The 2018 Penticton Regional - Wrapup Edition

Only Gatlinburg has been a bigger Regional in 2018

Final table count: 3542½ tables!  This is 305 tables ahead of last year's total, breaking the 1990 record, which happened before Penticton was an annual event.  Bravo to Marv Norden and his team of workers and volunteers.

This page will be your gateway to masterpoint lists, event winners lists (including KO survivors and their next opponents), and direct links to the result details at ACBL Live and the Bulletins produced by Fast Results.  We'll also try to have some photos of winners and perhaps a story or two.

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What's here (so far):

Penticton 2018, Wrapup Edition:

Tournament attendance breaks 1990 record!

Leaders - All the Masterpoints - DINO schedule - Sunday Winners - Photos

Final Penticton Masterpoint Leaders:

ACBLScore breaks ties randomly

1Justin Lall, Charlotte NC116.90
1Kevin Dwyer, Melbourne FL116.90
1Shan Huang, Melbourne FL116.90
4Joan Millens, Kingston NY111.57
5Bruce Noda, Corte Madera CA103.23
5Crispin Barrere, Berkeley CA103.23
7Danny Sprung, Las Vegas NV98.11
7Joann Sprung, Las Vegas NV98.11
7Judith Gartaganis, Calgary AB98.11
7Nicholas Gartaganis, Calgary AB98.11
11Geoff Hampson, Las Vegas NV97.42
11Haig Tchamitch, Paradise Valley AZ97.42
11Mike Passell, Plano TX97.42
14David Hu, Richmond BC96.87
14Eric Pan, Burnaby BC96.87
16Joan Cremin, Paradise Valley AZ95.17
17Ken Scholes, Bellevue WA94.18
18Huub Bertens, Las Vegas NV92.95
19Jianfeng Luo, North York ON88.62
20Kai Zhou, Burnaby BC87.74
21Jack Lee, Richmond BC86.99
22Alex Hudson, Raleigh NC86.01
22Jonathan Steinberg, Toronto ON86.01
24William Ge, Burnaby BC85.52
25Bruce Ferguson, Palm Springs CA80.87
25Carole Liss, San Rafael CA80.87
25Cliff Campbell, Thunder Bay ON80.87
25Roland Laframboise, Thunder Bay ON80.87
25Ross Cody, Thunder Bay ON80.87
25William Treble, Winnipeg MB80.87
31David McLellan, Thunder Bay ON79.32
32Mark Itabashi, Murrieta CA75.05
33Alex Hong, West Vancouver BC74.91
34Ray Miller, Seattle WA73.39
35Tom Carmichael, Mill Creek WA72.68
36Mike Cappelletti, Delray Beach FL70.20
37Peter Herold, Namaimo BC69.16
38Monica Angus, West Vancouver BC68.28
39Sandra Scholes, Bellevue WA67.78
40Larry Pocock, Vancouver BC66.41
40Yue Su, Vancouver BC66.41
42Scott Chupack, Seattle WA63.76
43Brenda Pugsley, Carson City NV62.84
43Paul Pugsley, Carson City NV62.84
45Ian Gatenby, Red Deer AB62.59
46Gerry Marshall, Calgary AB61.11
46Hendrik Sharples, Brush Prairie WA61.11
48Jerry Helms, Charlotte NC60.89
49Zoran Peca, Vancouver BC60.36
50Jeffrey Taylor, Eugene OR60.12
50Michael Levy, Keizer OR60.12

Final Non-Life Master Leaders

1Alex Hong, West Vancouver BC74.91
2Daniel Lyder, Victoria BC52.98
3Karen Cumpstone, Nanaimo BC46.67
4Shelley Mardiros, Banff AB42.18
5Valerie Breen, Whistler BC38.18
6Bob Gagnon, Calgary AB37.35
7Anna Crouch, Whistler BC36.35
8Judith Pogge, Greenwood Vlg CO31.48
9Anne Jackson, Creston BC28.51
10Brian Sims, Cultus Lake BC27.89
11Kim Likakis, Bennington VT27.62
12Bruce Macdonald, Vancouver BC27.23
13Brent Muir, Calgary AB26.70
13Jay Newington, Calgary AB26.70
15Siu Wai Fan, Red Deer AB26.53
16Ryley Breiddal, Vancouver BC26.23
17Doug Carritt, Red Deer AB25.89
18Morris Chen, Surrey BC25.63
19Jackie Latta, Hemet CA25.16
19Ray Latta, Hemet CA25.16
21Lynda Lipe, Bellevue WA23.94
21Ralph Lipe, Bellevue WA23.94
23Bud Bishop, Delta BC23.64
23Mary Frances Bishop, Delta BC23.64
25Jacqueline Sonsie, Kelowna BC23.39
26Alexandre Ribeyre, Qualicum Beach BC23.38
27Stephanie Williams, Delta BC23.14
28Max Heyde, Cranbrook BC22.76
28Sabine Heyde, Cranbrook BC22.76
30Al Sheasby, Vernon BC22.15
30Maureen Sheasby, Vernon BC22.15

Not quite on the list?  Check the DUMPS!

DUMPS, the Daily Updated Master Point Summary, is updated after the end of the afternoon session and again every night around 12:30am (before this page is updated), and now includes ranks in the non-Life Master race as well as the overall races below.  Red and gold points are tracked for everyone who has won masterpoints and we'll update it each night.  Check it out here!

