The 2019 Penticton Regional: Tuesday, June 11

It's beginning to feel a lot like....summer!

Don't Jinx Us Department, a.k.a Attendance

Several things combined last year to create excellent attendance and with two regionals in the past ten weeks in Victoria and Vancouver, it might be a tough task to produce the stellar numbers we had last year.  This might be a good time to mention, for those who always ask (in the middle of a crowded room) how attendance is, that the Directors selling the entries don't know whether a day or session is up or down until the day is over and the calculations get done.  If most areas have people at tables, that's very good.  Let's see where we are now...

778½ tables at the end of Tuesday play; down from last year by 58½ tables (-7.0%).  That sounds bad, but we're on pace for almost 3300 tables, which would beat most of the last decade (except last year) easily.

Alert!  Events were missing (but have been added since)

A few events were left off the files I got Tuesday night for various reasons.  We know they were played and how many tables they had, so the attendance figures above are accurate.  Doug forgot to include the morning games and I forgot to check, but they were included in the masterpoint database, we just don't have the results here.  The sections on one of the evening BridgeMate channels never made it to the stick turned in and the computer on which these results were, went to the director's hotel room.  Missing were the evening 199er pairs and the Gold Rush evening session, but I thought I could recreate them by photographing the posted sheets, so I took quick pictures of the section I, J, K, and L press sheets.  My bad, the Gold Rush was in M, N and O....[Wednesday update: all events are included below].

Overall Leaders thru Tuesday (almost)

1David Grainger, Etobicoke ON47.58
1Eddie Wold, Houston TX47.58
1Mike Levine, Pinckney MI47.58
1Oren Kriegel, Chicago IL47.58
1Rumen Trendafilov, Varna 47.58
1Vladislav Isporski, Sofia 47.58
7Bernie Lambert, Acme AB39.48
7Daniel Bertrand, Calgary AB39.48
9Nicholas Stock, North Vancouver BC34.18
10Bob Todd, Winnipeg MB33.31
10Brad Bart, Coquitlam BC33.31
10Patrick Dunn, Edmonds WA33.31
10Polly Dunn, Edmonds WA33.31
14Doris Fishman, Sandpoint ID26.24
14William Whitesel, Sandpoint ID26.24
16Dave Westfall, Spokane WA25.35
17David Hu, Richmond BC24.29
17Edward Hung, Richmond BC24.29
17Sidney Yang, Richmond BC24.29
17William Ge, Burnaby BC24.29
21Gordon McOrmond, Vancouver BC23.91
22Andy Anderson, Saskatoon SK23.36
22Curley Anderson, Saskatoon SK23.36
22Derrick Furber, Saskatoon SK23.36
22Len Racette, Saskatoon SK23.36

Non-Life Master Leaders thru Tuesday (almost)

1Rumen Trendafilov, Varna 47.58
1Vladislav Isporski, Sofia 47.58
3Andrea Petzold, Invermere BC17.30
3Bruce Macdonald, Vancouver BC17.30
3Chic Callas, Whitehorse YT17.30
6Stephanie Williams, Delta BC14.59
7Cliff Bryanton, Vernon BC13.61
7Jozef Stencel, 100 Mile House BC13.61
7Maureen Sholes, Kamloops BC13.61
10Janet Gangl, Red Deer AB12.99
10Travis Gangl, Red Deer AB12.99

Have a look at the masterpoints page to see totals for everyone, including red-gold breakdowns, updated each night by about midnight.

Wednesday's speaker, before the evening session, is Jerry Helms and this is the first of three he will do!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Tuesday Open Pairs

Alberta pair wins by nearly a full board!

