2023 Unit 430 Masterpoint Races as of February 1

Brought to you by Python (the programming language)!

How this works: at the start of the year, we make a file from the January ACBL database, with over 30,000 players from Districts 18, 19, and 20. Then, after results are confirmed, we add the results text to a growing text file of results for tournaments, IMP League results, Unit Games, and Mentor-Mentee games. The Python code reads the opening lines of each event and determines which type of event it is and then checks all entries for ACBL numbers (or names where none are listed) and masterpoints won, adding it to the pertinent lists. Once all the results are in, the results are sorted and each masterpoint race is updated on this HTML page.

To claim a free play, let the director know as you buy your entry. Free plays on Entry Express, the pre-arrival entry buying site, is not yet an easy possibility. Unit free plays are not transferable. Beginning in 2023, Bruce McIntyre is keeping track of masterpoint winner free plays used at sectionals and Unit Games, so no certificates or letters will be given out.

The three lists below include the following Unit 430 trophy races:

HOW 2020-22 WAS HANDLED: The cancellation of offline tournaments in March 2020 caused some special decisions to be made for the 2020, 2021, and 2022 races. Monthly Unit Games were quickly reinstated online, and the online MUG games were rescored in ACBLScore with MUG masterpoints and continued to be tabluated. This means that masterpoints listed on the ACBL site or on the BBO lists were NOT the masterpoints applying to the MUG race. In most cases players were credited with considerably more points for the race than the BBO or ACBL lists indicated, since online games were scored as regular club games run by the online version of the VBC. The objective was to have each game count equally as it would if the games were all offline, all rated as MUG games and dependant on attendance, not dependant on which games happened to fall on special game weekends; and to fix the BBO stratification algorithm that divides the field into three equally sized groups, even if no TD would ever choose those strat boundaries in real life.

The other races included the events from January-February 2020 and the remainder of 2022 when offline bridge restarted with the Spring 2022 sectional. Free play coupons won in 2019 were extended and will still be accepted as players return to live play at their own pace.

ALERT: to be eligible to win a prize for any race (including the Unit ones mentioned here, and the ACBL-wide ones some of us track every night...) you need to be a paid up member of the ACBL by the time the race ends. (We're OK if you joined mid-year.) However, for year-long races with a masterpoint limit, what counts is how many you had at the start of the year. Unit 430 also reserves the right to restrict limited awards for players who have had significant experience in another National Bridge Organization before joining the ACBL. Members who have been suspended or placed on probation for any part of the year are not eligible by ACBL bylaws.


