Welcome to mcbruce.ca !

Just a simple webpage for stuff created by McBruce

I direct bridge games (now online) and create stuff for my bridge work which people seem to want. So I set up this web page to little by little put the things (essays, programs) I've created in the public domain. If I were a better writer or programmer I would not be giving them away, but since I am not, I trust you will not descend upon me in anger should they not interest you or work for you...

So far, little by little has been the most accurate thing in the previous paragraph... Among the things you may — eventually — find here:

Writing is something I do a lot of, editing not so much. If you are prone to the TL:DR* comment, go watch a video on YouTube, the stuff posted here will not interest you. I'd rather read something than watch something and I hate seeing sites switch to video. 

* TL:DR stands for 'too long; didn't read.' For someone who struggles to get words and phrases and sentences to fit together, the only comeback to that lazy slam is DILLIGAF, which you'll have to look up on Wikipedia....

That's all for now. I'll put the date of the latest update at the bottom of this page so you can see what's happened.

Last update: September 3, 2021