MPts Score A B C  Tuesday Open Pairs (46, 46 tables)
ACBL Live Link
34.98 61.52% 1  Bernie Lambert, Acme AB; Daniel Bertrand, Calgary AB
26.24 58.69% 2  Doris Fishman - William Whitesel, Sandpoint ID
19.68 56.83% 3  Dave Westfall, Spokane WA; Peter Herold, Namaimo BC
14.76 56.79% 4  Mark Itabashi, Murrieta CA; July Ratley, Redding CA
11.66 56.20% 5  Daniel Friedman - Linda Friedman, Orinda CA
17.68 56.04% 6 1  Alden Edwards - Diana Knowles, Kelowna BC
8.75 55.62% 7  John Demeulemeester, Burnaby BC; Vicki Moffatt, Surrey BC
13.26 55.60% 8 2  Eileen Ojakangas - Leona Hanson, Davis CA
7.00 55.48% 9  Gerry McCully - Rhonda Foster, Victoria BC
9.95 55.36% 10 3 1  Barry Balof - Claire Valente, Walla Walla WA
7.46 55.28% 11 4  Monica Angus - Cindy Oishi, West Vancouver BC
5.89 55.18% 12 5  Keith Falkenberg, Calgary AB; William McDonald, St Albert AB
5.05 55.15% 13 6 2  Ian Glover - Donna Wiwchar, Castlegar BC
4.66 54.94% 14 7  Doreen McOrmond - Jill Stokes, Victoria BC
4.37 54.71% 15  Glenn Cossey - Cindy Cossey, Innisfail AB
4.12 54.70% 16  Greg Hinze, San Antonio TX; Dana Hastings, Baton Rouge LA
3.93 54.49% 17 8  Shameine Ali, Vancouver BC; Jadwiga Polujan, Calgary AB
5.21 54.37% 18  Jerry Helms, Charlotte NC; Ed Schulte, Tampa FL
3.54 54.21% 19 9  Ian Gatenby - Gerene Albrecht, Red Deer AB
7.44 54.15% 20 10  Linda Brown, Missoula MT; Terry Wolfe, Clinton MT
3.18 54.03% 21  Barbara Schultz, Shawnigan Lake BC; Elaine Ware, Vernon BC
7.44 53.99% 22 11  Ella Haylock, Nanaimo BC; Slava Simice, Comox BC
2.92 53.60% 23 12  Anita Morse, North Vancouver BC; Sally Craig, Port Moody BC
2.53 53.55% 13  Cathy Miller - Stuart Carr, Burnaby BC
3.40 53.53% 14 3  Burton Voorhees - Kinga Voorhees, Victoria BC
3.14 53.39% 15  Susan Walton, Billings MT; Michael Boreson, Kalispell MT
2.19 53.20% 16  Raymond Clemmons, Langley BC; Edgar L'Heureux, White Rock BC
2.55 50.95% 4  Frances Corney - Paul Fournier, Vancouver BC
2.01 50.67% 5  Allan Becker - Michael Petrescu, Prince George BC
1.98 50.52% 6  Alexander Woo, Moscow ID; Nelson Davis, Seattle WA
2.10 50.52% 7  David Nagy - Judith Harris, West Kelowna BC

Tuesday Gold Rush 0-750 Pairs

California and Maryland were the locations of Tuesday's Gold Rush winners!

MPts Score 7 5 3  Tuesday Gold Rush 0-750 Pairs (36½, 39 tables)
ACBL Live Link
10.57 62.22% 1  Carol Avenmarg - Dorothy Malutta, Aptos CA
9.19 61.54% 2 1 1  Peter Burrows - Pamela Burrows, Annapolis MD
6.89 59.69% 3 2  Shirley Campbell - Jane Pacholok, Prince George BC
4.46 59.56% 4  Murray Cutten, Red Deer AB; Joanna Daam, Victoria BC
5.17 58.43% 5 3  Anna Crouch - Valerie Breen, Whistler BC
3.88 57.48% 6 4  Liliane Tremblay - Paulette Desaulniers, Winnipeg MB
4.73 57.39% 7 5 2  Madeleine Tremblay, North Saanich BC; Dolores Johnson, Brentwood Bay BC
2.63 55.49% 8 6  John Newell, Penticton BC; Walter Thies, Corvallis OR
3.54 54.83% 9/10 7/8 3  Joanne Parker - Ted Parker, Abbotsford BC
2.30 54.83% 9/10 7/8  Pat Eger - Margaret Gordon, Saskatoon SK
1.84 54.73% 11 9  Pat Anderson - Ken Anderson, Calgary AB
1.68 54.55% 12 10  Bill Webb, Penticton BC; Alan Whitman, Okanagan Falls BC
2.66 54.54% 13 11 4  Catharine Moore - Anne Olthof, Calgary AB
1.41 54.45% 14  Delbert Haylock, Nanaimo BC; James Harris, Vancouver BC
2.30 54.36% 15 12 5  Art Loy, Surrey BC; Terry Schreder, Calgary AB
1.80 54.29% 16 13 6  Carol Wishart, Vancouver BC; Grace Brown, Kamloops BC
1.49 53.88% 17/1 14/1 7/8  George Ongyerth - Susan Ongyerth, Calgary AB
2.01 53.88% 17/1 14/1 7/8  Mojgan Shad - Khosrow Shad, West Vancouver BC
1.76 53.30% 16 9  P Cochrane, Coldstream BC; Ted Degroot, Vernon BC
1.15 51.89% 10  Sharon Kruse - Dennis Kruse, Colorado Spgs CO
1.05 51.65% 11  Ernie Andreeff, Nanaimo BC; Carmen Dieno, Kelowna BC

