2022 Penticton Regional: Sunday, June 19

Next DINO Regionals: Tomorrow(!) in Anchorage AK (June 20-26), and August 22-28 in Lynnwood WA

June 19 Historical Headlines (from Wikipedia)

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Attendance So Far

After a recount, 1657½ tables, 51.51% of the 2019 total. For full details, check out the new Table Counts page!

Bridge clubs and tournaments throughout the ACBL are struggling with returning to live play, so comparing this tournament's attendance to one before the pandemic is not really fair. We'll be happy if the tournament hits 50% of the 2019 table count of 3217½ tables (so 1609 was the target number and we beat it by 48½ tables!).

Final Masterpoint Leaders

Should be up by about 10:45 pm

Overall Leaders

1Mark Itabashi, Murrieta CA154.72
2Shan Huang, Palm Beach G FL145.16
3Kevin Bathurst, Palm Bch Gdns FL142.09
3Kevin Dwyer, Jacksonville FL142.09
5Iftikhar Baqai, Irvine CA134.46
6Michael Mikyska, Los Angeles CA130.59
7Mitch Dunitz, Sherman Oaks CA125.07
8Joan Millens, Kingston NY123.82
9Jianfeng Luo, North York ON118.85
10Dan Jacob, Vancouver BC113.11
11Tom Carmichael, Marysville WA106.57
12Gordon McOrmond, Sidney BC106.10
13Edward Xu, North York ON100.58
13Kole Meng, Niagara Falls ON100.58
13Yan Wang, Richmond Hill ON100.58
13Zheng Zhang, Toronto ON100.58
17Nicholas Stock, North Vancouver BC92.14
18Piotr Klimowicz, Edmonton AB89.72
19Kevin Strangway, Grande Prairie AB87.94
19Robert Pratt, Edmonton AB87.94
21Amy Gao, New Westminster BC86.72
21Baixiang Liu, New Westminster BC86.72
23Haig Tchamitch, Paradise Valley AZ80.37
23Joan Cremin, Paradise Valley AZ80.37
25K Fung, Edmonton AB80.11
26Jennifer Hong, Burnaby BC80.05
26Long Xie, Burnaby BC80.05
28Jack Qi, North Vancouver BC79.08
28Lucy Zhong, North Vancouver BC79.08
28Xiaojing Deng, Richmond BC79.08
28Xiaoming Shen, Richmond BC79.08

Non-Life Master Leaders

1Jennifer Hong, Burnaby BC80.05
2Jack Qi, North Vancouver BC79.08
2Lucy Zhong, North Vancouver BC79.08
2Xiaojing Deng, Richmond BC79.08
2Xiaoming Shen, Richmond BC79.08
6David Bakhshi, London 76.71
7Artur Malinowski, Harrow 70.39
8Piotr Rajski, Edmonton AB62.70
9Abdeali Naffar, Edmonton AB59.01
10Arthur Gong, Sammamish WA48.25
11Nathan Gong, Sammamish WA44.46
12Daniel Balof, Walla Walla WA37.07
13Mary Eliza Balof, Walla Walla WA34.30
14Irene Morrow, Penticton BC31.78
15Janet Gangl, Red Deer AB29.18
15Travis Gangl, Red Deer AB29.18
17Michael Szestopalow, Winnipeg MB28.67
17Roman Puzant, Winnipeg Beach MB28.67
19Leeann Lagace, St Albert AB25.73
20Keith Carter, Sandpoint ID25.40
21Lana Chow, Vancouver BC23.71
22Doug Riopelle, St Albert AB21.72
23Dave Brett, Calgary AB21.39
24Irene Dundon, Vancouver BC20.86
25Bud Bishop, Delta BC19.93
25Mary Frances Bishop, Delta BC19.93

Masterpoints will be updated first on the masterpoints page. Leaders will appear here later, when the results are posted.

Sunday Fast Pairs

Winners: Shirley Pearlman, Marlene Pontifex

Eight rounds above average in the afternoon session was good enough to put Shirley Pearlman and Marlene Pontifex, who were third at halftime, into the winning spot, by about a half a board. B and C winners Arthur and Nathan Gong got within 0.06 of a board with a round left to play, but managed only 50% in the last round to finish second overall.

Two-session pairs event, scored in matchpoints.  Strat limits (by pair average): A: 2500+ / B: 1250 - 2500 / C: 0 - 1250.  
Average masterpoints for players in this event: 2961

MPts Score A B C Sunday Fast Pairs (8, 8 tables)
ACBL Live Link
9.45 59.88% 1 Shirley Pearlman - Marlene Pontifex; Winnipeg MB
7.09 58.87% 2 1 1 Arthur Gong - Nathan Gong; Sammamish WA
5.32 56.64% 3 2 2 Rui Gong; Sammamish WA; Roberta McIlwain; Invermere BC
3.99 55.11% 4 Richard Zucker; Dobbs Ferry NY; Pamela Furtsch; Armonk NY
3.15 54.54% 5 3 Bob Gagnon - Devra Drysdale; Calgary AB

Sunday Top Fight Swiss

Winners: Dunitz (A), Bart (B), Lambert, Hong (C)

The Dunitz team, featuring tournament masterpoint leader Mark Itabashi, scored 90VP out of 100 in the middle five matches, clinching the event with a round to go. Their final round opponent Bart had led the event after three rounds, beat Dunitz in the finale, and ended up winning the X and Y strats, finishing third overall.

