The 2019 Penticton Regional Photos Page

Send Me Some

This Photos Page, except for the stock photos we've started with, will depend on people sending me photos taken at the tournament.  Now that everyone's cellphone has a camera, anyone can do this!  Here is a good guideline on how to get best results:

All of the photos below were sent to me by Dave Johnson, who did a fantastic job labeling all of the photos!  If you had your photo taken but it is not here, it is probably because I was not able to find the event you won: either a late scoring correction, or mistaking overalls for session awards is the most likely reason.  If you send me an e-mail with details, I can add you in if I've made an error.

Monday-Tuesday Merlot KO Bracket Two Winners: David Hu - Edward Hung, Richmond BC.  Camera shy: Sidney Yang, RIchmond BC, William Ge, Burnaby BC
Monday-Tuesday Merlot KO Bracket Three Winners: Carol-Ann Halliday, Vernon BC; Chic Callas, Whitehorse YT; Andrea Petzold, Invermere BC; Bruce Macdonald, Vancouver BC
Monday-Tuesday Merlot KO Bracket Four Winners: Jozef Stencel, 100 Mile House BC; Maureen Sholes, Kamloops BC.  Camera shy: Cliff Bryanton - Darlene Meredith, Vernon BC
Monday-Tuesday Merlot KO Bracket Five Winners: Peter Serafini - Michael Serafini - Andrew Serafini - Richard Weinberger, Calgary AB
Monday Charity Pairs Strat C Winners: Shael Smith, Richmond BC; Harry Satanove, Vancouver BC
Tuesday Open Pairs Winners: Daniel Bertrand, Calgary AB; Bernie Lambert, Acme AB
Tuesday Open Pairs Flight C Winners: Barry Balof - Claire Valente, Walla Walla WA
Tuesday-Wednesday Chardonnay KO Bracket Three winners: Roger Taylor - Richard Smillie - Paul Reitsma, Parksville BC; Brian Smillie, Ladysmith BC
Tuesday-Wednesday Chardonnay Bracket Six Winners: Helen Prowse - Nancy Spencer - Linda Smith - Kathryn MacIsaac, Halifax NS
Thursday-Friday Shiraz Knockout Teams Bracket Two winners: Dianne Cox - Dennis Duryea, Redmond WA; Mark Zellmer, Creve Coeur MO; Bryan Gerard, Bellevue WA
Tuesday Afternoon 199ers Winners: Irene Thiry - Ingrid Ameli, West Kelowna BC
Tuesday-Wednesday Chardonnay KO Bracket Seven winners: Julie Larsen - Devra Drysdale - Katie Trafford - Claire Strachan, Calgary AB
Tuesday-Wednesday Chardonnay KO Bracket Eight winners: Phyllis Minielly - Olga Storoschuk, Saskatoon SK; Maureen Drost, Edmonton AB; Blanche Saelhof, Saskatoon SK
Tuesday Afternoon 49er Pairs Winners: Kathryn Porritt, Winfield BC; Verna Sivucha, Kelowna BC
New Gold Life Master (2500 MP) Dot Dore, Castlegar BC: Congratulations!
Thursday Gold Rush 0-750 Pairs winners: Laurie Bell - Linda Ball, Vernon BC
Thursday Afternoon 199er Pairs Winners: Paul Teillet - Anne Marie Teillet, Abbottsford BC
New Bronze Life Master (500 MP) Trevor Haight, West Kelowna BC: Congratulations!
Wednesday-Friday Morning Pinot Knockout Bracket One winners: Doris Fishman, Sandpoint ID; Warren Watson, Trail BC; Bernie Lambert, Acme AB; William Whitesel, Sandpoint ID
Saturday Afternoon 199er Pairs Winners: Janice Porter - Vern Porter, North Vancouver BC
Wednesday-Friday Morning Pinot Bracket Three Winners: Brian Sims, Cultus Lake BC; D Glassford, Chilliwack BC; Ralph Lipe - Lynda Lipe, Bellevue WA
