The 2019 Tri-Cities Regional: Wednesday, October 23

Trivia Time

What is the name of the minor league team that plays at the baseball stadium beside the hotel? (answer at bottom of page)

Attendance So Far

162 tables at the end of Wednesday play; down from 2010 by 36 tables (-18.2%).  A slight improvement in pace but still behind the previous tournament held in Kennewick nine years ago.

Masterpoint Leaders

Remember, these lists do not include events that are not complete, such as knockout or Swiss teams that conclude tomorrow...

Overall Leaders thru Wednesday

1John Kranyak, Las Vegas NV28.11
1Justin Lall, Little Elm TX28.11
1Mike Passell, Plano TX28.11
1Nanette Noland, Baton Rouge LA28.11
5Julie Smith, Vancouver BC20.25
5Nicholas Stock, North Vancouver BC20.25
7Bruce Ferguson, Palm Springs CA19.68
7Carole Liss, San Rafael CA19.68
7Dave Westfall, Spokane WA19.68
7John Moffat, Bellingham WA19.68
11David Brower, Portland OR14.70
12Beth Loehnen, Missoula MT14.17
12Michael Boreson, Kalispell MT14.17
14McKenzie Myers, Eugene OR12.69
15Ronald Tracy, Edmonds 98026 WA12.49
15Sun-O Ho, Redmond WA12.49
17Carol Christensen, Boise ID12.33
17Duane Christensen, Boise ID12.33
19Dana Hastings, Baton Rouge LA11.82
19Jan Galey, Baton Rouge LA11.82
21Bruce Dudzik, Richland WA10.26
22Karen Madison, Spokane Valley WA10.17
22Karen Rise, Leavenworth WA10.17
24Hans Iukovici, Richland WA9.98
24John Feo, Kennewick WA9.98
24Larry Lang, Richland WA9.98
24Larry Leskiw, Martinez CA9.98
28Shelley Kempner, Annapolis MD8.60
28Suzanne Geib, Bellevue WA8.60
30Howard Parker III, Clements CA8.46
30Margaret Hart, Baton Rouge LA8.46
32Ronald Woodard, Olympia WA8.11
33Dave Forrey, Nampa ID7.92
33Gregory Said, Boise ID7.92
35Chwen-I Liu, Richland WA7.61
35Karen Jean Boss, Boise ID7.61
35Kay Read, Boise ID7.61
35Leanne Zaring, Richland WA7.61
35Normand Dominique, Kennewick WA7.61
40Beth Coones, Spokane WA7.54
40John Adams, Cheney WA7.54
42Alan Johnson, Happy Valley OR6.17
43Linda Baker, Spokane WA5.69
43Michele Pope, Spokane WA5.69
45Lynne Paasch, West Richland WA5.40
46Phyllis Rakevich, Tumwater WA5.16
47Brad Meinhold, Florence MT4.83
48Tom Edwards, Richland WA4.50
49Brad Sands, Seattle WA4.23
49Carl Wilson, Tacoma WA4.23
49Lynne Schaeffer, Portland OR4.23

Non-Life Master Leaders thru Wednesday

1Bruce Dudzik, Richland WA10.26
2Karen Madison, Spokane Valley WA10.17
3Dave Forrey, Nampa ID7.92
3Gregory Said, Boise ID7.92
5Chwen-I Liu, Richland WA7.61
5Normand Dominique, Kennewick WA7.61
7Michele Pope, Spokane WA5.69
8Brad Meinhold, Florence MT4.83
9Charlene Pepin, Walla Walla WA4.20
10Carol Gunderson, College Place WA3.45
10Janice Rolfe, Walla Walla WA3.45
12Deanna Strieper, Baker City OR3.41
12Ed Strieper, Baker City OR3.41
14Arthur Bean, Richland WA2.76
14Mary Pat Bean, Richland WA2.76
16Nely Johnson, Portland OR2.01

Have a look at the masterpoints page to see totals for everyone, including red-gold breakdowns, updated each night by about midnight.

Wednesday Open Pairs

Winners: Nicholas Stock, Julie Smith

Event winners Nicholas Stock and Julie Smith were ninth overall at the break but it took only four rounds for them to get back into the lead, which they held onto, winning by almost a full board.  Strat B winners Suzanne Geib and Shelley Kempner did a similar thing, going from third in B to first with a strong middle section in the afternoon.  C winners Janice Rolfe and Carol Gunderson led B and C after the first session and began the afternoon with two strong rounds to lead the entire field, but faded in the final rounds, holding onto their strat C win by almost two full boards but dropping to 12th overall and fifth in B.

