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 Welcome to the 2022 Puget Sound Regional!

HI everyone, I’m Ann Romeo, Co-Chair of this event and on behalf of District 19, I am delighted to welcome you to the 2022 Puget Sound Regional! Thank you for coming!

A few things for all of you to consider:

 ○ COVID policy: Per ACBL policy, you all need to be vaxed in order to play in this room. AND that means you need to be wearing a red wrist band. If you see someone at your table without a band, you can call the Director. If you lose your wrist band, come see us at the Vax desk and we’ll replace it for you. Be prepared to ‘do the wave’ every day when you come into the Convention Center.
 ○ Masks: At this point, masks are recommended but not required unless you sit at a table where someone requests you wear a mask. We have masks at the Vax table if you need one.
 ○ Things to look forward to:
   ⦿ Coffee service is available before the afternoon and evening sessions
   ⦿ Tips for Tops: we have three terrific speakers this week:
      Wednesday: Eric Sieg on Hand Evaluation: Offensive vs Defensive (Shorter version: "Bid or double?)
      Thursday: Tom Carmichael outlining Lies Your Bridge Teacher Told You
      Friday: David Taylor with an introduction to Losing Trick Count.
       Come and hear what these top players have to say to help improve your game. 6:15 here in the big room.
   ⦿ Daily Bulletins will be available ONLINE only. (If you're reading this online, you know where to go, if anyone asks, all routes start at or Remember that there is a new page each day, which begins with schedules and winners last time and overnight will switch to this year's winners and masterpoint winners. Also there are several general information pages, all linked together with links at the top and bottom of each page.
   ⦿ If you reach a milestone: you make Life Master, you win an event, you are tops in your flight...come hunt me down—we want your picture for the bulletin! Or take a photo yourself and send it to the Bulletin editor (scroll down for instructions).
   ⦿ And if you have a story or interesting hand...let me or Bruce know ( and we’ll try to get it into the Bulletin.

OK, so has been a while since some of us have played F2F bridge. Do you remember how you call a director or a caddy? "Director, Please!" "Caddy Please!" We practice Zero Tolerance, and ask you all to treat your opponents and your partner—with respect. Also this wonderful facility—please pick up your trash—there are bins around the room—part of showing respect is being tidy.

One more thing: Cell phones OFF, please. If you answer your phone, you can and will be penalized. Turn your phones OFF.

Ok, let’s play bridge.

Basic Tournament Information

Location: Lynnwood Convention Center, north of Seattle and near I-5, at 3711 196th St. SW, at the top left of the map at the right.

Driving: the site is very close to I-5's main Lynnwood exit, 196th St. SW, which is less than a mile south of the northern junction of I-5 and I-405. Driving in from the north, you exit I-5 at the 196th St SW exit, and you're almost there: the Lynnwood Convention Centre is on the northwest corner of the first traffic light off of the highway at 36th Ave. Go through the light and turn right just past the building and you will find ample free parking: watch for signs leading to additional parking across 36th Ave. if there is none available. From the south it is a little trickier: exit 181B sends you east on Alderwood Mall Pkway for a few blocks, then turns north and at the traffic light you turn left on 196th St SW and go west, over I-5, and you meet up with the folks exiting from the north: the site will be on your right, past the first intersection on the other side of the highway overpass.

Transit: Community Transit's 196 route goes very close to the playing site, starting in Edmonds at the Amtrak station (a good way to get to Lynnwood if coming by train) and going to the Ash Way Park & Ride. The stops on 196th St SW closest to the playing site are at 36 Ave W (going westbound ) and 40 Ave W (going eastbound). The Lynnwood Transit Center, with many bus routes, is about a 10-15 minute walk from the site, and in 2024 will be a rapid transit station linking Lynnwood with downtown Seattle and SeaTac airport.

Restaurants and Shops: It is no exxageration to say that you could play at this tournament in every session and never eat twice at the same restaurant! There are at least forty restaurants within easy walking distance of the playing site, most (but not all) listed on the Google Maps screenshot above, with many, many more a short drive away! A few blocks west is a large Fred Meyer grocery/department store, a few blocks east over the I-5 overpass is a Whole Foods market, and the sprawling Alderwood Mall is about half a mile north.

Tournament Site: The Lynnwood Convention Centre's upper level will be used for the tournament, and the main entrance is on the northwest corner, nearest the free parking. With attendance expected to be down from previous years as we welcome more and more people back to live bridge, the entire space will probably not be in use this year. As you walk in, you will see past the LCC reception area on your left, a door (one of many) leading to the playing area, but continuing straight will lead you to the TournTables bookstore in the corner, then left to washrooms, and the Partnership and Hospitality Desk. A limited amount of free coffee will be provided at the beginning of each afternoon and evening session (and presumably both sessions on Saturday and Sunday), but 9am players will need to bring in coffee and snacks they want to have available during play (please be proactive in avoiding messes that will frustrate LCC staff). Inside the playing area, there are usually two entry-buying stations, one for pairs near the front of the room, and one for teams near the back of the room.

NEW! Entry sales are cashless: bring your credit or debit cards. Be sure to alert the seller if you want to split the entry among more than one card; this is easily done. $15US ($4 extra will be charged for unpaid or inactive members) is the entry fee per player per session.