Tuesday Evening Swiss Teams

Winners: Glaser (A), Gangl (B), Wallace (C)

MPts VPs A B C  Tuesday Evening Swiss Teams (45 teams)
ACBL Live Link
10.27 66 1  Leo Glaser, Lake Country BC; Hendrik Sharples, Brush Prairie WA; Gerry Marshall, Calgary AB; Nicholas Stock, North Vancouver BC
7.70 63 2  Roberta Cronquist - Paulette Tipper - Wesley Anderson, Kelowna BC; Wendy Mohamed, West Kelowna BC
5.78 59 3  Judy Harris, Salmon Arm BC; Trudy Hurdle - John Hurdle, Richmond BC; Julie Smith, Vancouver BC
4.33 57 4  Andy Anderson - Curley Anderson - Derrick Furber - Len Racette, Saskatoon SK
3.25 56 5  Andy Hellquist, Surrey BC; Dee Steil, New Westminster BC; Greg Morse, Richmond BC; James Lindemann, Spokane WA
2.44 55 6  Jack Bradshaw - Carole Bradshaw, Courtenay BC; Marylynn Ghitter - Al Stacey, Qualicum Beach BC
1.83 54 7  Dianne Cox - Dennis Duryea, Redmond WA; Bryan Gerard, Bellevue WA; Mark Zellmer, Creve Coeur MO
1.37 53 8  Jonathan Nowitz - Demeter Manning, Olympia WA; Ross Bates - Dorothy Dore, Castlegar BC
1.14 52 9  Howard Epley - Karen Epley, Kent WA; Donald Sache - Sheila Sache, West Vancouver BC
0.98 50 10/11  Joseph Barrett - Ann Zorn, Billings MT; Donald Vancil, Aurora CO; Dennis Goldston, Colorado Spgs CO
6.07 50 10/11 1  Travis Gangl - Janet Gangl - Adam Thiel, Red Deer AB; David Smith, Edmonton AB
3.98 49 2/3  Marlene Sumi, Burnaby BC; Debbie Martignago, Coquitlam BC; Judy Chang - Keith Lee, Vancouver BC
3.98 49 2/3  Avril Karr - Sandy Jean Robinson - Emelie Quennell, Calgary AB; Melissa Martin, Whitefish MT
3.31 47 4 1  Don Wallace - Kim Regier - Wayne Stann, Kelowna BC; Mary Driver, Vernon BC
1.68 43 5/6  Michael Walker, Vancouver WA; Carol Orazetti, Redmond OR; Ann Isaac - King Lee, Victoria BC
2.48 43 5/6 2  D Glassford, Chilliwack BC; Brian Sims, Cultus Lake BC; Ralph Lipe - Lynda Lipe, Bellevue WA
1.86 41 7 3  Deborah Ambrose - Heather Bourne - Phyllis Nield - Nan Douglas, Calgary AB
1.23 38 4/5  Milt Mansell - Sharon Mansell, Calgary AB; Giff Kassebaum - James Kassebaum, Sonoita AZ
1.23 38 4/5  Marjorie Sinel - Gale Gropp - Tracey Meek, Bellingham WA; Marilyn Knipp, Delta BC

Monday-Tuesday Merlot Bracketed Knockout Teams

Winners: Levine, Yang, Macdonald, Bryanton, Serafini

The Hideous Hog (in Training) picked the top two bracket winners with three rounds left to play!  We have a new scoring system for these picks and we'll keep track as the tournament progresses (and when I have more time).

