The 2019 Penticton Regional: Monday, June 10

Raptors miss the title by a point (next shot Thursday)!

Don't Jinx Us Department, a.k.a Attendance

Several things combined last year to create excellent attendance and with two regionals in the past ten weeks in Victoria and Vancouver, it might be a tough task to produce the stellar numbers we had last year.  But let's count tables and see how we're doing...

195 tables at the end of Monday play; down from last year by only 5 tables (-2.5%).  Not a bad start!

Masterpoint Leaders - Red Point Edition

After Monday evening: pairs games only, no points in yet for the knockouts, since we count only completed events and the first knockout is not yet over.

Overall Leaders thru Monday

1Gordon McOrmond, Vancouver BC23.91
1Nicholas Stock, North Vancouver BC23.91
3Don Sharp, Salt-Sprg-Isl BC17.93
3Peter Jacquest, Souris MB17.93
5Reid Fleming, Arlington MA13.45
5Stephanie Williams, Delta BC13.45
7Harry Satanove, Vancouver BC10.54
7Shael Smith, Richmond BC10.54
9Ed Schulte, Tampa FL10.09
9Jerry Helms, Charlotte NC10.09
11Ryley Breiddal, Vancouver BC7.38
11Susan M Breiddal, Victoria BC7.38
13Charles Bennett, Spokane WA5.67
13Dave Westfall, Spokane WA5.67
15Lynn Daffe, Whitehorse YT5.27
15William Curtis, Whitehorse YT5.27

Non-Life Master Leaders thru Monday

1Stephanie Williams, Delta BC13.45
2Susan M Breiddal, Victoria BC7.38
3Lynn Daffe, Whitehorse YT5.27
3William Curtis, Whitehorse YT5.27
5Ed Arnt, Chilliwack BC4.09
5Norma Sloan, Chilliwack BC4.09
7Georgia Heed, West Vancouver BC3.45
8Liis Jeffries, Merritt BC3.10
8Marlene Mahoney, Merritt BC3.10
10Debra Sutherland, Burnaby BC3.07
10Larraine Smith, North Vancouver BC3.07

Have a look at the masterpoints page to see totals for everyone, including red-gold breakdowns, updated each night by about midnight.

Still waiting for the information packet from Penticton tournament chair Marv Norden, but by know virtually everyone knows the places to visit and the best spots for good meals.  Assuming that things go as they usually do, we should have a pregame lecture in the main room before the evening session tonight, and music sending us out into the night on Wednesday and Friday evening as we leave, probably with the chance of a dance or two before we go.  A few large signs have been posted on the topic of who is eligible for a winners prize and how to claim them.  There are even designated meeting places with letters!  (No, the meeting spots have not been stratified, anyone can choose to meet at meeting place A...)

Of course the obvious spots to visit on site are the concession stand, the Hospitality Desk, the Partnership area, and the TournTables bridge books and supplies.  We'll try to get the open hours for them for tomorrow's page.

Monday Evening Charity Open Pairs

Stock and McOrmond bump their way to victory!

Nicholas Stock and Gordon McOrmond, the bumping pair in the one 14½ table section sat out the first round, stared at the computer sheet that told them where to go each round, admitted that they did not remember ever doing this before, and then scored up a near 68% game!  With six more 13 table sections scoring across the huge 92½ table field, top on a board was 91 and the winners claimed 1606 matchpoints!

