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Sunday's attendance matched last year's Sunday total exactly, 45 teams, and the final total was 1255½ tables, up over a hundred tables from last year's total of 1150. &nsbp;The tournament masterpoint leaders were Mark Itabashi and Peter Gelfand, who won three Open Pairs, a two-day KO, and the Sunday Open Swiss!

The work continues on online Daily Bulletins, but we are slowly making progress.  This page will be your gateway to masterpoint lists, event winners lists (including KO survivors and their next opponents), and direct links to the result details at ACBL Live.  We'll also have photos of winners and perhaps a story or two.  Your Daily Bulletin editor has enjoyed an educational week of directing in Whistler with an excellent group of experienced TDs.  It was a fun and educational retreat from my hectic fall city schedule, in which I have run over thirty-five club and local tournament sessions in the three weeks before the tournament and almost as many in the three weeks following!  Once I have some time, we'll use the data collected in these last three tournaments to continue to improve the process and the site content, likely updating the Lynnwood, Olympia, and Whistler sites as we experiment.

Internet tip: your browser doesn't always actually download the most recent version of a web page.  A new version of this page (as well as the masterpoint lists page and the winners lists) is made nightly.  To ensure you have the latest, hit F5 in most browsers or look for a circular arrow icon to tap on a handheld device.  Either method tells your browser to stop assuming the one it downloaded yesterday is the most current, and directs it to look online for a newer version of the page.

What's here (so far):

Final Masterpoint Leaders:

ACBLScore breaks ties randomly
Completed events only

Overall Masterpoint Leaders

1Mark Itabashi, Murrieta CA129.90
1Peter Gelfand, Corralitos CA129.90
3Dan Jacob, Vancouver BC97.75
3Leo Bell, Carlsbad CA97.75
5Judy Harris, Salmon Arm BC89.74
6Dave Westfall, Spokane WA85.11
6Peter Herold, Namaimo BC85.11
8Cameron Doner, Surrey BC79.95
8Kay Enfield, Santa Fe NM79.95
8Pat Dunn, Bellevue WA79.95
8Polly Dunn, Bellevue WA79.95
12Craig Zastera, Woodinville WA71.57
12Sun-O Ho, Redmond WA71.57
14William Ge, Burnaby BC58.76
15Baixiang Liu, Burnaby BC53.96
16Eric Pan, Burnaby BC52.28
17Aban Gerrie, Richmond BC51.22
17Bob Gerrie, Richmond BC51.22
19Amy Gao, Richmond BC51.07
20Gustav Axen, New Westminster BC49.67
21Carl Wilson, Tacoma WA47.86
21Steve Bruno, Oceanside CA47.86
23Bruce Wick, Houston TX46.40
23Susan Stubinski, Houston TX46.40
25Brian Busby, Garibldi-Hgld BC44.72
25Bruce Busby, Garibldi-Hgld BC44.72
27John Moffat, Bellingham WA42.00
28Dave Vidaver, Sacramento CA41.76
28Judi Callaham, Fair Oaks CA41.76
30Ed Hung, Richmond BC41.26
31Shelley Burns, North Vancouver BC41.12
32June Keith, New Westminster BC41.04
33Jim Lenobel, West Vancouver BC40.30
34David Hu, Richmond BC38.97
35Charles Bennett, Spokane WA37.82
36Jack Lee, Richmond BC36.20
37Doreen Ransom, Squamish BC35.16
38Cindy Oishi, West Vancouver BC34.54
39Danielle Goulet, Victoria BC34.10
39David Reid, Victoria BC34.10
41Joel Martineau, Vancouver BC33.73
41Julie Smith, Vancouver BC33.73
43Jadwiga Polujan, Calgary AB33.47
44Leo Glaser, Lake Country BC33.20
45Andrew Russell, St Catharines ON32.99
45Michael Gamble, Shawnigan Lake BC32.99
47Jane Fyfe, Kamloops BC32.46
47Ping Ding, Kamloops BC32.46
49Denis Johnston, Victoria BC31.46
49Tony Farr, Victoria BC31.46

