The 2018 Vancouver Regional

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What a Sunday!  Three Swiss Team events totalling 76 teams got us to 1268½ tables for the week, just enough to pass the total in Whistler by 13 tables!  Four years ago at this site the attendance was 1204½ tables.  This is great news for Vancouver Bridge: two fairly local sites and the ability to draw people to Regional tournaments, something that was in considerable doubt a decade ago.  705 different players won masterpoints, plus several more who played without winning any, and nearly half were non-Life Masters.  Over 7700 points were given out, almost three-quarters of them gold points!

This page will be your gateway to masterpoint lists, event winners lists (including KO survivors and their next opponents), and direct links to the result details at ACBL Live.  We'll also have photos of winners and perhaps a story or two.  Your Daily Bulletin editor doubled as a Daily Bulletin editor while directing with an excellent group of experienced TDs.

Internet tip: your browser doesn't always actually download the most recent version of a web page.  A new version of this page (as well as the masterpoint lists page and the winners lists) is made nightly.  To ensure you have the latest, hit F5 in most browsers or look for a circular arrow icon to tap, on a handheld device.  Either method tells your browser to stop assuming the one it downloaded yesterday is the most current, and directs it to look online for a newer version of the page.

What's here (so far):

Final Masterpoint Leaders:

ACBLScore breaks ties randomly

Overall Masterpoint Leaders

1Long Xie, Burnaby BC118.61
2Nick Stock, North Vancouver BC106.65
3Alex Hong, West Vancouver BC98.61
4Jack Lee, Richmond BC97.68
5Kai Zhou, Burnaby BC94.79
6Dan Jacob, Vancouver BC91.77
7Sidney Yang, Richmond BC89.05
8William Ge, Burnaby BC77.79
9Monica Angus, West Vancouver BC75.17
10Laurence Betts, Burnaby BC72.46
11David Huang, Burnaby BC70.35
12Edward Hung, Chicago IL68.54
13Michael Dimich, Burnaby BC66.51
14Steve Vincent, Burnaby BC66.00
15Ed Frymoyer, Half Moon Bay CA65.88
15Roger McNay, Beaverton OR65.88
17Cam Doner, Surrey BC61.89
18Les Fouks, Vancouver BC59.56
19Donald Sache, Burnaby BC58.03
20Zoran Peca, Vancouver BC54.23
21David Hu, Richmond BC53.89
22John Bryden, Surrey BC52.63
23Eric Pan, Burnaby BC50.54
24Gerald Fox, Napa CA50.20
24Tom Jacobson, Fairfield CA50.20
26Scott Chupack, Seattle WA47.22
27David Waterman, Surrey BC47.00
28Michael Yuen, Vancouver BC46.74
29Koba Ter Neuzen, Victoria BC46.15
29Leo Glaser, Lake Country BC46.15

Non-Life Master Leaders thru Saturday Evening

1Alex Hong, West Vancouver BC98.61
2Sidney Yang, Richmond BC89.05
3Christophe Grosset, Issy-Les-Moulin 32.45
4Sam McIlwain, Vancouver BC32.04
5Morris Chen, Surrey BC28.05
6Tom Satanove, Surrey BC27.76
7Ryley Breiddal, Vancouver BC27.53
8Yen Karro, Surrey BC26.83
9Henry Yao, Vancouver BC23.26
10Daniel Lyder, Victoria BC22.06
11Qiang Hua, Vancouver BC21.15
12Jack Qi, North Vancouver BC20.75
13Freda Cryer, Kelowna BC19.44
13John Cryer, Kelowna BC19.44
15Lucy Zhong, North Vancouver BC19.09
16Richard Piette, Calgary AB18.48
16Tracy Horan, Calgary AB18.48
18Shael Smith, Richmond BC17.55
19Stephanie Williams, Delta BC17.50
20Judy Chang, Vancouver BC16.64
21Howard Haugom, West Vancouver BC16.20
22Matt Loewen, Vancouver BC16.05
23Wayne Stann, Kelowna BC15.66
24Cindy Oishi, West Vancouver BC15.27
25Junkai Peng, Langley BC15.11

Not quite on the list?  Check the DUMPS!

DUMPS, the Daily Updated Master Point Summary, is updated after the end of the afternoon session and again every night around 12:30am, and now includes ranks in the non-Life Master race as well as the overall races below.  Red and gold points are tracked for everyone who has won masterpoints and we'll update it each night.  Check it out here!