Under 200


1 Nicholas Stock, North Vancouver BC 21.93
2 Andrew Krywaniuk, Burnaby BC 17.54
3 Rock Shi Yan, Richmond BC 15.68
3 Xiaoming Shen, Richmond BC 15.68
5 Ben Takemori, Burnaby BC 15.46
61 June Keith, Surrey BC 15.28
7 Ken Lochang, Vancouver BC 14.03
8 Gustav Axen, New Westminster BC 12.88
9 Robert Gerrie, Richmond BC 12.72
92 Aban Gerrie, Richmond BC 12.72
11 John Lai, Vancouver BC 12.27
12 David Huang, Burnaby BC 11.74
13 Larry Pocock, Vancouver BC 10.59
14 Stuart Carr, Burnaby BC 10.14
15 Eric Pan, Burnaby BC 10.13
16 1Wade Carpenter, Burnaby BC 9.50
17 Michael Dimich, Burnaby BC 9.26
18 Thomas Anderson, North Vancouver BC 8.76
193 Jennifer Hong, Burnaby BC 8.45
19 Rick Wei Wu, Surrey BC 8.45
21 Kai Zhou, Burnaby BC 8.42
21 Lu Gan, Vancouver BC 8.42
23 William Ge, Burnaby BC 8.02
24 Andy Hellquist, Surrey BC 8.01
25 Aidan Ballantyne, Burnaby BC 7.86
264 Mojgan Shad, West Vancouver BC 6.95
26 Khosrow Shad, West Vancouver BC 6.95
28 Xiangdong Meng, Surrey BC 6.32
29 Thomas Devine, Ferndale WA 6.31
29 2Patrick Zhu, Coquitlam BC 6.31
29 Josh Sinnett, Bellingham WA 6.31
325 Lana Chow, Vancouver BC 6.12
33 David Yu, Burnaby BC 5.89
33 Jack Lee, Richmond BC 5.89
35 Roy Livingstone, Whiterock BC 5.82
35 Nimi Bhachu, Maple Ridge BC 5.82
37 George Tu, Vancouver BC 5.45
37 Rex Tu, Bellevue WA 5.45
396 Trudy Hurdle, Richmond BC 5.44
39 John Hurdle, Richmond BC 5.44
417 Diana Jing, Surrey BC 5.42
42 Kenneth Ramsay, Coquitlam BC 5.34
438 Joyce Tokarek, Vancouver BC 5.27
449 Kathy Adachi, Surrey BC 5.22
45 Brad Bart, Coquitlam BC 5.15
46 Peter Altridge, W Vancouver BC 5.03
4610 Debbie Harris, North Vancouver BC 5.03
4811 Shameine Ali, New Westminster BC 4.80
49123Wenmin Chen, Richmond BC 4.73
49 Tao Feng, Burnaby BC 4.73
51 Andrew Nalos, Vancouver BC 4.72
5213 Frances Kammermayer, Vancouver BC 4.50
5314 Frances Corney, Vancouver BC 4.28
53 Bryan Maksymetz, Vancouver BC 4.28
55 Michael Yuen, Vancouver BC 4.10
56 David Schmidt, Chilliwack BC 4.06
5715 Katrin Litwin, Burnaby BC 3.94
5816 Yen Karro, White Rock BC 3.76
59 Julien Levesque, Burnaby BC 3.74
6017 Stephanie Williams, Delta BC 3.67
61 Tanweer Saqalan, Delta BC 3.58
61 David Gabel, Vancouver BC 3.58
63184Flora Yan, Vancouver BC 3.50
63 Kenny Ying, W Vancouver BC 3.50
65195Jin Mei Luo, Burnaby BC 3.49
6519 Adelaine Miller, Surrey BC 3.49
65 5Qiao Li, Burnaby BC 3.49
65 Cedric Miller, Surrey BC 3.49
6921 Anita Morse, North Vancouver BC 3.48
69 Doug Hansford, Surrey BC 3.48
6921 Isabel Chernoff, Surrey BC 3.48
6921 Insa Fricker, White Rock BC 3.48
6921 Susan Peters, Vancouver BC 3.48
7425 Cindy Oishi, West Vancouver BC 3.39
7526 Lucy Zhong, North Vancouver BC 3.24
75 Jack Qi, North Vancouver BC 3.24
77 Long Xie, Burnaby BC 3.22
77 Qiang Hua, Surrey BC 3.22
7927 Angela Fenton, Vancouver BC 3.14
80 Paul Fournier, Vancouver BC 3.04
80 John Zohrab, West Vancouver BC 3.04
82 Allan Karro, White Rock BC 2.96
83 Kenny T K Chan, Vancouver BC 2.89
8428 Colleen Perry, North Vancouver BC 2.87
8428 Susan Craven, North Vancouver BC 2.87
8630 Pamela Moore, Vancouver BC 2.81
87 Bruce McIntyre, Coquitlam BC 2.69
88317Debbie Smith, North Vancouver BC 2.60
8831 Dorothy Trask, North Vancouver BC 2.60
9033 Sheila Van De Velde, Vancouver BC 2.55
91 Paul Yip, Richmond BC 2.42
91 Joel Fuhrman, Kirkland WA 2.42
93348Anne Katrichak, Richmond BC 2.39
94 9John Cairns, West Vancouver BC 2.33
94359Alison Donoghue, North Vancouver BC 2.33
9636 Debra Sutherland, Burnaby BC 2.25
963611Lisa Bealle, New Westminster BC 2.25
98 Ernst Walti, Vancouver BC 2.21
9838 Diana Tchakalian, Vancouver BC 2.21
10039 Jane Youngberg, Surrey BC 2.14
40 Judy Chang, Vancouver BC 2.10
4112Lois Louden, Surrey BC 2.09
4112Bobbi Moon, Surrey BC 2.09
43 Debbie Martignago, Port Coquitlam BC 2.03
44 Ellen Parsons, Vancouver BC 1.46
44 Carrie Cade, North Vancouver BC 1.46
46 Zainool Esmail, West Vancouver BC 1.31
4614Gulshan Ajania, North Vancouver BC 1.31
4815Stephanie Counsell, White Rock BC 1.21
48 Linda Palm, Surrey BC 1.21
4815Dorothy Grubb, Surrey BC 1.21
17Pat Rose, Bellingham WA 1.10
18Karen Jensen, White Rock BC 0.85
19Nolan Derby, Vancouver BC 0.64
20Ronald Edgar, Kelowna BC 0.62
20Kun Jung Lim, Vancouver BC 0.62
22Sze Ping Chan, Vancouver BC 0.47
Flt. B
( < 2500 )
Flt. C
( < 1000 )


