2022 Penticton Regional: Photos

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Ah, I remember the good old days (surprisingly, not so long ago) in Penticton when I would have a dozen or more pairs and teams flocking to the Bulletin office after the evening session, and lining up to get their photos taken for the next day's Daily Bulletin. Sometimes I would actually have to put them all on hold and walk to the other end of the building to get the daily files of results, and by the time I returned there were still three or four waiting to be immortalized in monochrome in the following day's Bulletin. Those were the days when I would grab a few hours of sleep in the afternoon and early evening before spending a night in the Bulletin office, hoping I could manage to get everything finished and sent to the print-shop before I had to....well, let's not get into that part of it.

Times change, and while being able to hold a paper booklet in your hand is something many of us fondly remember, almost all of us are now able to view the Bulletin online on our various devices, and I don't get to sleep in the afternoon or evening anymore unless somehow nobody in the room calls the Director! But the good news is that most tournaments have dedicated volunteers taking photos of winners, the photos themselves appear on this page, and occasionally on the results pages as well, and in full, living colour!

Let's remember: Regionals, especially Penticton's, have a lot of different events, and occasionally we get a photo of a pair or a team who thinks they have won an event when a late scoring change knocks them down to second overall, or even lower. Or someone thinks that their 55.7% section top in the afternoon session of Section L of a six-section open pairs, while not making the overalls, is an event win. I do try to include all of the photos I am sent, but I also check the final results to ensure that what you thought when you took the photo is actually what happened. And on busy days, this can take some time and be held over to tomorrow.

But if you have won and you cannot find a tournament volunteer to take your photo, another option is to take a photo of event winners yourself (or, if you're the winner, convince a friend to do so!) and send it directly to me. Here's some advice on that:

Here's How To Send Photos:

Penticton 2022 Photos!

Dave Johnson has been taking photos of winners; more will come if you visit him (he's where I used to be in the old days of paper Bulletins!)

Adding them to this page is a slower process, and I may not get time before I leave Penticton early Monday morning.

Winners of Bracket Four of the Sunday 0-3000 Round Robin Teams: Carol Renner - John Renner - Terry Underwood - Linda Underwood, Kamloops, BC
Sunday Top Flight Swiss Teams strat Y co-winners: Kevin Strangway, Grande Prairie, AB; Robert Pratt, Edmonton, AB; Bernie Lambert, Acme, AB; Keith Falkenberg, Calgary, AB
Sunday Top Flight Swiss Teams strat X winners: Christopher Galbraith - Janet Galbraith, Calgary, AB; Nicholas Stock, North Vancouver, BC; Brad Bart, Coquitlam, BC
Sunday Top Flight Swiss Teams winners: Mark Itabashi, Murrieta, CA; Michael Mikyska, Los Angeles, CA; Iftikhar Baqai, Irvine, CA; Mitch Dunitz, Sherman Oaks, CA
Mark Raymond, Victoria BC, who on Sunday became a New Life Master! Congratulations!
Winners of Sunday 0-3000 Round-Robin Teams, Bracket One: Jim Murphy - Chris Murphy - Rick Boyd - Naushad Dada, Calgary, AB
Saturday Morning Side Game winners Daniel Balof - Barry Balof, Walla Walla, WA
Saturday Top Flight Pairs strat B and C winners: Iftikhar Baqai, Irvine, CA; Michael Mikyska, Los Angeles, CA
Saturday Top Flight Pairs strat B and C winners: Alberta Hutchings - Ken Hutchings, Penticton, BC
Saturday Round-Robin Teams Bracket Two winners: Lucy Zhong - Jack Qi, North Vancouver, BC
Nathan Gong, Sammamish WA, was on the Gong (or Carmichael??) Midnite ZIP KO winning team!
Donna Cusson and Marta Cecchi, both new Life Masters and Bronze Life Masters! Congratulations!
New Life Master Bob Pratt, Edmonton AB. Congratulations!
Thursday-Friday Knockout Bracket Two winners: Xiaojing Deng - Xiaoming Shen, Richmond BC; Lucy Zhong - Jack Qi, North Vancouver BC
Friday-Saturday Bracket Two Knockout Teams winners: Long Xie - Jennifer Hong, Burnaby BC; Herman Xiao; Sammamish WA, David Taylor, Seattle WA
Thursday-Friday Knockout Bracket Four winners: Wayne Borman, Nanaimo BC; Richard Smillie, Parksville BC; William Voth, Kelowna BC; Brian Smillie, Ladysmith BC
Friday strat C winners in the Top Flight Pairs: Ben Levine - Nicholas Buck, Prince George BC
Still More Friday Night Fun!
More Friday Night Fun!
Friday Night Frolicking
Friday Night Entertainment!
Bracket Three winners in the Thursday-Friday Knockout Teams: Robert Richardson - Candace Allen, Clinton WA; Diane Felure - Joel Castoriano, Vashon Island WA
Bracket Four Wednesday Round Robin Teams winners Paul Reitsma - Paul Tinney - Lorna Tinney - Roger Taylor, Parksville BC
Carrie Cade, North Vancouver BC; Sandy Young, Palm Desert CA, strat B and C winners in the Thursday Evening Swisss Teams
Sarah and Greg Thesenvitz, Black Diamond WA, won the Wednesday Evening 299er Pairs!
Thursday evening Swiss Teams winner Bill Koski, King City ON, with his wife Kim.
Tuesday-Wednesday Bracket One knockout winners: Bob Todd, Winnipeg MB; K Fung - Susan Culham, Edmonton AB; Michael Yuen, Vancouver BC
Tuesday-Wednesday Bracket Two knockout winners: Larry Pocock - Yue Su, Vancouver BC; Amy Gao - Baixiang Liu, New Westminster BC
Monday-Tuesday Bracket Three knockout winners: Manohara Senaratne - Don Greenwood - Abdeali Naffar - Sharana Basappa, Edmonton AB
New Life Master and Bronze Life Master — June Rasmussen, Nanaimo BC. Congratulations!
Tuesday-Wednesday Bracket Five knockout winners: Roman Puzant, Winnipeg Beach MB; Marsha Kimelman, Winnipeg MB; Paulette Desaulniers, Sainte-Anne MB; Michael Szestopalow, Winnipeg MB
Wednesday Round Robin Teams Bracket Three Co-Winners: Allan Becker - Michael Petrescu - Anne Kendall - Robert Coole, Prince George BC
Wednesday Round Robin Teams Bracket Two Winners: Jack Qi - Lucy Zhong, North Vancouver BC; Xiaojing Deng - Xiaoming Shen, Richmond BC
Tuesday Top Flight Pairs B winners: Insa Fricker, White Rock BC, Thomas Anderson, North Vancouver BC
Wednesday Evening Side Game Strat C winners: Mary Eliza Balof - Claire Valente, Walla Walla WA
Tuesday Gold Rush Pairs winners: Barbara Hillman, Richmond, BC; Marlene Mahoney, Merritt, BC
Tuesday Top Flight Pairs Strat C winners: Bob Gagnon - Devra Drysdale, Calgary, AB
Tuesday Afternoon 299er Pairs winners: Mary Frances Bishop - Bud Bishop, Delta, BC
Monday-Tuesday Merlot KO Bracket Two Winners: Marv Norden, Peachland BC; David Schmidt, Chilliwack BC; Ian Gibson, Naramata BC; Ken Beck, Keremeos BC
Tuesday-Wednesday Chardonnay KO Bracket Four Winners: Marlene Sumi; Burnaby BC, Blake Fleming; Calgary AB, Stephanie Williams, Delta BC; Debbie Martignago, Port Coquitlam BC
Tuesday-Wednesday Chardonnay KO Bracket Three Winners: Jack Johnson - Maryellen Gallo, Surrey BC; Sally Craig, Port Moody BC; Edgar L'Heureux, White Rock BC
Winners of the Wednesday Morning and Wednesday Evening Side Games: Donald Gray, Victoria, BC; Frank Stanford, Sooke, BC
Tuesday Gold Rush second and third strat winners (and very nearly all three strats!): Daniel & Mary Elizabeth Balof; Walla Walla WA
Tuesday Evening Swiss Teams Strat B Winners: Melody Euler; Austin TX; Kathryn Bailey; Dripping Spring TX; Lilly Justman; Austin TX; Kathryn Bailey; Dripping Spring TX and team captain Barbara Morgan; New Braunfels TX
Tuesday Top Flight Pairs winners: Mark Itabashi; Murrieta CA; Michael Mikyska; Los Angeles CA