Swiss Teams event with 7 matches of 7 boards, scored in Victory Points (maximum 20 per match.  Strat limits (by team average): A: 6000+ / X: 4000 - 6000 / Y: 0 - 4000.  
Average masterpoints for players in this event: 5201

MPts VPs A X Y Sunday Top Fight Swiss (37 teams)
ACBL Live Link
35.44 109 1 Mitch Dunitz; Sherman Oaks CA; Iftikhar Baqai; Irvine CA; Mark Itabashi; Murrieta CA; Michael Mikyska; Los Angeles CA
26.58 101 2 Joan Millens; Kingston NY; Shan Huang; Palm Beach G FL; Kevin Dwyer; Jacksonville FL; Kevin Bathurst; Palm Bch Gdns FL; Jianfeng Luo; North York ON
21.27 99 3 1 Brad Bart; Coquitlam BC; Nicholas Stock; North Vancouver BC; Janet Galbraith - Christopher Galbraith; Calgary AB
14.95 94 4 Cliff Campbell - David McLellan; Thunder Bay ON; William Treble; Winnipeg MB; Gerry McCully; Victoria BC
11.81 89 5 Allan Graves; Saint Johnsbury VT; Reanette Frobouck; Pittsburgh PA; Artur Malinowski; Harrow ; David Bakhshi; London, England
10.13 87 6 Alex Hudson; Morrisville NC; Jonathan Steinberg; Toronto ON; Leo Glaser; Lake Country BC; Hendrik Sharples; Brush Prairie WA; Gerry Marshall; Calgary AB
13.96 81 7/8 2/3 1/2 Bernie Lambert; Acme AB; Keith Falkenberg; Calgary AB; Robert Pratt; Edmonton AB; Kevin Strangway; Grande Prairie AB
13.96 81 7/8 2/3 1/2 Jennifer Hong - Long Xie; Burnaby BC; Baixiang Liu - Amy Gao; New Westminster BC
8.03 77 9/11 4/5 3/4 Roy Li - Jack Lee; Richmond BC; Kai Zhou; Burnaby BC; Alex Hong; West Vancouver BC
6.48 77 9/11 Lorna McDonald; St Albert AB; Peter Jones - K Fung - Susan Culham; Edmonton AB; Ranald Davidson; Delray Beach FL
8.03 77 9/11 4/5 3/4 James Andre - Lily Andre; Allyn WA; Richard D'Litzenberger - Brian Koblenz; Leavenworth WA
5.70 76 6/7 5/6 Judy Clerke; Vernon BC; Gordon Hepperle - Carol Gutsell; Summerland BC; Aline Vance; Kelowna BC
5.70 76 6/7 5/6 Kole Meng; Niagara Falls ON; Zheng Zhang; Toronto ON; Edward Xu; North York ON; Yan Wang; Richmond Hill ON

Sunday 0-3000 Bracketed Swiss Teams

Winners: Boyd, Gangl, Senaratne, Renner

Bracketed Swiss Teams scored in Victory Points. Teams played all or most of the teams in their bracket in short matches.

MPts VPs Bracket Rank Sunday 0-3000 Bracketed Swiss Teams
ACBL Live Links: Bracket I II III IV (31 in 4brackets
11.98 68 I 1 Rick Boyd - Naushad Dada - Jim Murphy - Chris Murphy; Calgary AB
8.99 66   2 Donald Carson - Ross Armour; Edmonton AB; Leeann Lagace - Doug Riopelle; St Albert AB
6.74 65   3 Paul Reitsma - Roger Taylor; Parksville BC; Ken Beck; Keremeos BC; Marv Norden; Peachland BC
10.68 94 II 1 Janet Gangl - Gerene Albrecht - Travis Gangl - Adam Thiel; Red Deer AB
8.01 90   2 Ralph Lipe - Lynda Lipe; Chelan WA; D Glassford - David Peppar; Chilliwack BC
6.01 86   3 Cynthia Clark - Patrick Murphy; Calgary AB; Don Copeland; Victoria BC; Danny Zaitsoff; Vernon BC
8.62 98 III 1 Manohara Senaratne - Sharana Basappa - Abdeali Naffar - Don Greenwood; Edmonton AB
6.47 84   2 Janet Bridger; Laurel MT; Christine Lynn; Sun City West AZ; Marcia Schoffer - David Johnson; Penticton BC
4.85 82   3 Barry Balof - Claire Valente - Daniel Balof - Mary Eliza Balof; Walla Walla WA
6.60 88 IV 1 John Renner - Carol Renner - Linda Underwood - Terry Underwood; Kamloops BC
4.95 78   2 Terry Huxter - Wendy McCulloch; Grand Forks BC; Bill Holland; West Kelowna BC; Robert Hill; Kelowna BC
3.71 74   3 Lana Chow - Irene Dundon; Vancouver BC; Jozef Stencel; Ashcroft BC; Dave Brett; Calgary AB

June 18 Historical Headlines

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