MPts Bracket Rank  Monday-Tuesday Merlot Bracketed Knockout Teams (79 teams in 5 brackets)
ACBL Live Links:
Bracket: I   II   III   IV   V .
47.58 I 1  Mike Levine, Pinckney MI; Oren Kriegel, Chicago IL; Vladislav Isporski, Sofia Bulgaria; Rumen Trendafilov, Varna Bulgaria; Eddie Wold, Houston TX; David Grainger, Etobicoke ON
33.31 2  Brad Bart, Coquitlam BC; Patrick Dunn - Polly Dunn, Edmonds WA; Bob Todd, Winnipeg MB
19.03 3/4  Andy Anderson - Curley Anderson - Derrick Furber - Len Racette, Saskatoon SK
19.03 3/4  Michael Levy, Keizer OR; Jeffrey Taylor, Eugene OR; Louis Herbster - Phillis Herbster, Tucson AZ; Sylvia Shi, Las Vegas NV
24.29 II 1  Sidney Yang - David Hu - Edward Hung, Richmond BC; William Ge, Burnaby BC
17.00 2  Michael Moffatt - Tom Cotton - Isabel Chernoff - Jane Youngberg, Surrey BC
9.72 3/4  Dianne Cox - Dennis Duryea, Redmond WA; Bryan Gerard, Bellevue WA; Mark Zellmer, Creve Coeur MO
9.72 3/4  Rick Grieman - Glen Benedict, Regina SK; Wayne Fahie, Saskatoon SK; Fraser Glen, N-Battleford SK
17.30 III 1  Bruce Macdonald, Vancouver BC; Carol-Ann Halliday, Vernon BC; Andrea Petzold, Invermere BC; Chic Callas, Whitehorse YT
12.11 2  Deirdre Cole, Coldstream BC; Linda Ball - Laurie Bell - Don Bell, Vernon BC
6.92 3/4  John Perry - Julie Perry, Prince George BC; Peter Tinkess, Quesnel BC; Leon Bator, Burnaby BC
6.92 3/4  Travis Gangl - Janet Gangl - Adam Thiel, Red Deer AB; David Smith, Edmonton AB
13.61 IV 1  Cliff Bryanton - Darlene Meredith, Vernon BC; Maureen Sholes, Kamloops BC; Jozef Stencel, 100 Mile House BC
9.53 2  Jill Plasteras - Mark Raymond, Victoria BC; Shelley Burnham, Brentwood Bay BC; Evelyn Goedhart, Saanichton BC
5.44 3/4  Nigel Arding - Wayne Stann - Andrea Johnson - Merle Auty, Kelowna BC
5.44 3/4  Ralph Lipe - Lynda Lipe, Bellevue WA; D Glassford, Chilliwack BC; Brian Sims, Cultus Lake BC
10.56 V 1  Michael Serafini - Andrew Serafini - Peter Serafini - Richard Weinberger, Calgary AB
7.39 2  Janet Mori - Patricia Desbrisay - Audrey Hancock, Penticton BC; Judy Bateman, Kaleden BC
4.22 3/4  Marcel Janssen - Donna Janssen, Bethune SK; Larry Hall - Donna Hall, Buena Vista SK
4.22 3/4  Richard Cripps - Deborah Cripps - Jamie Watt - Cindy Watt, Calgary AB

Tuesday-Wednesday Chardonnay Bracketed Knockout Teams

Semifinals begin Wednesday at 1pm.

Chardonnay does have two 'n's: I checked several years ago, but the tournament program seems to be adamant....

Tuesday-Wednesday Chardonnay Knockout Teams, Bracket One

Bracket One has sixteen teams and a masterpoint average of 5722 per player.  ACBL Live link to brackets
Opening Round
Tuesday Afternoon
4.35 red
Tuesday Evening
17.39 gold
Wednesday Afternoon
30.43 gold
Wednesday Evening
43.47 gold

Duterme vs Barrett

Marshall vs Cook

Hargreaves vs Epley

Harris vs Christiansen

Micone vs Murphy

Enfield vs Hudesman

Harper vs Nowitz

Gamble vs Patterson

Christiansen vs Cook

Hudesman vs Gamble

Duterme vs Hargreaves

Micone vs Harper

Hargreaves vs Hudesman

Christiansen vs Harper

? vs ?