Two-session pairs event, scored in matchpoints.  Strat limits (by pair average): A: 2000+ / B: 750 - 2000 / C: 0 - 750.  
Average masterpoints for players in this event: 3255

MPts Score A B C Wednesday Open Pairs (19, 19 tables)
ACBL Live Link
12.69 59.83% 1 Nicholas Stock; North Vancouver BC; Julie Smith; Vancouver BC
9.52 58.18% 2 Duane Christensen - Carol Christensen; Boise ID
7.14 56.74% 3 Sun-O Ho; Redmond WA; Ronald Tracy; Edmonds 98026 WA
5.35 56.43% 4 John Adams; Cheney WA; Beth Coones; Spokane WA
4.23 55.92% 5 Margaret Hart; Baton Rouge LA; Howard Parker; Clements CA
3.63 55.71% 6 Phyllis Rakevich; Tumwater WA; Ronald Woodard; Olympia WA
3.17 55.50% 7 Suzanne St Thomas; Boise ID; Claire Valente; Walla Walla WA
5.40 55.45% 8 1 Suzanne Geib; Bellevue WA; Shelley Kempner; Annapolis MD
2.54 54.89% 9 Alan Johnson; Happy Valley OR; Gerard Hallee; Portland OR
2.31 54.63% 10 Jan Galey - Dana Hastings; Baton Rouge LA
4.05 54.53% 2 Karen Rise; Leavenworth WA; Karen Madison; Spokane Valley WA
3.04 52.62% 3 Don McKay - Denise McKay; Vernon BC
2.28 51.13% 4 Kay Read - Karen Jean Boss; Boise ID
3.45 50.15% 5 1 Janice Rolfe; Walla Walla WA; Carol Gunderson; College Place WA
2.59 46.91% 2 Gregory Said; Boise ID; Dave Forrey; Nampa ID
1.94 46.09% 3 Gail Hyland; Leavenworth WA; Christopher Hyland; Bellevue WA
1.46 43.78% 4 Kenneth Lockwood; Yakima WA; Doris Burma; Sunnyside WA

Wednesday-Thursday Bracketed Knockout Teams

Semifinals begin Thursday at 10am.

Wednesday-Thursday Knockout Teams, Bracket One

Bracket One has eleven teams and a masterpoint average of 6451 per player.  ACBL Live link to brackets
Opening Round
Wednesday Morning
3.05 red
Wednesday Afternoon
12.22 gold
Thursday Morning
21.38 gold
Thursday Afternoon
30.54 gold

3-way: Dominique vs Norton vs Epley

Ball vs Feo

Steil vs Miller

Bean vs Liss

Baker vs Noland

3-way: Norton vs
Liss vs Noland

3-way: Epley vs
Feo vs Miller

Epley vs Noland

Miller vs Liss

? vs ?

Hideous Hog (In Training)'s Prediction:

Liss over Noland in the final

Bracket One Semifinalist Team Rosters:

Susie Ball, Yakima WA; Ross Bates - Dorothy Dore, Castlegar BC; James Dukelow Jr, Benton City WA
Nanette Noland, Baton Rouge LA; Mike Passell, Plano TX; Justin Lall, Little Elm TX; John Kranyak, Las Vegas NV

Ray Miller - Ann Romeo, Seattle WA; Ken Scholes - Sandra Scholes, Bellevue WA
Carole Liss, San Rafael CA; Dave Westfall, Spokane WA; John Moffat, Bellingham WA; Bruce Ferguson, Palm Springs CA

Wednesday-Thursday Evening Swiss Teams Leaders

Second session tonight at 7pm

We include all twelve teams because my experience is that someone usually makes the overalls from what seems like an impossibly low halfway spot...