MPts Score A B C  Monday Evening Charity Open Pairs (92½ tables)
ACBL Live Link
23.91 67.90% 1  Nicholas Stock, North Vancouver BC; Gordon McOrmond, Vancouver BC
17.93 66.80% 2 1  Peter Jacquest, Souris MB; Don Sharp, Salt-Sprg-Isl BC
13.45 66.72% 3 2  Stephanie Williams, Delta BC; Reid Fleming, Arlington MA
10.09 65.57% 4  Jerry Helms, Charlotte NC; Ed Schulte, Tampa FL
10.54 65.19% 5 3 1  Shael Smith, Richmond BC; Harry Satanove, Vancouver BC
5.67 64.54% 6  Dave Westfall - Charles Bennett, Spokane WA
4.26 64.33% 7  Michael Hargreaves - Debbie Hargreaves, Victoria BC
7.38 63.14% 8 4 2  Ryley Breiddal, Vancouver BC; Susan M Breiddal, Victoria BC
2.66 62.60% 9  Dave Adelman - Abdul Fakih, Calgary AB
2.39 62.40% 10  Debbie Rosenberg, Sunnyvale CA; Max Schireson, Stanford CA
5.27 61.81% 11 5 3  Lynn Daffe - William Curtis, Whitehorse YT
1.99 61.73% 12  Judy Harris, Salmon Arm BC; Peter Herold, Namaimo BC
1.84 60.88% 13  Demeter Manning - Jonathan Nowitz, Olympia WA
3.69 60.84% 14  Mark Itabashi, Murrieta CA; July Ratley, Redding CA
2.80 60.67% 15  Layne Noble, Ottawa ON; Deborah Harper, Nepean ON
3.29 60.27% 16 6  James Balcom, Burnaby BC; Patricia Wotherspoon, Surrey BC
2.47 59.93% 17 7  Andy Hellquist, Surrey BC; Thomas Anderson, North Vancouver BC
1.93 59.23% 18 8  Shelley Burns, North Vancouver BC; Greg Morse, Richmond BC
2.99 59.13% 19 9  Anne Primeau - Delia Michaud, Calgary AB
3.10 59.02% 20 10 4  Marlene Mahoney - Liis Jeffries, Merritt BC
3.45 58.91% 21 11 5  Georgia Heed, West Vancouver BC; Julianne Wooden, North Vancouver BC
1.62 58.79% 22  Corrine Tapley, Vancouver BC; Insa Fricker, White Rock BC
1.50 58.50% 23  Leo Glaser, Lake Country BC; Tom McNie, Salmon Arm BC
1.40 58.22% 24 12  Donald Hanset, Sandpoint ID; Richard Pater, Sparwood BC
1.59 58.14% 13  Paul Reitsma - Roger Taylor, Parksville BC
2.42 57.14% 6  Richard Piette - Ryan Clark, Calgary AB
1.73 54.10% 7  Brenda Barden - Barb Hargreaves, Kamloops BC
1.21 53.78% 8  Margaret Pattison - Paul Pattison, North Vancouver BC

Knockouts Continuing Tuesday:

Monday-Tuesday Merlot Knockout Teams, Bracket One

Bracket One has sixteen teams and a masterpoint average of 6646 per player.  ACBL Live link to brackets
Opening Round
Monday Evening
4.50 red
Tuesday Morning
19.03 gold
Tuesday Afternoon
33.31 gold
Tuesday Evening
47.58 gold

Bart vs Hepperle

Micone vs Schultz

Gamble vs Carr

Barrett vs Anderson

Kelsey vs McDonald

Miller vs Levy

Epley vs Lambert

Lamb vs Levine

Bart vs Micone

Gamble vs Anderson

Kelsey vs Levy

Lambert vs Levine

? vs ?

? vs ?

? vs ?

Hideous Hog (In Training)'s Prediction:

Levine over Bart in the final

Bracket One Quarterfinalist Team Rosters:

Brad Bart, Coquitlam BC; Patrick Dunn - Polly Dunn, Edmonds WA; Bob Todd, Winnipeg MB
Robert Micone, Tustin CA; Dustin Stout, Huntington Bch CA; Weishu Wu - Brian Gilbert, Irvine CA

Richard A Gamble, Mill Bay BC; Michael Gamble, Shawnigan Lake BC; Ralph Gamble, Ottawa ON; Ranald Davidson, York ON; William Gamble, Christina Lake BC; Terry Shaw, Halifax NS
Andy Anderson - Curley Anderson - Derrick Furber - Len Racette, Saskatoon SK

Karin Kelsey, Albuquerque NM; Mary Dougherty - Kay Enfield, Santa Fe NM; Cameron Doner, Surrey BC; Robert Morris, Houston TX
Michael Levy, Keizer OR; Jeffrey Taylor, Eugene OR; Louis Herbster - Phillis Herbster, Tucson AZ; Sylvia Shi, Las Vegas NV

Bernie Lambert, Acme AB; Daniel Bertrand, Calgary AB; Sandy McIlwain - Roberta McIlwain, Invermere BC
Mike Levine, Pinckney MI; Oren Kriegel, Chicago IL; Vladislav Isporski, Sofia Bulgaria; Rumen Trendafilov, Varna Bulgaria; Eddie Wold, Houston TX; David Grainger, Etobicoke ON

Monday-Tuesday Merlot Knockout Teams, Bracket Two

Bracket Two has sixteen teams and a masterpoint average of 1837 per player.  ACBL Live link to brackets
Opening Round
Monday Evening
2.43 red
Tuesday Morning
9.72 gold
Tuesday Afternoon
17.00 gold
Tuesday Evening
24.29 gold

Cox vs Somerville

Yang vs Boreson

Rich vs Bartone

Grieman vs Cram

Coole vs Rans

Polujan vs Albrecht

Moffatt vs Berry

Zaitsoff vs Norden

Cox vs Rich

Yang vs Albrecht

Grieman vs Coole

Moffatt vs Norden

? vs ?

