews (2 wins, 42 VP)

Burns vs Goulet

L'Heureux vs Anderson

??? vs ???

Hideous Hog (In Training)'s Prediction:

L'Heuruex over Burns in the final.

Bracket Two Semifinalist Team Rosters:

Shelley Burns - Debbie Harris, North Vancouver BC; Kelvin Raywood, Vancouver BC; Peter Altridge, W Vancouver BC
Danielle Goulet - Eleanor Gibson - David Reid - Donald Berry, Victoria BC

Edgar L'Heureux, White Rock BC; Sally Craig, Port Moody BC; Jack Johnson - Maryellen Gallo, Surrey BC
Thomas Anderson, North Vancouver BC; Ryley Breiddal, Pemberton BC; Eda Kadar - Andrew Nalos, Vancouver BC

Thursday-Friday Knockout Teams, Bracket Three

Bracket Three has nine teams and a masterpoint average of 710 per player.  ACBL Live link to brackets
Qualifying Swiss
Thursday Afternoon-Evening
1.41 red per match win, 4.95 gold for 4th, 6.36 gold for 3rd
Friday Morning
9.89 gold
Friday Afternoon
14.13 gold

Q — 1. Peterson (7 wins, 114 VP)

Q — 2. Tremblay (7 wins, 114 VP)

The first tie-breaker was total IMPs (28 per match maximum),
and Peterson won 89-88!!

Q — 3. Sheasby (5 wins, 92 VP)

Q — 4. Specht (5 wins, 89 VP)

  5. Zimmerman (4 wins, 85 VP)

  6. Leen (3 wins, 63 VP)

  7. Chow (2½ wins, 60 VP)

  8. Janssen (1½ wins, 59 VP)

  9. Robbins (1 wins, 44 VP)

Specht vs Peterson

Sheasby vs Tremblay

??? vs ???

Hideous Hog (In Training)'s Prediction:

Specht over Sheasby in the final.

Bracket Three Semifinalist Team Rosters:

Aileen Specht - Russel Specht - Linda Angstadt - Trudy Nagurski, Kamloops BC
Joan Peterson - Ronald Miller - Susanne Sherburne - Rebecca Brown, Bellingham WA

Al Sheasby - Maureen Sheasby - Laurie Bell - Linda Ball, Vernon BC
Madeleine Tremblay, North Saanich BC; Jill Plasteras - JP Weber - Esther Wiebe, Victoria BC

Thursday Afternoon Side Pairs

Winners: Michael Desaulniers, Dariusz Matus

Single-session pairs event, scored in matchpoints.  Part of the Early Bird Side Game Series, session 1 of 6 in the series.  (In a side game series you are free to play as many sessions as you wish, even with different partners.)  Strat limits (by pair average): A: 2000+ / B: 750 - 2000 / C: 0 - 750.  
Average masterpoints for players in this event: 1322

MPts Score A B C Thursday Afternoon Side Pairs (4 tables)
ACBL Live Link
3.18 54.17% 1 1 Michael Desaulniers, Maple Ridge BC; Dariusz Matus, Surrey BC
2.39 53.47% 2 2 Tony Marshall - Gary Corbett, Bellevue WA
1.79 52.08% 3 Renae White - Tim White, Mercer Island WA

Thursday Evening Side Pairs

Winners: Donald Sache, Samuel Krikler

Single-session pairs event, scored in matchpoints.  Part of the Going Hiking Side Game Series, session 1 of 5 in the series.  (In a side game series you are free to play as many sessions as you wish, even with different partners.)  Strat limits (by pair average): A: 2000+ / B: 750 - 2000 / C: 0 - 750.  
Average masterpoints for players in this event: 1216

MPts Score A B C Thursday Evening Side Pairs (4 tables)
ACBL Live Link
3.18 63.89% 1 Donald Sache, West Vancouver BC; Samuel Krikler, Vancouver BC
3.18 59.03% 2 1 Fred Baldwin, South Surrey BC; Don Guichon, White Rock BC
2.39 56.25% 3 2 Roy Livingstone, Whiterock BC; Devra Drysdale, Calgary AB
1.79 52.08% 3 Irene Morrow, Penticton BC; William Curtis, Whitehorse YT

November 3 Historical Headlines

Answers from the top of the page:

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