Hideous Hog (In Training)'s Prediction:

Hargreaves over Harper in the final

Bracket One Semifinalist Team Rosters:

Michael Hargreaves, Victoria BC; Dan Jacob - Gordon McOrmond, Vancouver BC; Ken Scholes, Bellevue WA
Karen Hudesman - Amy DeShaw - Edith DeShaw, Seattle WA; Elaine DeShaw, Federal Way WA

Ken Christiansen, Bothell WA; Ronald Tracy, Edmonds 98026 WA; Daniel Poore - Ray Miller, Seattle WA
Deborah Harper, Nepean ON; Layne Noble, Ottawa ON; Linda Connell - Ken Connell, Saskatoon SK

Tuesday-Wednesday Chardonnay Knockout Teams, Bracket Two

Bracket Two has twelve teams and a masterpoint average of 2315 per player.  ACBL Live link to brackets
Opening Round
Tuesday Afternoon
2.27 red
Tuesday Evening
9.06 gold
Wednesday Afternoon
15.86 gold
Wednesday Evening
22.65 gold

3-way: Connell vs Wilhelmi vs Glad

3-way: Tinney vs Sharp vs Morse

3-way: Busby vs Hircock vs Bradshaw

3-way: Cronquist vs Boyd vs Haines

Boyd vs Sharp

Glad vs Busby

Hircock vs Tinney

Haines vs Wilhelmi

Glad vs Tinney

Sharp vs Haines

? vs ?

Hideous Hog (In Training)'s Prediction:

Haines over Glad in the final

Bracket Two Semifinalist Team Rosters:

Cynthia Glad - Sue Anderson - Reidun Decker - John Swanson, Seattle WA
Lorna Tinney - Paul Tinney, Parksville BC; Chris Penner, Nanaimo BC; Alexandre Ribeyre, Qualicum Beach BC

Don Sharp, Salt-Sprg-Isl BC; Peter Jacquest, Souris MB; Carolyn Wood, Cobbs Creek VA; Peter Rans, Halifax NS
Cheryl Haines, Half Moon Bay CA; Lisa Evans, Danville CA; Loring Harkness III, Kilauea HI; John Tippet, Fort Collins CO

Tuesday-Wednesday Chardonnay Knockout Teams, Bracket Three

Bracket Three has twelve teams and a masterpoint average of 1599 per player.  ACBL Live link to brackets
Opening Round
Tuesday Afternoon
1.93 red
Tuesday Evening
7.71 gold
Wednesday Afternoon
13.50 gold
Wednesday Evening
19.28 gold

3-way: Sills vs Adams vs Harvey

3-way: Thaut vs Dizep vs Stewart

3-way: Reitsma vs Mathews vs Pearman

3-way: Basler vs Berry vs Cookson

Basler vs Thaut

Reitsma vs Dizep

Berry vs Harvey

Mathews vs Adams

Adams vs Berry

Thaut vs Reitsma

? vs ?

Hideous Hog (In Training)'s Prediction:

Reitsma over Adams in the final

Bracket Three Semifinalist Team Rosters:

Bert Adams - Carolyn Adams, Steilacoom WA; Jim Murphy - Chris Murphy, Calgary AB
Donald Berry - David Reid - Terry Foster, Victoria BC; Lorenzo Migliorini, Seattle WA

Pamela Thaut, Tucson AZ; Donna Yeargain, Billings MT; Sharon Boal, Bath ON; Joan Renzoni, Toronto ON
Paul Reitsma - Roger Taylor - Richard Smillie, Parksville BC; Brian Smillie, Ladysmith BC

Tuesday-Wednesday Chardonnay Knockout Teams, Bracket Four

Bracket Four has twelve teams and a masterpoint average of 1238 per player.  ACBL Live link to brackets
Opening Round
Tuesday Afternoon
1.75 red
Tuesday Evening
7.02 gold
Wednesday Afternoon
12.28 gold
Wednesday Evening
17.54 gold

3-way: Quennell vs Patterson vs Satanove

3-way: Hills vs Rumley vs Fahselt

3-way: Fleming vs Link vs Emmerson

3-way: Hanilton vs Burkett vs Heyde

Hamilton vs Satanove

Fleming vs Patterson

Rumley vs Emmerson

Fahselt vs Heyde

Rumley vs Fleming

Fahselt vs Hamilton

? vs ?