DINO Schedule of Events for the next year:

DatesEventHost CityLocation
June 19 - 24 2018 Midnight Sun Regional Anchorage AK Anchorage Bridge Center
August 20 - 26 2018 Puget Sound Regional Lynnwood WA (north of Seattle) Lynnwood Convention Center
October 29 - November 4 2018 Leavenworth Regional Leavenworth WA Leavenworth Festhalle
June 1 - August 31 North American Pairs Qualifying local clubs throughout District 19 District Finals: see below
September 1 - Spring 2019 Grand National Teams Qualifying local clubs throughout District 19 District Final details TBA
September 23, 2018 (10:30am & 4:00pm) Flight C North American Pairs District Final Eastside Bridge Center, Redmond WA club qualification is required
October 13, 2018 (noon & 5:30pm) Flight A North American Pairs District Final Skagit PUD Aqua Room, Mount Vernon WA club qualification is required
October 14, 2018 (10:30am & 4:00pm) Flight B North American Pairs District Final Skagit PUD Aqua Room, Mount Vernon WA club qualification is required
late Spring 2019 Grand National Teams District Final details to be announced (the impending move of the Vancouver Bridge Centre this summer is complicating matters)
April 8 - 14, 2019 Victoria Regional Victoria BC Victoria Conference Centre
June 10 - 16, 2019 Penticton Regional Penticton BC Penticton Trade & Convention Centre

Yesterday's Event Winners:

Events Ending On Sunday, June 17:

    Sunday A/X Swiss Teams (56 teams)   Complete Results: ACBL Live

        A, X: Eric Pan - Baixiang Liu, Burnaby BC; David Hu - Amy Gao, Richmond BC (115VP, 31.46 gold)

    Sunday B/C/D Swiss Teams (64 teams)   Complete Results: ACBL Live

        B, C: Paul Reitsma - Roger Taylor, Parksville BC; Ray Latta - Jackie Latta, Hemet CA (121VP, 16.44 gold)

        D: Don Campbell, North Vancouver BC; Deborah Davy, Gibsons BC; Susanne Sherburne - Sharon Carpenter, Bellingham WA (103VP, sixth overall, 5.95 gold)

    Sunday Senior Swiss Teams (18 teams)   Complete Results: ACBL Live

        A: Edwin Glickman, Glenwood Spgs CO; Bill Kramer, Regina SK; Maxine Webb, High River AB; William Woodfine, Penticton QC (112VP, 7.84 gold)

        B: Dianne Cox - Dennis Duryea, Redmond WA; Mark Zellmer, Creve Coeur MO; Bryan Gerard, Bellevue WA (106VP, third overall, 4.41 gold)

        C: Brad Barton - Alden Edwards, Kelowna BC; Barbara Hillman, Richmond BC; Richard Syrnyk, North Vancouver BC (94VP, fifth overall, 2.73 gold)

    Sunday Fast Pairs (19 tables in 2 sections)   Complete Results: ACBL Live

        A: Dana Hastings, Baton Rouge LA; Greg Hinze, San Antonio TX (69.48%, 14.88 gold)

        B: Kelvin Raywood, Vancouver BC; Shelley Burns, North Vancouver BC (59.04%, fourth overall, 6.28 gold)

        C: Frances Adam - Glenda Affleck, Vancouver BC (47.36%, 3.45 gold)

    Sunday Morning 199er Swiss Teams (9 teams)   Complete Results: ACBL Live

        D, E: Robert Clugston - Lori Nelson, Kamloops BC; Nigel Williamson, Victoria BC; Betsy Woods, Coquitlam BC (59VP, 1.88 red)

        F: Monty Tolley - Sophie Laurent - Jeff Mear, Osoyoos BC; Wade Carpenter, Burnaby BC (54 VP, second overall, 1.41 red)

    Sunday Afternoon 199er Swiss Teams (6 teams)   Complete Results: ACBL Live

        D, E: Richard Cripps - Deborah Cripps - Jamie Watt - Cindy Watt, Calgary AB (62 VP, 1.59 red)

        F: Monty Tolley - Sophie Laurent - Jeff Mear, Osoyoos BC; Wade Carpenter, Burnaby BC (55 VP, second overall, 1.19 red)

Complete list of event winners and overall placers so far.

Photo Gallery!

My duties as a TD precluded me from taking photos as I have for over a decade, but I did take one Thursday Evening, and two people took photos and sent them to me.  In this day and age when everyone has a phone with a camera this may be the way to go.  Finally on Wednesday morning I am completing this after a few days of rest.  The Fast Results bulletins do have some photos tagged with player numbers and if your photo is in their database you may see it there if you make the overalls.

Bracket Five of the Saturday Zinfandel Compact KO Winners: Jack Johnson - Maryellen Gallo, Surrey BC; Thomas Anderson, North Vancouver BC; Ryley Breiddal, Vancouver BC.
A new Silver Life Master (1000 MP) on Tuesday: Bonnie Turley, Vernon BC
Congratulations, and thanks to Jo-Ann Horne for sending the photo!
A new Life Master! Benjamin Levy, Vancouver WA. Congratulations!

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