? vs ?

? vs ?

Hideous Hog (In Training)'s Prediction:

Yang over Cox in the final

Bracket Two Quarterfinalist Team Rosters:

Dianne Cox - Dennis Duryea, Redmond WA; Bryan Gerard, Bellevue WA; Mark Zellmer, Creve Coeur MO
Ted Rich - David De Kezel, Penticton BC; Bryan Monkhouse, Basseterre St. Kitts; Wolf Fiedler, Port Moody BC

Sidney Yang - David Hu - Edward Hung, Richmond BC; William Ge, Burnaby BC
Gerene Albrecht - Ian Gatenby, Red Deer AB; Paul Erikson, Edmonton AB; William Gibson, Sherwood Park AB

Rick Grieman - Glen Benedict, Regina SK; Wayne Fahie, Saskatoon SK; Fraser Glen, N-Battleford SK
Robert Coole - Anne Kendall - Allan Becker - Michael Petrescu, Prince George BC

Michael Moffatt - Tom Cotton - Isabel Chernoff - Jane Youngberg, Surrey BC
Marv Norden, Peachland BC; Ralph Wilhelmi, Olympia WA; Ian Gibson, Naramata BC; Philip Shadick, Summerland BC

Monday-Tuesday Merlot Knockout Teams, Bracket Three

Bracket Three has sixteen teams and a masterpoint average of 880 per player.  ACBL Live link to brackets
Opening Round
Monday Evening
1.73 red
Tuesday Morning
6.92 gold
Tuesday Afternoon
12.11 gold
Tuesday Evening
17.30 gold

Jackson vs Cole

Gecse vs Sumi

Larson vs Perry

Weber vs Carritt

Macdonald vs Tousignant

Colliver vs Wallace

Gangl vs Turley

Meyer vs McGuire

Cole vs Wallace

Gecse vs Perry

Carritt vs Gangl

Macdonald vs McGuire

? vs ?

? vs ?

? vs ?

Hideous Hog (In Training)'s Prediction:

Gangl over Perry in the final

Bracket Three Quarterfinalist Team Rosters:

Deirdre Cole, Coldstream BC; Linda Ball - Laurie Bell - Don Bell, Vernon BC
Don Wallace - Kim Regier - Don Macmath - Leah Koffski, Kelowna BC

Sharon Gecse, Osoyoos BC; Norma Scott, San Miguel De A Mexico; Joanna Daam, Victoria BC; Murray Cutten, Red Deer AB
John Perry - Julie Perry, Prince George BC; Peter Tinkess, Quesnel BC; Leon Bator, Burnaby BC

Doug Carritt - Nancy Carritt - Ruth Sidebottom - Siu Wai Fan, Red Deer AB
Travis Gangl - Janet Gangl - Adam Thiel, Red Deer AB; David Smith, Edmonton AB

Bruce Macdonald, Vancouver BC; Carol-Ann Halliday, Vernon BC; Andrea Petzold, Invermere BC; Chic Callas, Whitehorse YT
Shirley McGuire - Claire Cook - Colleen Kinahan - Aileen Handyside, Saskatoon SK

Monday-Tuesday Merlot Knockout Teams, Bracket Four

Bracket Four has sixteen teams and a masterpoint average of 511 per player.  ACBL Live link to brackets
Opening Round
Monday Evening
1.36 red
Tuesday Morning
3.63 gold, 1.31 red
Tuesday Afternoon
6.35 gold, 3.18 red
Tuesday Evening
9.07 gold, 4.54 red

Deisman vs Arding

Campbell vs Sheasby

Schweizer vs Elkin

Boan vs Klassen

Bryanton vs Eveland

Amspacher vs Lipe

Hopwood vs Crawley

Plasteras vs Lange

Arding vs Sheasby

Elkin vs Lipe

Boan vs Plasteras

Bryanton vs Hopwood

? vs ?

? vs ?

? vs ?