1 Nigel Fullbrook, N Delta BC 4.45
11 Julien Levesque, Burnaby BC 4.45
321Jennifer Hong, West Vancouver BC 2.63
321Juan Xu, Toronto ON 2.63
5 Ken Lochang, Vancouver BC 2.34
6 Aban Gerrie, Richmond BC 1.86
6 Robert Gerrie, Richmond BC 1.86
843Nolan Derby, Vancouver BC 1.48
954John Lai, Hong Kong HK 1.40
9 Eric Pan, Burnaby BC 1.40
11 Larry Pocock, New Westminster BC 1.28
126 John Ashwell, Vancouver BC 1.15
12 Andrew Nalos, Vancouver BC 1.15
1475Margaret Pattison, North Vancouver BC 1.11
1475Paul Pattison, North Vancouver BC 1.11
1697Norma Doucette, Vancouver BC 1.09
1697Jean La Borie, Vancouver BC 1.09
18119Felix Merk, Vancouver BC 0.86
19 William Ge, Burnaby BC 0.83
1912 David Huang, Burnaby BC 0.83
211310Diana Tchakalian, Vancouver BC 0.82
211310Ernst Walti, Burnaby BC 0.82
231512Geraldine May, Vancouver BC 0.78
23 Joerg Schneider, Vancouver BC 0.78
251613Lana Chow, Van BC 0.69
251613Ron Sekiya, Vancouver BC 0.69
27 Nicholas Stock, North Vancouver BC 0.66
28 Yue Su, Vancouver BC 0.62
291815Karen Levine, Vancouver BC 0.43
2918 Lesley Laudan, Vancouver BC 0.43
Rocket Rookie Race

1Nimi Bhachu, Maple Ridge BC 5.82
1Roy Livingstone, Whiterock BC 5.82
3Frances Kammermayer, Vancouver BC 4.50
4Cedric Miller, Surrey BC 3.49
4Adelaine Miller, Surrey BC 3.49
6Ernst Walti, Burnaby BC 3.03
6Diana Tchakalian, Vancouver BC 3.03
8Colleen Perry, North Vancouver BC 2.87
8Susan Craven, North Vancouver BC 2.87
10Flora Yan, Vancouver BC 2.74
10Kenny Ying, W Vancouver BC 2.74
12Qiao Li, Burnaby BC 2.73
12Jin Mei Luo, Burnaby BC 2.73
14Jennifer Hong, West Vancouver BC 2.63
14Juan Xu, Toronto ON 2.63
16Debbie Smith, North Vancouver BC 2.60
16Dorothy Trask, North Vancouver BC 2.60
18Sheila Van De Velde, Vancouver BC 2.55
19John Cairns, West Vancouver BC 2.33
19Alison Donoghue, North Vancouver BC 2.33
21Jack Qi, North Vancouver BC 2.28
21Lucy Zhong, North Vancouver BC 2.28
23Lisa Bealle, New Westminster BC 2.25
23Debra Sutherland, Burnaby BC 2.25
25Lois Louden, Surrey BC 2.09
25Bobbi Moon, Surrey BC 2.09
27Paul Pattison, North Vancouver BC 1.96
27Margaret Pattison, North Vancouver BC 1.96
29David Drake, Vancouver BC 1.95
30Carrie Cade, North Vancouver BC 1.46
30Ellen Parsons, Vancouver BC 1.46
32John Wilson, New Westminster BC 1.21
32Linda Palm, Surrey BC 1.21
32Dorothy Grubb, Surrey BC 1.21
32Stephanie Counsell, White Rock BC 1.21
36Wendy Allex, Ferndale WA 1.10
36Pat Rose, Bellingham WA 1.10
38Norma Doucette, Vancouver BC 1.09
38Jean La Borie, Vancouver BC 1.09
40Bill Walter, Vancouver BC 0.88
40Christine Walter, Vancouver BC 0.88
42Trudy Merritt, Surrey BC 0.85
42Karen Jensen, White Rock BC 0.85
44Ron Sekiya, Vancouver BC 0.69
44Lana Chow, Van BC 0.69
46Kun Jung Lim, Vancouver BC 0.62
46Ronald Edgar, Kelowna BC 0.62