Hideous Hog (In Training)'s Prediction:

Hamilton over Fleming in the final

Bracket Four Semifinalist Team Rosters:

Edee Rumley - Diane Griffiths, Langley BC; Jack Johnson - Maryellen Gallo, Surrey BC
Kevin Fleming, Osoyoos BC; Birgitta Faraday - Patricia Baughan, Penticton BC; Kathy Zinger, Oliver BC

P Joan Fahselt - Anne Jackson - Ted Moffatt, Creston BC; Mark Beduz, Calgary AB
Craig Hamilton - Dixie Duncan - Donna Traas - Diane Thompson, Kamloops BC

Tuesday-Wednesday Chardonnay Knockout Teams, Bracket Five

Bracket Five has sixteen teams and a masterpoint average of 837 per player.  ACBL Live link to brackets
Opening Round
Tuesday Afternoon
1.69 red
Tuesday Evening
6.75 gold
Wednesday Afternoon
11.81 gold
Wednesday Evening
16.87 gold

Creech vs Weissman

Cottam vs Harvey

Clark vs Weber

McGuire vs Carritt

Sandmaier vs Walker

Meek vs Kirk

Driver vs Miller

Eisner vs Scarfe

Scarfe vs McGuire

Harvey vs Miller

Weissman vs Kirk

Clark vs Sandmaier

Harvey vs Kirk

McGuire vs Sandmaier

? vs ?

Hideous Hog (In Training)'s Prediction:

Sandmaier over Harvey in the final

Bracket Five Semifinalist Team Rosters:

Michael Harvey - Roxann Trouth - Mary Carson - Donald Carson, Edmonton AB
Carole Kirk - Shelley Mardiros - Michael Shuster, Banff AB; Joan Dupuis, Canmore AB

Shirley McGuire - Colleen Kinahan - Claire Cook - Aileen Handyside, Saskatoon SK
Roxy Sandmaier - Louis Sandmaier, Victoria BC; Karen Rise, Leavenworth WA; Nobi Morris, Wenatchee WA

Tuesday-Wednesday Chardonnay Knockout Teams, Bracket Six

Bracket Six has sixteen teams and a masterpoint average of 601 per player.  ACBL Live link to brackets
Opening Round
Tuesday Afternoon
1.45 red
Tuesday Evening
3.87 gold, 1.93 red
Wednesday Afternoon
6.77 gold
3.39 red
Wednesday Evening
9.68 gold, 4.83 red

Zebroff vs Mansell

Murison vs Hopwood

Kolkman vs Spencer

Wallace vs Edwards

Wilson vs Munro

Boan vs Solonenko

Dewar vs Fraser

O'Donnell vs Eveland

Zebroff vs Edwards

Spencer vs O'Donnell

Hopwood vs Monro

Fraser vs Boan

Spencer vs Boan

Edwards vs Monro

? vs ?

Hideous Hog (In Training)'s Prediction:

Spencer over Monro in the final

Bracket Six Semifinalist Team Rosters:

Nancy Spencer - Linda Smith - Kathryn MacIsaac - Helen Prowse, Halifax NS
Bruce Boan - Peggy Boan, Mill Bay BC; Daryl Krepps - Gloria Shabbits, Nanaimo BC

Jennifer Edwards - Donalda Bannatyne - Vinette Howell, Kelowna BC; Joy Wilson, Sechelt BC
Frances Monro - Nick Arden, Penticton BC; Ray Lowe - Jane Lowe, Astoria OR

Tuesday-Wednesday Chardonnay Knockout Teams, Bracket Seven

Bracket Seven has sixteen teams and a masterpoint average of 407 per player.  ACBL Live link to brackets
Opening Round
Tuesday Afternoon
1.26 red
Tuesday Evening
2.52 gold, 2.51 red
Wednesday Afternoon
4.40 gold, 4.40 red
Wednesday Evening
6.29 gold, 6.28 red

Kidd vs Piette

Sobey vs Paul

Clayton vs McCormick

Ambrose vs Drysdale

Wagner vs Horne

Jones vs Smith

Mandery vs Anthony

Waggins vs McCrindle

Anthony vs Sobey

McCrindle vs Jones

Piette vs Wagner

Clayton vs Drysdale

Sobey vs Drysdale

Wagner vs Jones

? vs ?