Who's Open When?: Thanks to the tournament people who have provided this info:

Dates, Times, Events: 9:00 am, 1:00 pm, and 7:00 pm are the start times from Tuesday thru Friday. The tournament begins on Monday August 22 at 7pm with a three-session Knockout Teams (continuing Tuesday afternoon), and the first Evening Side Game session. On Saturday we switch to 10am and 3pm (no evening session: reserve a table at a restaurant nearby with your group and bring hand records or ACBL Live-connected devices and hash out the day's highlights!). On Sunday August 28, play begins at 10:00 am with two team events: an open Swiss Teams with three strats, and an under-2000 Bracketed Round Robin Swiss Teams. Sessions should end 3¼ - 3½ hours after they begin, on Sunday things end by about 6pm in the teams, perhaps earlier. Morning Sessions from Tuesday to Friday have only one event: the Morning Side Game Series (open pairs). The main sessions are afternoon and evening, with Top Flight and Gold Rush 0-750 two-session Pairs, Side Games for those wanting to play only one session, and three Knockout Team events (Monday-Tuesday: three sessions only, Wednesday-Thursday: Soloway-style with a qualifying round-robin on Wednesday, and Friday-Saturday, the traditional four-sessions except that semifinals begin at 10am on Saturday), plus Open Bracketed round-robin teams on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, for teams that didn't get to the semifinals and other interested team players. Friday Evening also has the Puget Sound traditional Board-A-Match Swiss Teams (scored by boards won and lost instead of IMPs).

The schedule is quite different this year from previous years, designed to fit the expected attendance as it recovers from the effects of the pandemic, rather than split the attendance over too many events each session. Non-Life Masters will be most comfortable playing in the Gold Rush pairs or the Knockout or Round-Robin bracketed team events. Tournament planners will be watching closely for turnout in the lower brackets and strats to decide whether to return 0-200 or 0-300 events to future tournaments.

The Table Counts page has a list of events by type with a column for each session of the tournament: even before I begin adding the table counts for each event it is a useful chart to plan which events to play. The official tournament flyer with the complete schedule is here

Vaccination Required: All players must be fully vaccinated to play, and wristbands will be supplied as you arrive the first time; after your first visit, simply show your wrist band as you enter. Players arriving from Canada will need to be fully vaccinated to cross the border into the United States, and will need to use the ArriveCAN app (information here) 72 hours before returning to Canada. Border wait times in both directions tend to be longer than usual with the extra pandemic-related questions being asked of travelers, and a few may even be randomly selected to be tested, so be sure to give yourself enough time to cover all contingencies.

This Web Site: My plan for the Daily Bulletin site is to provide you with a quick daily digest of the events of the tournament, with direct links to ACBL Live for each event, if you want the complete details and deals. I write (or create software that writes) simple HTML that should render well on computers, tablets, or phone screens of most sizes. The site consists of a group of pages linked together by links bars like this one:

Daily Pages: Before the day's events are processed, these will contain a schedule of events in this order:

There will be details on each event, what type of game it is, what the strat limits are, last year's winners, and a direct link to the ACBL Live results, which will be active following each session.

At the end of the day Director-In-Charge Matt Koltnow will send me the days results and I will process them into the website in the early hours of the morning. The "day completed" version will replace the schedule section with the day's results, in this order:

Some of the comments I write about how the event leaders emerged comes from software I am working on to track everyone's scores round by round. In a pairs game this is a bit different from the one-round-to-go posted leaderboards: I figure if you get what eventually is scored as two top boards in round one, you are leading at that point, even though it will take twelve more rounds before your tops are fully confirmed by other scores when those boards are played later at other tables.

Once a day's results are posted, I may revise it later if there are late scoring corrections. Many browsers save a copy of a page and do not check to see if the content has changed; in most browsers you should be able to hit F5 to reload the page and stop using the one your computer has saved. On tablets there is usually a circular arrow that does the same thing, or a swipe down will reload the latest version.

Other Pages: You're looking at the Welcome page right now. The Masterpoints! Page, which we call DUMPS (Daily Updated Master Point Summary) will be updated every night first, before the daily pages of results take shape, and will contain the latest masterpoint totals and tournament leaders, both overall and limited to non-Life Masters. Also, they will have everyone's current total broken down into red and gold points, but will not include masterpoints already won in events that have yet to be completed. The Photos Page will depend on people sending me photos taken. Now that everyone's cellphone has a camera, anyone can do this! Here is a good guideline on how to get best results:

The Table Counts page has been rewritten from a pdf of a spreadsheet to a Python program that puts the attendance data into a colourful HTML table. You can check it out to see a graphical-display of the events of each session, by type, and compare our attendance in 2022 to that of 2019, the last time we were here. If we get close to that attendance level so early in the pandemic recovery we'll be doing very well indeed. A more realistic goal is about 55% of the 2019 attendance, which happens to be a target of 707 tables. Maybe we can do even better and get to a more modern Boeing model number!

Finally, the ACBL Live link goes to the list of tournament events, from which you will need another click or three to find the one you want. Direct links are available from the event results on the daily pages and should be faster.

Thanks for visiting! This is still a work in progress and the progress in getting it where I want it to be continues slowly, but that's web development for you! For this Welcome page, I used the Sounders FC colors to honor the Seattle MLS powerhouse's recent win in the CONCACAF Champions League. We have a lot more colour in the pages this year, with each page having its own palette. Two years off and a look at what I did in 2019 produced the impression that we needed a splash of non-white for the pages, and a bit of CSS work made this happen quickly. (I've already heard the line that it now looks like a Canadian billfold and I approve!) Feel free to contact me (see above) with reports of errors or if something isn't working for you.