Thanks and farewell from Olympia!

Next DINO tournament: Whistler BC, Oct. 30 - Nov. 5

659 tables was the final total, including the NAP District Finals (66 tables).  399 players won masterpoints at the tournament; again, there may be a dozen or two more who did not win any, or played only in the NAP.

We improved a bit with direct links to the ACBL Live pages for each event, but what I hope to do for future tournaments is have my computer examine the gamefiles and make a page for each event, with overall leaders, session leaders, scores, and more data.  But as I finish this page, I have just completed my eleventh session of bridge this week, an incredibly busy fall schedule leaving me little time to complete the automation of everything I want the computer to do with the data.  It'll happen, and when it does I'll use Olympia, Lynnwood and maybe back even further to test it out.  The ultimate goal is to have automation do most of the work and I can have a look at the data and add interesting comments and headlines where apropos.  It actually took almost two decades of desktop publishing work for me to get to the point where I could do paper Daily Bulletins; now I am working with a whole new tool set to do the best job I can with paperless versions.  I hope to continue improving.

Internet tip: your browser doesn't always actually download the most recent version of a web page.  A new version of this page (as well as the masterpoint lists page and the winners lists) is made nightly.  To ensure you have the latest, hit F5 in most browsers or look for a circular arrow icon to tap on a handheld device.  Either method tells your browser to stop assuming the one it downloaded yesterday is the most current and will look for a newer version of the page.

What we've got (so far):

Masterpoint Leaders:

ACBLScore breaks ties randomly

NAP masterpoints not included

Final Overall Leaders

1Chris Compton, Dallas TX93.69
1Greg Hinze, San Antonio TX93.69
1Jacob Morgan, Madison WI93.69
1Stephen Kennedy, Oakland CA93.69
5Jon Bartlett, Portland OR55.18
5Roger McNay, Beaverton OR55.18
7Dan Jacob, Vancouver BC44.63
8Ken Scholes, Bellevue WA41.57
9Ross Bates, Castlegar BC38.22
10Gregory Trautman, Olympia WA36.91
11Phyllis Rakevich, Tumwater WA35.04
12Dorothy Dore, Castlegar BC34.28
13Michael Boruta, Anacortes WA33.54
13Suzanne Boruta, Anacortes WA33.54
15Billy Miller, Las Vegas NV32.38
15Edward Zuckerberg, Los Altos Hills CA32.38
17Darcy White, Prescott AZ32.36
17David Sackett, Prescott AZ32.36
19Joel Datloff, Vancouver WA32.33
20Ronald Woodard, Olympia WA30.75
21David Binney, Seattle WA30.66
22Barbara Nist, Seatac WA30.52
23Ross Willingham Jr, Federal Way WA29.39
24Andrea James, Auburn WA29.25
25Marjorie Blunt, Federal Way WA29.05
26Jessie Brunswig, Fountain Hills AZ28.61
27Gene Fomin, Glacier WA27.17
28Aidan Ballantyne, Burnaby BC26.83
28Katrin Litwin, Burnaby BC26.83
30Christel Quist, Lakewood WA25.62
31Howard Epley, Kent WA25.36
31Karen Epley, Kent WA25.36
33Marv Norden, Peachland BC25.07
33Ralph Wilhelmi, Olympia WA25.07
35Wayne Stann, Kelowna BC24.89
36Stephen Hosch, Olympia WA24.73
37Gay Parrish, Bellingham WA24.70
37Jay Brandt, Bellingham WA24.70
39Barbara Kolppa, Puyallup WA24.46
40David Crest, Kelowna BC23.40
41Dawn Campbell, Portland OR22.85
41Robert Johnson, Tigard OR22.85
43John Emmerson, Federal Way WA22.65
44Marlene Sumi, Burnaby BC22.30
44Tom Cotton, Surrey BC22.30
46Paul Schwaighart, Normandy Park WA20.39
47Sandra Robson, New Westminster BC20.31
48Ray Miller, Seattle WA20.27
49Dewitt (Hal) Montgomery III, Portland OR19.38

Non-Life Master Leaders thru Sunday

1Wayne Stann, Kelowna BC24.89
2David Crest, Kelowna BC23.40
3Ryley Breiddal, Vancouver BC19.05
4Cindy Oishi, West Vancouver BC18.84
5Paul Sekulich, Olympia WA17.70
6Henrietta Moore, Olympia WA14.86
7Steve Gillett, Tacoma WA13.24
8Mary Paynter, Des Moines WA12.88
8Patricia Kirkpatrick, Tacoma WA12.88
10Joan Page, Salem OR12.26
10Marcia Cramer, Tacoma WA12.26
12William Bergh, Tenino WA11.15
13Ginny Gainer, Port OR10.96
14Shahla Carter, Olympia WA10.43
15Mike Shafer, Edmonds WA9.73
16Guy Audett, Port Orchard WA9.54
17Carroll Vaughan, Federal Way WA9.38
17Russell Vaughan, Federal Way WA9.38
19Brian Metke, Camp Sherman OR8.92
20Jonathan Nowitz, Olympia WA8.52
21Stanley Delducco, Olympia WA7.42
22Albert Chu, Walnut Creek CA7.15
22Ingrid Hsu, Walnut Creek CA7.15
24Carrie Margolin, Olympia WA6.44
24Jeanine Graham, Tumwater WA6.44
26Jack Yuan, Bellevue WA6.41
27Kevin Epley, Kent WA6.35
28Marilyn Torosian, Palm Desert CA6.18
29James Ross Burwell, Port Angeles WA6.15
29M Diane Burwell, Port Angeles WA6.15