Hideous Hog (In Training)'s Prediction:

Jones over Sobey in the final

Bracket Seven Semifinalist Team Rosters:

Karen Sobey, Chaplin-Is-Rd NB; Diane Donovan, Miramichi NB; Laurie Macdonald - David Crest, Kelowna BC
Devra Drysdale - Claire Strachan - Julie Larsen - Katie Trafford, Calgary AB

Jane Wagner - Roy Wagner, Nanaimo BC; Lorna Veitch, Qualicum Beach BC; Jacqueline Fennellow, Parksville BC
Darrel Jones - Roy Haugen, Kamloops BC; Marlene Mahoney - Liis Jeffries, Merritt BC

Tuesday-Wednesday Chardonnay Knockout Teams, Bracket Eight

Bracket Eight has sixteen teams and a masterpoint average of 193 per player.  ACBL Live link to brackets
Opening Round
Tuesday Afternoon
0.87 red
Tuesday Evening
1.75 gold, 1.74 red
Wednesday Afternoon
3.05 gold, 3.05 red
Wednesday Evening
4.36 gold, 4.36 red

Pattison vs Shewfelt

Miller vs Curtis

Minielly vs Webb

Johnson vs Burweil

Aycock vs Teare

Deger vs Arnot

Bishop vs Jonvik

Somji vs Lamb

Deger vs Shewfelt

Somji vs Jonvik

Johnson vs Curtis

Teare vs Minielly

Shewfelt vs Johnson

Minielly vs Jonvik

? vs ?

Hideous Hog (In Training)'s Prediction:

Minielly over Shewfelt in the final

Bracket Eight Semifinalist Team Rosters:

Robert Shewfelt - Nancy Shewfelt, White Rock BC; Sandy Young, Palm Desert CA; Carrie Cade, Vancouver BC
David Johnson - Marcia Schoffer - Dana Warick, Penticton BC; Lyn Kristoff, Summerland BC

Phyllis Minielly - Olga Storoschuk - Blanche Saelhof, Saskatoon SK; Maureen Drost, Edmonton AB
Susan Jonvik, Vancouver BC; Patricia Hartley - Barbara Lacey, West Vancouver BC; Janet Argent, North Vancouver BC

Weekday Side Series

Game 1 of 6: Tuesday Afternoon Side Game

No time for Side Series Leaders, we'll get them in tomorrow...

MPts Score A B C  Tuesday Afternoon Side Game (20 tables)
ACBL Live Link
5.69 64.68% 1 1  Martha Jenkins, Kirkland WA; Jocelyn Krug, Vancouver BC
4.27 63.75% 2  William Woodfine, Penticton BC; Edwin Glickman, Chicago IL
3.50 61.85% 3  Karen Kilworth - Vaughn Johnson, Strathmore AB
2.40 61.28% 4  Charles Christie - Katie Christie, Vernon BC
3.56 59.64% 5 2  Donna Freeze - Al Freeze, Surrey BC
2.76 58.85% 6 3 1  Keith Lee - Judy Chang, Vancouver BC
1.75 58.00% 7  Martin Henneberger - Dianne Isfeld, Coquitlam BC
2.00 56.68% 4  Debbie Martignago, Coquitlam BC; Marlene Sumi, Burnaby BC
2.07 54.88% 5 2  Mark Cosman - Eleanor Cosman, Thornhill ON
1.66 54.17% 6  Margaret Moen, Seattle WA; Paula Strand, Kirkland WA
1.55 52.29% 3  Sue Boswell, Long Beach CA; Joe Jackson, Penticton BC
1.16 51.74% 4  Reid Fleming, Arlington MA; Nancy Fleming, Derwood MD
0.91 51.20% 5  Homa Boustani, West Vancouver BC; Bertram Schoner, Vancouver BC

Weekday Side Series

Game 2 of 6: Tuesday Evening Side Game

No time for Side Series Leaders, we'll get them in tomorrow...

