McBruce's Bridge Event Schedule

...for those who have been asking

Most recent update of this page: May 28, 2018

I've decided to add this page to my web site to assist club, unit and tournament organizers when they schedule events that they would like me to direct or help out with in some way.  I called it flamingo.html because from my point of view, it sounds like what Johnny Carson would say when introducing performers: "he'll be at the Flamingo in Vegas August 18-20, and the Riviera August 25-27..."  That should make the link: easy to remember!

Heeeeeeerrrrrreees  ... Johnny!
2018 Date Event
Sat Jun 2 June Monthly Unit Game (teams) at VBC, 7pm
Mon Jun 11 thru Sun Jun 17 Penticton Regional
Sat Jun 23 KFACE fundraiser at VBC, 11am
Sat Jul 7 July Monthly Unit Game (pairs) at VBC, 7pm
Thu Jul 26 thru Mon Jul 30 West Kelowna Sectional
Sat Aug 6 August Monthly Unit Game (pairs) at VBC (?), 7pm
Mon Aug 20 thru Sun Aug 26 Working from home on Lynnwood Regional online Daily Bulletins
Fri Aug 31 thru Mon Sep 2 Evergreen Sectional (Queensborough)
Sat Sep 1 September Monthly Unit Game (pairs) at VBC (?), 7pm
Thu Sep 20 thru Mon Sep 24 Lake Country Sectional
Sat Oct 6 October Monthly Unit Game (teams) at VBC (?), 7pm
Sat Oct 13 thru Sun Oct 14 Vancouver Future Stars Sectional at VBC (?)
Thu Oct 25 thru Mon Oct 29 Kamloops Sectional
Mon Oct 29 thru Sun Nov 4 Working from home on Leavenworth Regional online Daily Bulletins
Sat Nov 2 November Monthly Unit Game (pairs) at VBC (?), 7pm
Fri Nov 10 thru Sun Nov 12 Round-Up Sectional (Engineer's Hall)
Sat Dec 1 December Monthly Unit Game (pairs) at VBC (?), 7pm
2019 Date Event
Fri Jan 25 thru Sun Jan 29 Trophy Sectional (Vancouver)