Not quite on the list?  Check the DUMPS!

DUMPS, the Daily Updated Master Point Summary, is updated every night around 12:30am, and now includes ranks in the non-Life Master race as well as the overall races below.  Red and gold points are tracked for everyone who has won masterpoints and we'll update it each night.  Check it out here!

DINO Schedule of Events for the next year:

DatesEventHost CityLocation
October 30 - November 5 2017 Whistler Regional Whistler BC Fairmont Chateau Whistler
April 2 - 18 2018 Vancouver Regional Burnaby BC (east of Vancouver) Delta Grand Villa Hotel
June 11 - 17 2018 Penticton Regional Penticton BC Penticton Trade & Convention Centre
June 19 - 24 2018 Midnight Sun Regional Anchorage AK Anchorage Bridge Center
August 20 - 26 2018 Puget Sound Regional Lynnwood WA (north of Seattle) Lynnwood Convention Center
October 29 - November 4 2018 Leavenworth Regional Leavenworth WA Leavenworth Festhalle
September 1 - Spring 2018 Grand National Teams Qualifying local clubs throughout District 19 District Final details TBA
June 1 - August 31 North American Pairs Qualifying local clubs throughout District 19 District Final details TBA

Tournament Announcements:

Thanks to Tournament Chair Debra Wilhelmi for providing these in advance.  

  1. Thanks again to all our volunteers. Special thanks to the Tournament Committee Chairs:
  2. Thanks to our speakers: Al Wilson, Pat Dunn, and Demeter Manning for giving up their free time to make the presentations. Their presentations were well worth attending.
  3. Thanks to Bert and Carolyn Adams and Pat and Orin Robbins for helping make the Intermediate/Novice Event a success!

Yesterday's Event Winners:

Events Ending On Sunday, October 22:

    Sunday Open Swiss Teams (18 teams)   Results: ACBL Live

        A: Stephen Kennedy, Oakland CA; Chris Compton, Dallas TX; Greg Hinze, San Antonio TX; Jacob Morgan, Madison

        X: Howard Epley - Karen Epley - Kevin Epley, Kent WA; Steven Handley, Edmonds WA

        Y: James Vandergriff, Belfair WA; Miriam Larson - Katherine Enos, Bremerton WA; Jack Yuan, Bellevue WA

    Sunday 0-2000 Bracketed Swiss Teams (2 brackets, 8 teams)   Results: ACBL Live

        I: Thomas Stever, Bellevue WA; Maxine Ogino, Seattle WA; Kenneth Etheredge - Muhunthan Sivapragasam, Redmond WA

        II: Glen Scroggins, Olympia WA; Rebecca Turnbull, Springfield OR; Rosemay Vazeux - Tony Marshall, Seattle WA

    District 19 NAP Flight B Final (13, 13 tables)   Results: ACBL Live

        1. David Roselle, Kirkland WA; Paul Martin, Duvall WA

        2. Beau Hovda, Bothell WA; Hugh Hendrickson, Renton WA

        3. John Krah - Daniel Poore, Seattle WA

        4. Xiang Tu, Bellevue WA; Yinsheng Tu, Vancouver BC

Complete list of event winners.

Photo Gallery!

Thanks to Ralph Wilhelmi and Karen Rise for sending these yesterday!

New Life Master
and Saturday Gold Rush Winner
(with Henrietta Moore, Olympia WA)

Shahla Carter, Olympia WA

Ross Willingham Jr,
Federal Way WA won Flight B of the Tuesday Open
Pairs (with Jules Bue, Kent WA)
Tuesday-Wednesday Knockout Teams
Bracket II winners:
David Crest, Kelowna BC; Marlene Sumi, Burnaby BC
Wayne Stann, Kelowna BC; Tom Cotton, Surrey BC
Monday 299er Pairs winners:
Barbara Crawford - Richard Crawford, Lacey WA
Wednesday Gold Strike Swiss Teams winner:
Karen Rise, Leavenworth WA (with teammates Donald Hanset, Sandpoint ID;
Edward Thomas, Olympia WA; Nobi Morris, Wenatchee WA)
Karen would like to invite you to the
Leavenworth Regional next fall, October 29 - November 4, 2018.

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