MPts Score A B C  Tuesday Evening Side Game (20 tables)
ACBL Live Link
5.69 60.02% 1  Susan Clayton, Chemainus BC; Murray Haggins, Calgary AB
4.93 59.69% 2 1 1  Amanda Atwell - Kathleen McGreer, Edmonton AB
3.50 59.48% 3  Dudley Brown, Grandview WA; James Thompson, Seattle WA
3.70 58.82% 4 2 2  Ian Fetterley, Houston TX; Geoffrey Fetterley, Vancouver BC
2.77 58.06% 5 3  Gaylia Ohlman, Kingston ON; Caroline Colliver, Calgary AB
2.08 57.41% 6 4  Jocelyn Krug, Vancouver BC; Martha Jenkins, Kirkland WA
1.23 55.99% 7  Suzanne St Thomas - Linda Brinton, Boise ID
1.56 55.12% 5  Marianne Daem, Nanaimo BC; Ben Sills, Powell River BC
1.23 53.92% 6  Donna Freeze - Al Freeze, Surrey BC
1.46 52.61% 3  Lorraine Somerville - Arlene Connell, Calgary AB
1.10 51.96% 4  Eric Promislow, Vancouver BC; Barry Promislow, West Vancouver BC
0.82 51.74% 5  Donald Cottam, Puyallup WA; Cecie Vatne, Rochester WA

Tuesday Afternoon 199er Pairs

Nearly 71% for Kelowna pair!

MPts Score D E F  Tuesday Afternoon 199er Pairs (22 tables)
ACBL Live Link
3.97 70.83% 1 1  Irene Thiry - Ingrid Ameli, West Kelowna BC
2.61 62.50% 2/3 2/3 1  Bill Ashton - Lynne Ashton, Kelowna BC
2.61 62.50% 2/3 2/3  Thea Anderstedt, Lacdu Bonnet MB; Lynne Penner, Lac Du Bonnet MB
1.67 59.82% 4  Karen Morrison - Diane Richards, Kamloops BC
1.26 59.23% 5  Joseph Negraeff - Julie Negraeff, Vernon BC
1.38 58.93% 6 4  Ruth Evans, North Saanich BC; Edwina Bauer, Sidney BC
1.31 58.04% 5 2  Laura Miller, Mercer Island WA; Sharon Mossman, Bellevue WA
0.86 55.95% 6/7 3/4  Gail Byers - Viv Lucier, Sidney BC
1.30 55.95% 6/7 3/4  Anne Marie Teillet - Paul Teillet, Abbotsford BC
0.55 52.38% 5  Margaret Rayworth, Agassiz BC; Robert Eaton, Lindell Beach BC

Tuesday Evening 199er Pairs

The official version

(the one that appeared here was a hasty reconstruction from photos of the recap sheets, a process I hope not to have to try again...)

MPts Score A B C  Tuesday Evening 199er Pairs (16½ tables)
ACBL Live Link
3.35 63.31% 1 1  Helen Haugen - Penny Douglass, Kamloops BC
2.51 61.77% 2 2 1  Dorian Lemon - Penny Marr, Kamloops BC
1.88 61.01% 3 3 2  Jerzy Jankowski - Allison Sawyer, Kelowna BC
1.41 60.42% 4 4  John Taylor - Edward Lamb, Calgary AB
1.06 56.73% 5 5  June Knight, West Vancouver BC; Ann Corcoran, North Vancouver BC
0.83 56.16% 6 6  John Feick - Barbara Feick, Calgary AB
0.98 54.13% 3  Margaret Rayworth, Agassiz BC; Robert Eaton, Lindell Beach BC
0.73 53.86% 4  Viv Lucier - Gail Byers, Sidney BC
0.55 50.89% 5  Pirjo Holt - Wendy Webb, Kelowna BC

Tuesday Afternoon 49er Pairs

68.33% for Porritt and Sivucha!

MPts Score A B C  Tuesday Afternoon 49er Pairs (7 tables)
ACBL Live Link
1.74 68.33% 1 1 1  Kathryn Porritt, Winfield BC; Verna Sivucha, Kelowna BC
1.31 62.08% 2 2 2  Robert Heywood, Penticton BC; Debra Hardman, Naramata BC
0.98 57.92% 3 3  Pankaj Acharya - Asha Acharya, Calgary AB
0.73 56.67% 4 4  Anita Morgan, Van Couver BC; Barbara Laurillard, Vancouver BC
0.71 53.75% 5 3  Peter Barnes - Salma Mitha, North Vancouver BC

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