Non-Life Master Leaders thru Saturday Evening

1Cindy Oishi, West Vancouver BC34.54
2Denis Johnston, Victoria BC31.46
3T.T. Hung, Richmond BC29.49
4Judy Chang, Vancouver BC28.73
5Cynthia Clark, Calgary AB27.99
6Keith Lee, Vancouver BC26.49
7Caroline Solonenko, Brackendale BC23.52
8Sharon Gecse, Osoyoos BC22.53
9Chic Callas, Whitehorse YT20.33
9William Curtis, Whitehorse YT20.33
11Shameine Ali, Vancouver BC20.14
12Charlene Delcourt, Calgary AB20.08
12Susan Stanley, Calgary AB20.08
14Chris Bookless, Whitehorse YT18.44
14F Mark Davey, Whitehorse YT18.44
16Thomas Reis, Port Angeles WA17.89
17Holly Boudreau, Victoria BC16.12
17Jean-Philipp Weber, Victoria BC16.12
17Keith Hibbert, Victoria BC16.12
20Andrea Killackey, Calgary AB14.89
20Lynn Grisack, Calgary AB14.89
22Tricia Flanagan, Calgary AB14.84
23Anna Crouch, Whistler BC14.27
23Valerie Breen, Whistler BC14.27
25Harry Satanove, Vancouver BC14.25
25Pat Anderson, Calgary AB14.25
27Barney Kalos, Vancouver BC12.97
28Diane Zebroff, Kamloops BC12.25
28Linda Angstadt, Kamloops BC12.25

Not quite on the list?  Check the DUMPS!

DUMPS, the Daily Updated Master Point Summary, is updated after the end of the afternoon session and again every night around 12:30am, and now includes ranks in the non-Life Master race as well as the overall races below.  Red and gold points are tracked for everyone who has won masterpoints and we'll update it each night.  Check it out here!

DINO Schedule of Events for the next year:

DatesEventHost CityLocation
April 2 - 8 (not 18, oops) 2018 Vancouver Regional Burnaby BC (east of Vancouver) Delta Grand Villa Hotel
June 11 - 17 2018 Penticton Regional Penticton BC Penticton Trade & Convention Centre
June 19 - 24 2018 Midnight Sun Regional Anchorage AK Anchorage Bridge Center
August 20 - 26 2018 Puget Sound Regional Lynnwood WA (north of Seattle) Lynnwood Convention Center
October 29 - November 4 2018 Leavenworth Regional Leavenworth WA Leavenworth Festhalle
September 1 - Spring 2018 Grand National Teams Qualifying local clubs throughout District 19 District Final details TBA
June 1 - August 31 North American Pairs Qualifying local clubs throughout District 19 District Final details TBA

Yesterday's Event Winners:

Events Ending On Sunday, November 5:

    Sunday Open Swiss Teams (22 teams)   Results: ACBL Live

        A: Mark Itabashi, Murrieta CA; Peter Gelfand, Corralitos CA; Dan Jacob, Vancouver BC; Leo Bell, Carlsbad CA

        X: Cindy Oishi - Jim Lenobel, West Vancouver BC; Julie Smith - Joel Martineau, Vancouver BC

    Sunday 0-2500 Swiss Teams (12 tables)   Results: ACBL Live

        B, C: Bruce Busby - Brian Busby, Garibldi-Hgld BC; Doreen Ransom, Squamish BC; Joan Sobieniak, Whistler BC

    Sunday 0-750 Gold Rush Swiss Teams (11 tables)   Results: ACBL Live

        7, 3: Darlene Allen - Peter Leveque, Squamish BC; Giff Kassebaum - James Kassebaum, Sonoita AZ

Complete list of event winners.

Photo Gallery!