Single-session teams event, short matched scored in IMPs and converted to Victory Points.  Strat limits (by team average): A: 2000+ / B: 750 - 2000 / C: 0 - 750.  
Average masterpoints for players in this event: 4235

Wins VPs A B C Wednesday-Thursday Evening Swiss Teams Leaders (12 teams)
ACBL Live Link
3 57 1 Margaret Hart - Jan Galey - Dana Hastings, Baton Rouge LA; Howard Parker, Clements CA
3 43 2 Tom Edwards - Henry Chou, Richland WA; Ross Bates - Dorothy Dore, Castlegar BC
2 41 3 1 Bruce Dudzik - Chwen-I Liu - Marilyn Hesser, Richland WA; Marla Patterson, Arlington WA
2 41 3 Carole Liss, San Rafael CA; John Moffat, Bellingham WA; Dave Westfall, Spokane WA; Bruce Ferguson, Palm Springs CA
29 5 Peter Barthels - Theresa Barthels, Cheney WA; Ronald Fleming, Spokane WA; Nobi Morris, Wenatchee WA
1 28 6 2 1 Ann Romeo - Ray Miller, Seattle WA; Suzanne Boruta - Michael Boruta, Anacortes WA
28 6 2 1 Deanna Strieper - Ed Strieper, Baker City OR; Marilyn Steele, Kennewick WA; David Orcutt, Richland WA
1 28 6 2 1 Karen Eveland, Lewiston ID; Renee Petersen, Moscow ID; Karen Rise, Leavenworth WA; Karen Madison, Spokane Valley WA
1 20 9 4 3 Patsy Neveau, Coeur D Alene ID; Bonnie Russell-Hunt, Hayden ID; Susan Norton - Ginny Davis, Spokane WA
0 16 10 5 James Hurlburt, Bend OR; Eric Benson, Yakima WA; Jane Hunt - A Patrick Pinto, Richland WA
1 15 11 6 Linda Vernon - Kathie Hoehne, Anchorage AK; Leonard McGrath, Sunnyside WA; Jim Adams, Richland WA
1 14 12 7 4 Linda Baker - Christopher Kent - Michele Pope, Spokane WA; Jacqui Erwert, Liberty Lake WA

Wednesday Morning Side Game

Winners: Brad Meinhold, Tom Edwards

Single-session pairs event, scored in matchpoints.  Part of the I-82 Bridge Morning Side Game Series Side Game Series, session 1 of 4 in the series.  (In a side game series you are free to play as many sessions as you wish, even with different partners.)  Strat limits (by pair average): A: 2500+ / B: 0 - 2500. nbsp;
Average masterpoints for players in this event: 2102

MPts Score A B Wednesday Morning Side Game (4 tables)
ACBL Live Link
2.65 62.30% 1 Brad Meinhold; Florence MT; Tom Edwards; Richland WA
1.99 52.58% 2 Ian Kirk - Deanna Birch; Portland OR
1.49 50.99% 3 Suzanne Boruta - Michael Boruta; Anacortes WA

Wednesday Afternoon Side Game

Winners: Lynne Paasch, Dee Steil

Single-session pairs event, scored in matchpoints.  Part of the Blue Bridge Afternoon Side Game Series Side Game Series, session 2 of 5 in the series.  (In a side game series you are free to play as many sessions as you wish, even with different partners.)  Strat limits (by pair average): A: 2000+ / B: 1000 - 2000 / C: 0 - 1000.  
Average masterpoints for players in this event: 1579

MPts Score A B C Wednesday Afternoon Side Game (7 tables)
ACBL Live Link
3.22 61.90% 1 Lynne Paasch; West Richland WA; Dee Steil; New Westminster BC
2.42 58.93% 2 Ronald Fleming; Spokane WA; Peter Barthels; Cheney WA
2.65 54.76% 3 1 Marla Patterson; Arlington WA; Bruce Dudzik; Richland WA
2.09 51.19% 4/5 2 1 Eric Benson; Yakima WA; James Hurlburt; Bend OR
1.19 51.19% 4/5 Barbara Kinney; Wenatchee WA; Mary Babcock; East Wenatchee WA
1.49 50.60% 3 Barbra Cowan; Wenatchee WA; Louise Lombard; Apache Junction AZ
1.57 50.00% 2 Christopher Kent; Spokane WA; Jacqui Erwert; Liberty Lake WA

Click on 'Thursday' below to see information about Thursday's events!  Once the play for the day is over, and the results are processed, the daily pages will switch from event information to results.

Trivia Answer: The Tri-Cities Dust Devils play at Gesa Stadium and are an affiliate of the San Diego Padres in the short-season Class A Northwest League.