DINO Schedule of Events for the next year:

DatesEventHost CityLocation
April 14-15, 2018 Grand National Teams District Final Flight A ( 0 - 6000 ) and Flight C ( 0 - 500 non-Life Master) Vancouver Bridge Centre
June 11 - 17 2018 Penticton Regional Penticton BC Penticton Trade & Convention Centre
June 19 - 24 2018 Midnight Sun Regional Anchorage AK Anchorage Bridge Center
August 20 - 26 2018 Puget Sound Regional Lynnwood WA (north of Seattle) Lynnwood Convention Center
October 29 - November 4 2018 Leavenworth Regional Leavenworth WA Leavenworth Festhalle
June 1 - August 31 North American Pairs Qualifying local clubs throughout District 19 District Final details TBA
September 1 - Spring 2018 Grand National Teams Qualifying local clubs throughout District 19 District Final details TBA

Yesterday's Event Winners:

Events Ending On Sunday, April 8:

    Sunday Samantha Nystrom Flight A/X Swiss Teams (33 teams)   Complete Results: ACBL Live

        A: tie: David Yu - Tao Feng - Jeffery Ren - Long Xie, Burnaby BC; tied with Sam McIlwain, Vancouver BC; Sandy McIlwain, Invermere BC; Leo Glaser, Lake Country BC; Koba Ter Neuzen, Victoria BC (96 VPs, 27.41 gold)

        X: David Yu - Tao Feng - Jeffery Ren - Long Xie, Burnaby BC (96 VPs, 27.41 gold)

    Sunday Samantha Nystrom Flight B/C 0-2500 Swiss Teams (22 teams)   Complete Results: ACBL Live

        B, C: David Huang - Alex Chuang, Burnaby BC; Henry Yao, Vancouver BC; Xiangdong Meng, Surrey BC (107 VPs, 19.93 gold)

    Sunday Samantha Nystrom Gold Rush 0-750 Swiss Teams (23 teams)   Complete Results: ACBL Live

        7, 3: Cedric Miller - Adelaine Miller, Surrey BC; Ted Parker - Joanne Parker, Abbotsford BC (100 VPs, 5.70 gold)

Complete list of event winners.

Photo Gallery!

The Hospitality Crew:
Don Guichon, Carol Guichon, Lauren Cockroft, John Demeulemeester
New Life Master!
Lynda Wuetherick, Nanaimo BC
New Silver Life Master (1000 MP):
Tom Anderson, North Vancouver BC
Saturday Evening Board-A-Match winners:
Kelvin Raywood, Vancouver BC; Kevin Strangway, Grande Prairie AB; Gene Fomin, Glacier WA; Sandra Robson, New Westminster BC; Dianne Isfeld - Martin Henneberger, Coquitlam BC
(the first two were on a different team)
Keith Lee sent us this interesting bidding sequence...
Wednesday Evening Side Pairs winner Karen Rise
Karen would love to see you in her hometown this fall for the Leavenworth Regional.  There's nothing quite like the location, a city a few hours drive east of Seattle that looks just like a city a few hours drive west of Munich, Germany!
Wednesday Evening Side Pairs winner Tracey Guice, Seattle WA
Monday-Wednesday Evening Bracket II Winners: Myra Johnston, North Vancouver BC; Marlene Powell, Vancouver BC; Allan Karro - Yen Karro, Surrey BC;
Monday-Wednesday Evening Bracket IV Winners:
Tom Jen Kwan; Debbie Martignago, Pitt Meadows BC; Judy Chang - Keith Lee, Vancouver BC
Wednesday Afternoon 199er Winners: Don Gurski - Bill Ophoff, Surrey BC
Thanks to Peggy Winter for the photo.
Monday Afternoon Poker Tournament Winner Jerry Shapiro, who defeated Mike Moffatt (2nd), Rhoda Tafler (3rd), Kelli Cera (4th) and David Waterman (5th).
Andrew Ross
Wednesday Open Pairs
Bob Walters (with Shameine Ali)
Monday Evening Charity Pairs
Bob Walters
Tuesday Open Pairs
Craig Browne
Thursday Morning and Afternoon 199er Pairs
Gay Parrish
Wednesday Gold Rush Pairs
Gilbert Lambert
Friday Open Pairs
Ed L'Heureux
Friday-Saturday Knockout Teams
Jack Johnson
Thursday Afternoon Swiss Teams
Hand Of The Week
Book Launch Wednesday!
John Stevens
Wednesday-Thursday Knockout Teams
Ken LoChang
Thursday-Friday Knockout Teams
Marylou Varga
Saturday Open Pairs
Peter Morse
Tuesday Gold Rush Pairs
Samantha Nystrom
Sunday Swiss Teams
Joel Martineau with his new book,
Hand Of The Week
(Joel runs a Wednesday Night learners game at the Vancouver Bridge Centre while McBruce runs the open game.  I usually turn the lights on in the front room where Joel's game happens.  Obviously I took this photo before doing so....

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