Wednesday-Thursday Gewurztraminer Bracket Six AND Thursday-Friday Reisling Bracket Seven winners: Richard Piette - Brent Muir - Ryan Clark - Jay Newington, Calgary AB
Wednesday-Thursday Gewurztraminer Bracket Three AND Thursday-Friday Reisling Bracket Three winners: Andrew Nalos, Surrey BC; Thomas Anderson, North Vancouver BC; Kenneth Ramsay, West Vancouver BC; Ryley Breiddal, Vancouver BC
Friday-Saturday Reisling Bracket Six Winners: Cliff Bryanton - Darlene Meredith - Al Sheasby - Maureen Sheasby, Vernon BC
Saturday Zinfandel Compact Knockout Bracket Three Winners: Ross Armour, Edmonton AB; Susan Walton, Billings MT; Dorothy Mersereau, Calgary AB; Lloyd Sullivan, Edmonton AB
Saturday Zinfandel Compact Knockout Bracket Five Winners: Marlene Mahoney, Merritt BC - Darrel Jones, Kamloops BC; Jozef Stencel, 100 Mile House BC; Liis Jeffries, Merritt BC
Friday Gold Rush 0-300 Winners Peter Hirschmiller - Maureen Soichuk, Vernon BC
Saturday Open Pairs Winners: Ed Schulte, Tampa FL; Jerry Helms, Charlotte NC
Saturday Gold Rush Winners Mojgan Shad - Khosrow Shad, West Vancouver BC
Tuesday-Wednesday Chardonnay KO Bracket Two winners: Cynthia Glad - Sue Anderson - John Swanson - Reidun Decker, Seattle WA
Thursday Evening 199er Pairs winners: Bobbi Moon, Surrey BC; Lois Louden, Delta BC
Winners of the Open Pairs on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and the Sunday Fast Pairs: Mark Itabashi, Murrieta CA; July Ratley, Redding CA
Wednesday-Thursday Gewurtztraminer Bracket Four winners: Candace Allen - Robert Richardson, Clinton WA; David Fallen - Marla Patterson, Arlington WA;
Weekday Side Series Winners: Suzanne St Thomas - Linda Brinton, Boise ID
Thursday-Friday Morning Cabernet Compact Knockout Teams winners: Rod Hilderman, Calgary AB; Terry Nazar - Sylvia Nazar, Canmore AB; Keith Falkenberg, Calgary AB
Thursday-Friday Shiraz Knockout Teams Bracket Five winners: Liis Jeffries, Merritt BC; John Maunsell, Vancouver BC; Ramon Russ Kidd, Kamloops BC; Marlene Mahoney, Merritt BC
Wednesday-Thursday Gewurtztraminer Bracket Five winners: Wanda Deisman - Darlene Carolsfeld - Mary Dewar, Nanaimo BC; Shirley Charters, Duncan BC
New Life Master and Bronze Life Master - Congratulations! - Mary Dewar, Nanaimo BC
Thursday-Friday Shiraz Knockout Teams Bracket Six winners: Peter Serafini - Michael Serafini - Andrew Serafini - Richard Weinberger, Calgary AB
Thursday-Friday Shiraz Knockout Teams Bracket Four winners: Diane Weissman, Fountain Hills AZ; Linda Rocha, Los Gatos CA; Terry Ahern, Santa Clara CA; Carol Johns, Scottsdale AZ
Friday Gold Rush winners: Beverly Walker - Benjamin Levy, Vancouver WA
New Life Master Janet Meister, Bellevue WA - Congratulations!
Friday Gold Rush under-500 winners: David Lethbridge, Stonewall MB; Sam McLean, Winnipeg MB
Sunday Bracketed 0-2000 Swiss Bracket One Winners: Debbie Martignago, Coquitlam BC; Andy Hellquist - Tom Cotton, Surrey BC; Marlene Sumi, Burnaby BC
Sunday Bracketed 0-2000 Swiss Bracket Four Winners: Sally Craig - Wolf Fiedler, Port Moody BC; Morris Chen - Lisa Li, Surrey BC