We'll start with Penticton photos I have grabbed from the Internet and add winners above this line as they appear....

The Penticton Trade and Convention Centre, site of the tournament. Since my first visit to Penticton the area around the site has been built up considerably, with a community centre just off the left of the photo beside the Trade and Convention Centre, a new hockey arena to the north and a casino to the northwest of the site. Probably a majority of Penticton's hotels and motels are within a few blocks, mostly along Lakeshore Drive on Penticton's north end, and during the tournament there are waves of players walking to and from the playing site.
A view of Penticton from the north, over Okanagan Lake. The word Penticton is derived from a native word referring to the permanent flow of the water from Okanagan Lake in the north through the river channel to Skaha Lake in the south.
You can walk two blocks from the playing site and get to this spot, the beach on Okanagan Lake along Lakeshore Drive.
This is the city from the southwest, featuring the red sands of the beach on Skaha Lake at the south end of Penticton.
Penticton's main shopping centre is Cherry Lane Mall, about two miles south of the playing site on Main St, with several other big box stores nearby.
The Penticton 'Peach on the Beach' is a feature of the Okanagan Lake beach, located a few blocks to the east of the beach photo above. Other internet photos indicate that it is often decorated for various cultural events taking place in the city.
Floating down the river is a popular recreation when things get hot here in the summer months. In one of my former jobs I recall seeing a scene like this while travelling through Penticton in a hot crowded van....
The SS Sicamous provided transport between Penticton and Kelowna between 1914 and 1936, including taking volunteers from the area to serve in the Great War. The vessel is restored and is used for events and museum displays and is easily seen as you enter Penticton from the north.
The South Okanagan events centre, just west of the playing site, was opened in 2008 and is the home of the Penticton Vees, a founding member of the 18-team British Columbia Hockey League
The Penticton Vees was also the name of a team in the Okanagan Senior League (senior meaning no age limits as in junior hockey) from 1951-1961. In 1955, after their 1954 Allen Cup win in Canada's amateur hockey championship, they were selected to represent Canada in the World Championships, which had been won the year before by a Soviet team for the first time. The Vees won all eight games, including a 5-0 shutout of the USSR in the tournament finale, to take the title. The tribute to the Vees championship is at the main entrance to their still-standing original arena, which like many Canadian hockey arenas built in the post-war period is called the Memorial Arena, and is a short walk from the tournament site. Nearby you will find information on the individual players who played for Canada's 1955 world champions.
Another photo from the southwest, taken at night, with the city lights illuminating the sky.