Hideous Hog (In Training)'s Prediction:

Hopwood over Boan in the final

Bracket Four Quarterfinalist Team Rosters:

Nigel Arding - Wayne Stann - Andrea Johnson - Merle Auty, Kelowna BC
Al Sheasby - Maureen Sheasby - Barb Hiebert - Olga Burno, Vernon BC

Clive Elkin - Douglas Cramen - Faye Pollhammer, Kelowna BC; Charlene Fraser, West Kelowna BC
Ralph Lipe - Lynda Lipe, Bellevue WA; D Glassford, Chilliwack BC; Brian Sims, Cultus Lake BC

Bruce Boan - Peggy Boan, Mill Bay BC; Daryl Krepps - Gloria Shabbits, Nanaimo BC
Jill Plasteras - Mark Raymond, Victoria BC; Shelley Burnham, Brentwood Bay BC; Evelyn Goedhart, Saanichton BC

Cliff Bryanton - Darlene Meredith, Vernon BC; Maureen Sholes, Kamloops BC; Jozef Stencel, 100 Mile House BC
Paula Hopwood, Victoria BC; Kim Cohos - Carol Thompson - Caenie Pyrcz, Calgary AB

Monday-Tuesday Merlot Knockout Teams, Bracket Five

Bracket Five has fifteen teams and a masterpoint average of 250 per player.  ACBL Live link to brackets
Opening Round
Monday Evening
1.06 red
Tuesday Morning
2.11 gold, 2.11 red
Tuesday Afternoon
3.70 gold, 3.69 red
Tuesday Evening
5.28 gold, 5.28 red

3-way: Underwood vs Deger vs McCrindle

Janssen vs Feick

O'Brien vs Cryer

Serafini vs Ermel

McCrea vs Cripps

Johnson vs Mori

Aycock vs Minielly

Underwood vs Janssen

Deger vs Mori

O'Brien vs Serafini

Cripps vs Aycock

? vs ?

? vs ?

? vs ?

Hideous Hog (In Training)'s Prediction:

O'Brien over Janssen in the final

Bracket Five Quarterfinalist Team Rosters:

Terry Underwood - Linda Underwood - Carol Renner - John Renner, Kamloops BC
Marcel Janssen - Donna Janssen, Bethune SK; Larry Hall - Donna Hall, Buena Vista SK

Grant Deger - Jon Ransom - Sharon Carpenter - Ron Delbecq, Bellingham WA
Janet Mori - Patricia Desbrisay - Audrey Hancock, Penticton BC; Judy Bateman, Kaleden BC

Robert O'Brien, Penticton BC; Nancy S Benner - Betty Hunt, Summerland BC; Chrystal Traquair, Okanagan Falls BC
Michael Serafini - Andrew Serafini - Peter Serafini - Richard Weinberger, Calgary AB

Richard Cripps - Deborah Cripps - Jamie Watt - Cindy Watt, Calgary AB
Zan Aycock - Carol Lamb - Sheila Bailey - Jocelyne Drouin, Calgary AB

Monday Evening 199er Pairs

Chilliwack pair win all three strats!

Proving that you can take all the marbles from the lowest strat, Norma Sloan and Ed Arnt, who by masterpoints alone were seeded 41st of 47 pairs, won the event with over 66.5%!

MPts Score D E F  Monday Evening 199er Pairs (23½ tables)
ACBL Live Link
4.09 66.53% 1 1 1  Norma Sloan - Ed Arnt, Chilliwack BC
3.07 63.69% 2 2  Larraine Smith, North Vancouver BC; Debra Sutherland, Burnaby BC
2.30 62.30% 3 3  Sandie Naismith, Coldstream BC; Avis Janz, Vernon BC
1.73 62.20% 4 4  Jeannette Zagwyn - Gordon Cairns, Powell River BC
1.36 61.90% 5  Bud Bishop - Mary Frances Bishop, Delta BC
0.97 61.01% 6  Janice Fallen, Arlington WA; Mary Stoa, Shoreline WA
1.00 60.16% 5  Joan Bubbs - Eric Mets, Kelowna BC
1.31 58.85% 6 2  Jerzy Jankowski - Allison Sawyer, Kelowna BC
0.98 52.98% 3  Daniel Balof - Mary Eliza Balof, Walla Walla WA
0.73 51.37% 4  Ellen Bell-Hardy, Victoria BC; Deborah Scheske, Vernon BC
0.55 49.78% 5  Lucidea Moore - Joan Scarlett, West Vancouver BC

Click on 'Tuesday' below to see information about Tuesday's events!  Once the play for the day is over, and the results are processed, the daily pages will switch from event information to results.