Tourney Champs!  Nobody beat these two!
Mark Itabashi, Murrieta CA; Peter Gelfand, Corralitos CA
Winners of Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday Open Pairs!
And Fri-Sat KO Bracket I, and Sunday Swiss Teams!
Mon.-Wed. Eve Knockout
Bracket I Winners:
John Moffat, Bellingham WA; Peter Herold, Namaimo BC; Judy Harris, Salmon Arm BC; Dave Westfall, Spokane WA
Mon.-Wed. Eve Knockout
Bracket II Winners:
Keith Hibbert - Holly Boudreau - Esther Wiebe - Jean-Philipp Weber, Victoria BC
Lorraine Somerville - Tricia Flanagan - Arlene Connell - Mary Anne Crookes - unavailable for photo: Pat Anderson - Nancy Stewart, Calgary AB
Wednesday Evening Side Game winnners (A and B)
Paul Harding, New Westminster BC; Jim McKenzie, Vancouver BC
Wednesday Evening Side Game C-strat winnners:
Valerie Wilson, White Rock BC; Jan Mason, Surrey BC
The tournament site:
Fairmont Chateau Whistler
Don't forget to check out David Taylor and assistants at the TournTables display, where you can get bridge books, equipment, and much more.

2017 Kirkwood Trophy Race Final Standings pending confirmation

Only District 19 residents are eligible for the trophy

The trophy is given to the person (a resident of BC, AK, or WA; others are ineligible and their names are in gray below) who wins the most masterpoints in a calendar year at District Nineteen Regionals (excluding the Alaska Regionals).  I am informed that the lists I have posted on Friday and Saturday night do not match the sums taken from the lists posted at the ACBL site.  A quick check revealed that the Lynnwood results had disappeared from my file (too bad, it looks like it was a closer finish than we thought!).  I will send the final list to in a few days.  Here is what I have at the end of Sunday, and 2017:

1255.25Mark Itabashi, Murrieta CA
2244.88Dan Jacob, Vancouver BC
3238.08Patrick Dunn, Bellevue WA
4237.64Polly Dunn, Bellevue WA
5234.90Dave Westfall, Spokane WA
6225.98Greg Hinze, San Antonio TX
7222.31Ray Miller, Seattle WA
8205.63Craig Zastera, Woodinville WA
9201.78Roger McNay, Beaverton OR
10200.25Leo Bell, Carlsbad CA
11179.42Ken Scholes, Bellevue WA
12177.14Leo Glaser, Lake Country BC
13172.10Sun-O Ho, Redmond WA
14166.96Robert Johnson, Tigard OR
15163.09Dawn Campbell, Portland OR
16161.06Doug Hansford, Surrey BC
16161.06Susan Peters, Vancouver BC
18157.98Jon Bartlett, Portland OR
19150.99Howard Epley, Kent WA
20149.80Marv Norden, Peachland BC
21147.89Peter Gelfand, Corralitos CA
22141.28Vincent Demuy, Palm Bch Gdns FL
22141.28John Kranyak, Las Vegas NV
22141.28Mike Passell, Plano TX
22141.28Nanette Noland, Baton Rouge LA
26140.56Richard Chan, Markham ON
26140.56Shan Huang, Toronto ON
28134.83Gerry McCully, Victoria BC
29133.88Nicholas Stock, North Vancouver BC
30133.31Karen Epley, Kent WA
31131.79Judy Harris, Salmon Arm BC
32131.06Rhonda Foster, Victoria BC
33128.72Alex Hudson, Raleigh NC
33128.72Jonathan Steinberg, Toronto ON
35127.59Bruce Ferguson, Palm Springs CA
35127.59Margaret Hart, Baton Rouge LA
37117.76Barbara Nist, Seatac WA
38114.53Amy Gao, Richmond BC
39111.41Brad Bart, Coquitlam BC
40110.75Gard Hays, Veradale WA
41110.54Richard D'Litzenberger, Leavenworth WA
42109.48Bryan Delfs, Seattle WA
43105.29Ping Ding, Kamloops BC
43105.29Jane Fyfe, Kamloops BC
45104.65Charles Bennett, Spokane WA
46104.18Jeff Roman, Bend OR
47104.01David Reid, Victoria BC
48103.94Baixiang Liu, Burnaby BC
49102.98Eric Pan, Burnaby BC
50102.50Marilyn Whitehurst, Santa Fe NM
50102.50Dennis Dawson, Santa Fe NM
50102.50Joshua Donn, Las Vegas NV

If you would like to make comments on the online Bulletins, please send me an e-mail at  We understand that some have complained about the smallness of text on cellphone screens, and we've increased it a bit, but a more permanent fix for this problem is on my radar, but currently near the edge of it as I tackle a bunch of other major hurdles first with the little spare time I have.